Now It’s Time For Vela To Shine For The Gunners

Young 21 years old Arsenal forward Carlos Vela has a really unpredicted opportunity now to shine for Arsene Wenger’s Gunners side in the next weeks.

Vela has missed out so far to earn a starting place for the Premier League side, but with a few players injured actually including  Robin van Persie (6 Weeks), Theo Walcott (4-6 weeks), Nicklas Bendtner (3-4 weeks) as well as Andrey Arshavin in poor form, the Mexican will definitely get his chance to join the Arsenal boat for the title race.

The vital thing for Carlos is to fight back with confidence that will make sure that he take his chance and show glimpses of his amazing talent, so that he can have finally his long-awaited breakthrough with the north London outfit.

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Furthermore It will be interesting to see whether the young Mexican can lead the arsenal front line or not, with a more likely role on the wing.

Vela returned yesterday to London after a disappointing international adventure with his native Mexico, where he just played 17 minutes against Colombia on last Tuesday.

Right now Carlitos receives bad treating by the Mexican press which is really not understandable as they saying stories which aren’t true and making such a big deal out of it.

Vela’s next chance to play will be on this weekend when the Gunners take on the Bolton Wanderers at Ashburton Grove on Saturday afternoon.

Article by – A.Zimmermann

27 responses to “Now It’s Time For Vela To Shine For The Gunners

  1. What are those stories running in mexico?Pls explain

  2. Ok.I saw in some newspaper that carlos was not happy because now there is more attention to Hernandez(ManU) than Vela in Mexico.Hopefully he shows his disappointment by playing well for Asenal

  3. apparently vela made gestures when entering the stadium and that he is unhappy that hernandez is now in england playing for united.. probably all lies!

    • i think those are all lies that the media made up just to bring velas career down… in mexico vela and chicharito are know to have a very good friendship and to me all theses stories about vela being jealous where just because he said he didnt feel like a chiva and to me i think that the media is forgetting that vela has nothing to be jealous of because he is a world campion and a top scorer… why would he be jealous if he has achieved way more than chicharito?? to me chicharito and vela both have an amazing talent and hopefully they use every opportunity they get to show it.

  4. I really hope Carlos gets his chance and that he will take them with both hands or should I say feet.
    I have been a fan since I first saw him play and he has amazing talent. I do think he has all it takes to become a top player. A performance like in the carling cup two seasons back would be welcome.

  5. Who’d better vela,dos Santos or el chicharito

    • Super Chicharito !! Vela n Gio have to many “issues” including: maturity

      Chicharito has the talent and more importantly he has the HUNGER n HUMBLENESS

  6. I hope he gets his chance, the guy is truly talented. I’m amazed some fans want to see the back of him already!

  7. I Really Hope He Gets To Play..
    Maybe he Can Flurish On The Right And Cut In…
    Just A Sugestion?!?

  8. we’ve waited a while to see Vela get his turn in the team. he’s very well supported at the ground and all the fans are willing for him to shine. i will be there on Saturday and i will hope to see his potential come through, he has the chance to become a regular if he grabs this oppurtunity. best of luck Carlos.

  9. Carlos stand up n fight for ur position. Ur time has come

  10. I feel bad for such a gorgeuz player with all the scandels. he is been having issues right now. Hes cute and stuff and i just wish that the stupid scandels should stop. i love carlos vela.

  11. people need to stop fucking around with our players.

  12. I’m curious to know A.Zimmermann do u know carlos or perhaps know someone who does keep intouch with him? You seem to always be certain of the truth when it comes to vela.

  13. This is hilarious.

  14. Well he has the chance now, lets hope he grabs it. If he fails this time its is nobodys fault but his own. We all hope he succeeds as we all know his potential.

    Do not let us down Carlos. Show us that you are worthy our support.

  15. i dont care, ill say them, first against ecuador before the game, he complained about the stadium, he said he was not CHIVA (which is the club from he got pick to make it to the world cup sub 17 ) that part I understand, he didnt even make his debut before wenger picked him for arsenal, and because of his bad attitude at the ecuador game, OBVIOUSLY, he did not start against colombia, well he got pissed, and he was suppposed to play for the last 30 minutes but it took him 10 minutes to get ready, and he didnt even listen to the manager for his tactical moves (which i personally thinnk this manager is crap, I am not justifying his attitude), after the game he and some other decide to through a party in the hotel, he was the last one to leave and the PRESS says he was not alone, and he left on a red eye flight.

  16. the part where the english press says that he is jealous of chicharito, I totally disagree, both players did not perform well during both games, the difference carlos vela gets all cocky after the game, and of course he got booed, and chicharito handles the interviews better, and he accepts his mistakes, still think carlos vela needs to step it up, I think he has more class, more technique, mean while chicharito has the hunger of triumph

    • i agree with you they are both great players but to be carlos is better but chicharito has more hunger to go up.. i hope vela can shut the media up by getting the chances to play in arsenal and really do something with those chances!!

  17. Honestly, I dont think AW will give him min. against Bolton. Maybe in the upcoming weeks he will get min. (I hope).
    Vela went through a tough week in Mexico and if the rumors are true, its only going to get worse 😦 Does anybody know who his agent is? Does he even have one? If so, he is clearly not doing his job! Carlos needs help ASAP before the Mexican media and bench ruin his career.

    And I’m not being dramatic… We already saw this happen with Nery Castillo.

  18. I agree with Morrison, I am noticing something different in Vela and Giovani. It must be the Jonathan Dos Santos situation getting to Giovani Dos Santos. I still don’t understand why Jonathan did not get picked to be part of the World Cup. Now Jonathan might play with Spain, and its really up to Jonathan to choose what National team he wants to play for since he moved to Spain since they were little, and ever since he has been playing for the Barcelona recruits and so on. That is the main reason Giovani is not playing like he was, and since Vela is good friends with Giovani it is also getting to him. They both probably think Mexico is being to hard on them and its true. The Mexico Media is being to hard on them, and whats going to end up happening is that Vela, Gio, and Jonathan will rather not play for a mediocre Mexican National team that pounds on them to much. The Mexico Media has to stop and support our National team very soon or we will always be a Mediocre National Team. Vela will come on top eventually.

  19. carlos vela is my boi the mexican press make up stories saying he is jealous of chicharito n they keep calling him stupid on espn picante not sure y they r picking him but i have faith in vela hopefully he gets the chance to start n show what he can do for arsenal

  20. did u all c the goal today????

  21. Carlitos has 10 times more talent them Super Chicharito i agree 100%. BUT Chicharito has more heart, Chicharito will have a better career them Vela n Gio!! Unless Vela makes some big changes he will not get to where he wants to go which is very very sad.

    Vela is very loved in Mexico n US dont pay attention to what the media says !!!

  22. fvlsereverecandiditibisoles

    I don’t know how could be translated this phrase in english: Los goles hablan. Well done. Bien hecho, Carlos.

  23. To fvlsereverecandiditabisoles, yes the goals talk, but he needs to make more of those goals to say that phrase my friend. I hope that he gets more time because Chammakh and Archavin look tired. Also so they can see Velas true talent come out when Arsenal really need it the most. Arsenal did great though.

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