What Comes Now For Carlos Vela?

Arsenal striker Carlos Vela is on his way back to Mexico with his national colleagues after being eliminated by Diego Maradona’s strong Argentine side at Soccer City last evening.

Vela was not able to feature in the match due to a hamstring injury which he suffered against France in the early stages.

His best friend Giovani Dos Santos has needed after the match  a lot of consolation and Carlitos showed exactly that support to Gio as he had tears in his eyes.

The El-Tri said bye bye to South Africa this morning as they took the plane to Mexico City, where most of the players will go into their well deserved summer break.

Carlos plans to visit his family in Cancun, Quintana Roo to spend some time with them before flying back to London to join his Arsenal team-mates for pre season preparation.

Certainly Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger as well as the Arsenal supporters will be glad that Vela crashed out of the FIFA World cup, so the 21 years old can have for the first time a very fine pre season preparation, which will help him to find his confidence and fitness back.

Wenger always have admitted that the problem was last year that Carlos missed the full preparation due to an ankle injury which he suffered in the Gold Cup competition last year and finally only the French man knows how vital it is for a player like Vela to have a fine pre season campaign.

Vela will have a two weeks summer vacation in Mexico and will join then the Arsenal Squad for pre season training a few days before the Gunners will head to Underhill Stadium for their traditionally season opener against Barnet Football Club.

Article by – A.Zimmermann

26 responses to “What Comes Now For Carlos Vela?

  1. clockendrider

    I’m sure he will have a very fine pre-season preparation. And as long as he doesn’t use it solely as a means of ensuring fitness for his all too frequent trips home to play in meaningless matches for Mexico, he will give himself every chance of making it in Europe. Decision time on his part, as well as that of Wenger, I think.

  2. Sorry but the sooner he goes the better. We don’t need a player at the club who can’t “find his passport” when it comes to going abroad for games for the club who pay his wages but who can find it no problem and fly halfway around the world at the drop of a hat for their country.

    • sorry but still to blame him for the passport story is really pathetic!! it was long time ago so I can’t believe that people still stick with it!

      • Completely agree, these things happen. I don’t understand why people cannot see the quality that carlos has.
        His commitment to his country is admirable considering that state of our national side (England).

      • Exactly! Get behind the boy. Our boys will fly if we set them free, we gave Eboue love and look how confident he is now. Not the perfect player but he works as hard as anyone. Do the same for all the players=success for Arsenal. With support from us, Vela will be devastating!

    • Rob you are clearly a mug, support your team, your one of those idiots I am forced to listen to for 90 minutes complaining like a bitch.

      So irritating…… mug.

  3. CARLITO IS A GOONER. He is pure class and we need to have faith in him like he has with Arsenal. He has scored some devastating goals and his lobs are amazing. Can we please show some faith and positive vibes for a great player who has been a little unlucky (I know I know like so many Arsenal players) with injury. I think next season he will be a huge impact sub, like what Eduardo was supposed to be. God bless Edu I really hope we can be happy elsewhere but there are too many thugs in the prem for him, so I think Carlos will take his position in the team is impact sub, and then build from there.
    Excellent site by the way, my friend you have many fans trust me, it is just people like me do not comment too much so you do not know we are here! I prefer this site to reading mindless speculation about players who will never come to Arsenal! Keep up the good work!

  4. I really hope that Carlos can have his first normal pre season with us and finally produce what he has in him

  5. I don’t understand what everyone’s problem is with Vela. Yeah he could have progressed a little faster, and he does fall a lot, but the kid has talent. It seems there are a number of fans who want him to go, but then when he does go, gets a chance somewhere to play a bunch of games and get some confidence, then everybody will cry that we let another one get away. A little patience would go a long way with this one instead of expecting everyone to perform right from the age of 20-21.
    He does need to get a lot stronger though so he doesn’t fall so much. I really think that he can be an excellent player for Arsenal once he get the strength and the confidence issues sorted out.

  6. I don’t know why everyone crucifies Carlos vela for playing for Mexico. I think every person has the right to play for their Country and why do we have different rules for other players like Cesc, Robin, Arshavin or any other international we have at the club ??
    And lets put the passport thing to bed now. How many of you have done anything worthwhile when you were 20 ?? and have you not forgotten any documents when you are about to leave for someplace??
    He is a good chap, Bendtner came thru when he got a chance and Vela will too. I think the problem started when he scored those goals in the 2008/09 season and people hyped him up a bit too much.

  7. What Comes Now For Carlos Vela? Hopefully a goal.

  8. Just rememer all, the unhappy ones always yell loudest. Us happy content fans, we love our players but dont bother answearing idiots that always seen to open their big mouthes slagging of anyone and everyone that is not cesc(mind you they starting to hate him to now).

  9. i need to add, cos we are happy and we dont feel we need to answear stupid comments that are totally irrasional and attacks on both autors and players in the good blogs that are around.

    Just remember this, next time you read an agressive silly out of order comment on a blog page. For every angry arsenal hating fans, there are 100 arsenal loving fans that just dont feel like going down to the thug level and open a clearly ridiculous argument.

    There are alot of supporters out there that like vela and are happy about him.

  10. Carlos Vela is a future superstar for the gunners.

    I cant wait to watch him develop over the next few years, a true natural talent.

    Lets sing his name loud, he will love it and shine when he gets his chance.

  11. Vela in full flight is pure joy to watch.let us have more of it the coming season.

  12. Carlos will need to step it up and give it his all. Especially if Wenger signs more strikers apart from Chakmah.
    They need to work on his body and I think Wenger is aware of this as he was at the match against France and saw how he had to be taken out of the match after only thirty minutes. He needs to get rid of these injuries and build more muscle like Ronaldo when he was at ManU.
    Hopefully Carlos comes back to London determined to break through the ranks at Arsenal and be ready for Brazil 2014. And like others said somebody needs to keep away Carlos from those useless friendlies that he plays for us. That somebody should be the Mexican FA but since they’re a bunch of swines Wenger hopefully intervenes.
    I wish Carlos a great start to his third season at Arsenal and await the moment to see him shine for Wenger and us.

  13. Big season coming up for Carlos Vela. I think he really needs to take his chances when given the opportunity – e.g when coming on as a sub. With all forwards fit there will be plenty of competition.

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  15. Que disfrute sus vacaciones, espero verlo en el Aeropuerto y tomarme una foto con èl =)

    Se le estima y sabemos que ese GOL!! fuera de lugar de Argentina TODO tuvo que ver en el resultado, ya que influyo al 100% en el estado de animo y concentracion de los jugadores!!

    Congrats for the new look of the page!! is pro!! i like it a lot!!

  16. Carlos Vela…overrated and overhyped.. very much like the England team.

    What has he ever done for us? Didnt even manage to score enough League Cup goals to bring us through.

    What did he do when he comes on? Misses absolute sitters and tap-in for 5 matches, score a beauty lob in the 6th and everyone is drooling over him again.

    And for this reserve player, there is a website worshipping all that he is not. whoa.

  17. came on carlos vela you cant do ittttttttttttt
    el mundial de souht africa a que dado atras pero es tienpo de levantar el vuelo para el siguiente wordl cap de do brasil (14).
    pero para eso tienes hacer una vuena carrera en el arsenal por lo que veo que eduardo letf
    tu puedes tomar ese lugar pero para eso tienes que tener una vuena pretemporadave y haslo tu puedes 4 eso solo puedo decir in carlos vela we trus arsenal 4 life

  18. If I had to choose it give eduardo another season instead. But this is a very much heart over head decision

  19. I cant see why vela is slated by our own fans…..hes young, stylish in his play and has more technique than theo.He needs a string of games to establish himself.thats all…..get behind the boy and support him….this season we’ll rock the league.UTG..

  20. carlos vela its so hot man im his fan #1 lov3 you carlos*

  21. RedHotPolkaDot

    Can’t wait to see more from Vela!

  22. Hopefully Vela prepares well in this pre-season and Wenger gives him the confidence to be a starter. What Vela has done in matches against Wigan, Sheffiel etc.. He can surely do the same to bigger teams. He just needs a good pre-season to find himself with goals again and become fit.

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