Espanyol Barcelona Tries To Lure Vela Away From Emirates

La Liga outfit Espanyol Barcelona will make a last attempt to lure young Mexican Carlos Vela away from the Gunners to bolster their strike force.

According to reliable sources in Spain is Espanyol’s Director Deportiva Ramón Planes a long time admirer of the 21 years old and hopes to agree terms with the Arsenal management in the next week. Planes wants to fly out to London to discuss terms about a possible transfer of Carlitos, but there are doubts that the Gunners give the Mexican free for a transfer.

The Arsenal management have already rejected approaches by Deportivo La Coruna and Sevilla Football Club for Vela in front of the FIFA World Cup, but Ramòn Planes remains hopeful that he can seal a deal with Gunners chairman Peter-Hill-Wood for a season long loan with possible buy-option in the next week.

The Catalonia side is for the second time interested in the services of the Cancun native after failing last summer to bring the talented striker to Estadio Olympico de Montjuic.

Article by – A.Zimmermann

49 responses to “Espanyol Barcelona Tries To Lure Vela Away From Emirates

  1. Hope not,hes one for the future if he can get enough games under his belt. As for this talk with peter hillwood thats a waste of time as hillwood has no influence at the club, he is chair so not sure about truth of the speculation

  2. Any club u stay I will always support u,Carlos Vela!

  3. Good, he’s shit.

  4. He is shit… no one would want him

    I wish he would stop smiling and playing with his stupid hair when he misses chances

  5. what problem with u ppl?
    If u dont like Vela dont bother bout him !!!
    Please be mature,u r not a kid 😦

  6. He should be given the chance, i mean last season was his first real try

  7. he is a top class player and would be amazing for arsenal….

    what wneger needs to start doin next season is bring him on every game after 60-65 minutes where he would get 25-30 minutes to play…..

    he would be a first team starter by now if we played 442….

    but is still good in a 433 as a left sided forward….

    i have very high hopes from him….

    what he needs is first team football….

    if he cannot getthat here he should go on loan for one season to a premierleagu team that playes a 442 formtion….

    he is the most telented young striker we have at the moment…

  8. What’s his relation to you Zimmerman?
    Why bother creating a website for one player?

    • Hey Omar
      Every Soccer players have a Fan Site ,is it weird??
      Why u want to know bout other ppl business?
      Please do respect each other as we r educated ppl!
      Thank you

  9. Vela has great ability and could be a super player, however whenever he gets the opportunity to shine he lets himself down.
    Give him one more year and if he doesn’t improve then let him go.
    The idiot that thinks he’s shit has obviously never watched him.

  10. Vela will come good, he’s short of confidence and playing time but that will come. Anyone with half a brain cell can see Vela has fantastic potential. I would say to A. Zimmermann to forget about these idiots who say bad things. Unfortunately Arsenal have a retarded fan base. These are the idiot fans who gave Alex Song a hard time in his first few seasons here. Now look at Song, he’s one of our top 3 players.

  11. The Soccer Geek

    Very interesting article. The fact that other major clubs are interested clearly demonstrates that he is a player with great potential.

    I agree that unfortunately he is yet to truly impress at Arsenal, but I hope he stays for at least one more season as it will be very exciting to see what he can do for us.

    Besides, Arsenal need all the strike force we can get! Vela might well perform next season.

  12. Very interesting article. The fact that other major clubs are interested clearly demonstrates that he is a player with great potential.

    I agree that unfortunately he is yet to truly impress at Arsenal, but I hope he stays for at least one more season as it will be very exciting to see what he can do for us.

    Besides, Arsenal need all the strike force we can get! Vela might well perform next season.

  13. how come barca are raiding arsenal,almost every player has been linked to barca,clichy,eboue,fab.they can take all if they but messi is on the cards

  14. With Bendtner injured and RVP likely to be both Vela and Eduardo will get game time this season, which is why they should both stay and fight for a place. That said if they are not up for the fight then we need to move them on and replace them both. When you look at the squad you would think we are adequately covered for strikers. But when you consider that 3 of our strikers Eduardo, Bendtner and RVP are clearly not the fittest and that Chamakh, Walcott and Vela have a lot to prove still,you suddenly start to get worried.

  15. pls vela don’t go we love are agreat player than Nicklas,eduardo,

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  17. “Planes wants to fly out to London…”

    great pun – shit player. Good riddance Carolito.

  18. Enfield Gooner

    I have seen Carlos play and he is fantastic! – I have so much faith in him.
    This season was a terribe season for Arsenal in terms of injuries – just awful luck.

    When this young man hits his form, you will all be singing his praises – then I want your apologies!

    Keep the faith, we have a World Class stadium (Look at the spuds, Liverpool etc – where is theirs?) and our debt is dropping, great youth who WILL mature and become great and we need a little bit of luck with injuries.

    Plus a great manager who will be realised as a genius in the future as his plans are realised….

    Chill out and ignore most of the useless anti Arsenal media.

    See you at the Emirates!

  19. he is too short and too “small bodied” to make it.he is also too soft.

    • Is it the problem bout HIS BODY?
      R u sure about that?
      How bout Messi or Maradona? Their Height not more than 1.69 m. But they can become the most popular soccer players.
      Therefore dont judge Vela from his appearance.

      • Im so tired of hearing English fans claiming players are “too light, or not strong enough for the EPL”.. Say that to Iniesta, Xavi, Messi, Pedro!! What?? dont you remember what has happened to your Chelsea, Man. United or Arsenal when they played against those “light players”??? You Lost!!

        I hope Carlos does leave Arsenal

    • messi is extremely tall, strong and powerful

    • you mean like the new United striker? his country man that Ferguson loves?

  20. Did they not already have a bid rejected? I highly doubt this move is up to Vela. If ARsenal does not want to sell then hes stuck tbh.

  21. Vela and Denilson are the worst i hope they get kidnapped and sent to thailand to become ladyboy hookers ! they would probably fluff that too though.

    • Back off HATER!!!
      And dont said any of words to blame my country thailand 😦

    • Denilson bad? shows how much you know a bout footy, take a look and cry whiner.
      ps: if you cannot properly judge denilsn they i can see why you cannot appreaciate vela.

      Hes better than Denilson but i know, you should never be suprised by the dumbness of the arsenal fans. But it is like that with most chavs in england.

  22. PLease sell Vela he is terrible

  23. He needs a good run without injurys and then his skills will shine thriogh.I just wonder if the premier league is a bit too physical/dirty for him.

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  25. Apparently Carlos and other of his teammates in the Mexico team were partying in Acapulco a few days ago. According to some stories the guys enjoyed of the night life and left the scene after 6 in the morning.Hehehe I guess after you were trapped for months ” training” and recording commercials you got to loosen up a bit.
    Hopefully Vela and Dos Santos enjoyed their fun and start focusing on next season. A lot is expected from these two at their clubs funny that just a few days ago Redknapp warn Gio about going out so much. Heh if Dos Santos returns to Spurs then he better not take Carlos on his midnight London adventures.
    Anyways just thought I should share this with you guys oh and don’t worry about the haters. Haters gonna hate and will eventually be proven wrong like always.

  26. It be nice if Carlos Vela played regular games. It is unfortunate that he was injured most of the season and never 100% fit to compete. What he needs other than his regular training with the club is go to the gym and work on his legs. I still insist that Vela is meant to play for Arsenal. He can play left or center but with RVP, Bendtner, and Chammahk it will be very hard for him to play Center. Carlos is faster than those players but he still needs to prove that he can score. Wenger is smart by having a list of players up front. now he can concentrate on the middle and on his defenders. It be great if Giovani Dos Santos came to play for Arsenal. Then I would say that Arsenal Has a bigger chance of winning a lot of tittles.

  27. It is not Vela’s choice to go out on a loan, even though it might sound like a good idea for Vela supporters and non supporters. The supporters because we want to see him play. We know what he is capable of, and he would be a starter. But then again, this could be Vela moment to shine. Its the moment that Wenger has considered in my opinion, and i believe that Wenger has agreed to keep him rather than loan him because Arsenal might need him to play. To me, as long as he plays half the games this season, it will be enough to keep him and to see his potential come out. Then its off to win the World Cup!

  28. Vela is quality, anyone saying he’s shit clearly hasnt seen him play more than 4 times
    i really hope he stays, i’m an actual die hard arsenal fan who goes to games, not some internet fan like some of these people. I hope he stays and knows better than to read comments from ignorant “fans”

  29. i hope he goes so he can actually play n b fit unlike with arsenal thats the only reason y he gets injured a lot they dont play him i hope he goes to espanol n own like he did with osasuna

  30. Well, I wish i could go and see vela play at Arsenal. The only time i have seen Vela play was in 2008 at San Diego California when we lost again to Argentina 4 to 1. I cant wait for the Gold Cup so i can see Vela play again and take lots of pictures. Eventually we will win the Gold cup in 2011 and go off to play the Confederations Cup in 2013.

  31. I vote go on a loan, show them up in Spain and come back and Dominate the PL!

  32. Why would he go to a club in Spain witch has absolutley no chance what so ever to ever be successful in la liga? there are only two clubs in Spain. Real and Barca. They will winn everything this year. At Arsenal he has a chance to win anyway.

  33. The best thing for Vela is to go a team that will give him playing time. He doesn’t need Arsenal to succeed.

  34. Lance Armstrong

    OMG OMG OMG (screams deliriously) Carlitos given no.11 by Wenger,(or at least by the kitman), another season of CarlosVelaNews with Vela at Arsenal (blows Vuvuzuela)

  35. fvlsereverecandiditibisoles

    No news? It seems Vela scored in a preseason match. Saludos, señor Zimmermann.

  36. He will become a legend!! He is getting stronger and he´s almost as fast as Walcott, great vision and the best finisher ever. Go VELA

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