Carlos Vela News Wishes Aaron Ramsey All The Best

Our best wishes go out to Vela’s Welsh teammate Aaron Ramsey, who is currently in hospital following a malicious challenge by Stoke City defenseman Ryan Shawcross this evening at the Britannia Stadium. The 19 years old Welsh teenager has made an significant impact to broke into the Arsenal line-up recently, but once again after the horrific break from Eduardo da Silva 2 years ago another Arsenal player has suffered a horrific Leg brake.

In the current circumstance it looks as Aaron appears to have broken his leg as well as his ankle,  Sky TV immediately decided to refuse to show any replays, as the teenager was screaming with pain, that was the moment as it was clear that it is a very serious injury which happened.  Ramsey was taken off by the medical staff straight into a stretcher who left the stadium immediately. Ryan Shawcross was of course sent off for his horrible challenge and had tears in his eyes. We believe he never wanted to do that, but now it is time for the FA to do something.

We also distance us on unrespectful interviews of the Sky Sports team, which telling us that Aaron is just unlucky, you can stop tackles like that with banning forever.

In respect on Aaron Ramsey we don’t show a picture or video of his horrific leg break!!

The whole Carlos Vela News Team is wishing Aaron all the best and a quick recovery!!!

16 responses to “Carlos Vela News Wishes Aaron Ramsey All The Best

  1. We need Carlos also to come back and help win the league for Ramsey.
    Ramsey should also have had a pen,so angry!

  2. damn this just sucks… time to step up vela, please, we need you to be a STRIKER now more than ever, let’s win the league for Ramsey…

  3. If only Ramsey could get the penalty , I dont think this kind of horrific injury could happened . The ref pure biased , really just gotten stoke more excited and the license to do more -‘hey , the ref seems fine with our dirty tactics , let us continue this ‘ –

  4. This indeed is very sad….. I just hope that it is not as fatal as eduardo…..

  5. Young guns pass on the word we have to stop this now
    Every gooner around England and abroad has to make the FA realize that enough is enough

    Every gooner with a blog has to criticize the FA because its because of their rules that this has happended to us year after year

    use this website to complain to the FA
    another one for the FA

    this is for the premier league

    I know you must be thinking that we can do much but we have a chance to finally stop this there are around 50 million arsenal fans world wide and its only 1% of them do somthing about it then we can atleast make the FA sit up and think about it

    this is kind of what I wrote to them
    I know we like to be know as the physical league but this is getting out of hand
    What’s the point of playing this way if players don’t want to play the ball but the players ?

    Everytime I speak with my friends about football who live in countries like Spain and France they say that only the 4-5 clubs in clubs in England know how to play football and its true, the teams who do want to play Football, pure football are muscled off the ball or are struck down
    This can’t be the way forward, can it ?

    Arsenal who play the best football in England have been struck by this kind of tackles three time in five years how can we allow this kind of thing to go on?
    Forget about the club and think about the players what about them ? we currently suffer from the biggest injury list of all the leagues and most of them are caused by this kind of horrific tackle.

    You have to stop this and implement laws to make these kind of tackles no existent otherwise sooner or later they will destroy a players career and is that ever justifiable ?
    Please I wish you would do something about this, we have been called the non football league far too long lets make this country play better football than Brazil

  6. sad day indeed; it took ramsey patience 2 break in2 da 1st team n dis happens. We wish him all da best in his recovery.

  7. Totally do not agree with “..following a malicious challenge by..”. Pls lets not judge and blame Shawcross. Who knows the reply might show a different story!!!!..remember? Galas could have broken Mark Davies’ leg few weeks ago at Bolton!!

  8. Gunners 4 life. Aaron wil stil play futbal again say 9mnths time but Shower crash wil sleep no more.
    4 england caling him up,be sure of enough own goals.

  9. the refeer should protectthe young boys other wise thing are not good for them.
    it is due to the fact that they are trying hard to play on there best but the opponents do not wish them the best due to the fact that they are the best in england

  10. He didn’t do it on purpose.

  11. To be fair to Shawcross, its not intentional.
    He has never expect this to happen too.
    Maybe showing the replay will do the talking more.
    But then, its not fair to blame all on Shawcross.

    Still hope that Ramsey can get recover soon and play like he used to be.
    He is a great talent, but sorry for this kind of things to happen.
    Ramsey, you have our support!!

  12. when a player fractures or brakes bones it is on purpose. A very good example for players that should be punished for a season. Ramsey i hope you the best.

  13. ‘We believe he never wanted to do that’

    Why say that it was a malicious challenge then?

  14. The “challenge” is part of the game, we all know it. How you excute w/o hurting someone is the real challenge and it takes alot of skill to pul it off?

    I do give Glenn Whelan(#6)kudos for having the sence of holding Aaron in place, calling the med. team over and not letting him get up. While Arsenal team was holding their head with worry it Glen who attended to Aaron first not Nicklas(who was closer).

    Go to this Getty link ( it shows the actual impact point. I’m amazed he break an arm on impact.

    Get well Aaron. :)from San Diego, CA

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