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Vela’s Brother Alejandro Returns For Deportivo Cruz Azul

With not so much news on Arsenal’s Carlos Vela on the line, we will inform you also about Carlitos’s brother Alejandro, who is playing currently for Deportivo Cruz Azul in the Mexican League.

The 25 years old was a long time absentee for the Mexican side, prior to some difficult circumstances (injury etc.), but he was able to return last night for his side, as they took on Panama side CD Arabe Unido on Wednesday night at their home ground (Estadio Azul).

The match was a CONCACAF Champions Cup clash, which saw in the end a clearly 3:0 victory for Alejandro’s side. The 25 years old had some lively moments on the left-wing before making place for Felix Isael Gonzalez after 67 minutes.

For the “La Maquina Celeste”, Javier Orozco has scored a brace in the second half, as well as right-winger Cesar Villaluz had his moment in minute 63, as he made it 2:0 for Vela’s side.

Article by – A.Zimmermann