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Former Chivas Prospect Carlos Vela Booed By Fans At Estadio Omnilife

Arsenal striker Carlos Vela did not get a warm welcome by his former supporters as the Mexican national side suffered a 2:1 defeat in a friendly against Ecuador last night at Estadio Omnilife in Guadalajara.

After his poor performance and his statements about Chivas, that the clubs means nothing for his career, Mexican striker Carlos Vela was the boo man for the fans at the stadium Omnilife.

Vela had a weak performance, provided really nothing in attack and missed a good chance in the first half against Ecuador stopper Max Banguera.

Furthermore the former Chivas youth prospect added that the pitch was in really horrible constitution, so that the poor pitch was the main reason for Mexico’s bad performance. Carlitos said that he never was influenced by the boos.

Vela also said that he prefers to play at the Estadio Azteca as it is always packed with amazing atmosphere, the opposite is happen at the Chivas stadium where several stands were left empty.

The fans have not forgive him that he chooses after the U 17 World Cup to leave Chivas for a career with the Gunners, which started as we know with Celta Vigo and UD Salamanca.

Article by – A.Zimmermann