Vela Sends Message Out To Mexico With A Beauty Against Bolton

Young 21 years old Carlos Vela has sent a message to his home country Mexico today, as he converted calmly and with great composure a lovely Cesc Fabregas delivery to make it 4:1 for the Gunners against the Trotters.

The Mexican has received  really bad treating by his fellow natives as well as the Mexican press in the last week , especially the latter ones have produced stories which are really far from reality. According to close friends of the Cancun native: Carlos has never said that he feels jealous because of Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez, that stories are fictional. Actually that media situation put Carlos into a bad light which has just the target to damage his career.

Carlitos watched the first half from the bench, but he should get his chance as Arsene Wenger ordered him to the sidelines after the break for the warming up program alongside fellow teammates Abou Diaby and Samir Nasri.

Vela was then introduced with just 11 minutes on the clock and he showed immediately on the substitution that he loves to play for Arsenal, as his smile was back on his face. Vela went on for Marouane Chamakh and played for a few moments in his prefered striker role. He showed great desire with good passing and he even won a ball back where  Arsenal lost possession. The magic moment came then as the Gunners started a miracle move where they completed unbelievable 24 passes in row, so that Fabregas was finally able to pick up Vela through the middle with a very smart pass and “El Bombardero” kept composure and slotted the ball past Bolton’s goalkeeper Bogdan into the net.

You could really see how many stones have fallen from Carlos heart as he celebrated his goal with the Arsenal fans and his teammates.

Article by – A.Zimmermann

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22 responses to “Vela Sends Message Out To Mexico With A Beauty Against Bolton

  1. great goal by vela and good performance, hopefully this is the beginning of a great season for him

    lets hope for another good performance in the Champions league

  2. C’mon Vela! Get your place back in the Mexican team and earn your place in the Arsenal lineup! We believe in you!

  3. We love you Vela Arsenal loves you

  4. Well done Carlos. I really want you to succeed at arsenal.keep workin hard.good luck

  5. He should be given more pitch time

  6. I know many are perplexed as to the reasons why AW hasn´t included Vela in games more often. I´ve felt that he maybe isn´t appreciated by Wenger, but he seems to be a model professional, at least during matches, and always has a smile on his face, so I find that implausable.

    I think Wenger has been patiently waiting for Vela to come out of his shell so to speak and take the next step in terms of productivity and get more involved when he comes on. He´s been getting some minutes late in games and looked much more confident in pre-season, so it seems like he´s finally starting to be in the running for a start. I believe Spurs will be a massive opportunity for Vela and hopefully he´ll have a great game. It feels like he, if he get the breaks, could be next in line to Arshavin on the right as the season progresses. He´s not there yet, but I hope he fulfills his undoubted potential at the club.

    As for the Mexican media, I don´t see a reason for Vela to be jealous of Hernandez. Vela is younger, better technically and has a higher ceiling. Admittedly Hernandez had a better World Cup (eventhough Vela looked decent before his untimely injury) and, while I don´t know exactly what has been said about him, I think he´s been very unfairly treated and Mexicans should do well to tread lightly in their criticism of the young lad.

  7. Yes, THE SMILE on his back when he was about to get his chance.
    Keep performing like that Varlos, u `ll keep getting more chances. Hope this is his break-through season. I love Andrey , but he need to pull-up his shocks is he is to keep Velas away from his position.
    Love seeing u play Carlos…Hope u continue playing for Arsenal.

  8. That was a great pass and a great goal and i loved vela’s smile when he came on.One thing he has to learn his play with both foot because as a centre forward it is very essential to play with both foot.Hopefully he will learn that too quickly

  9. Carlos! You’re a great player. Keep making such an impact and you’ll be in the first team. You have one of the best touches in the epl but work on your right foot and you can/will be great. Super goal! Keep showing your skills! Gooners love Carlos Vela!

  10. @Bala – I agree but I think he has shown big improvement with his right foot since he joined us. Van persie was criticised for being all left foot when he first joined but has more recently scored some great goals with his right. I think 2-footedness is something that is seen as being very important at arsenal (and any other big club really) so I think hes been told to work on that.

  11. Way to go Vela..Javier ain’t better than you

    • @ DASBY: Why u gotta talk trash about CHICHARITO ???? people like u are the ones that make up this stories about jealously and whos better and what not…. Theyre both very good players lets just leave it like that, and we will talk once the YEAR is over !!!
      Vela =10 goals TOTAL this year
      Chicharito=20 goals TOTAL this year

  12. It was vela who broke up play and started that 26 passes and fittingly he was at the end of it scoring a good goal

  13. I dont know why people are so in a rush with him. He was out alot of last year due to injuries. You got to trust Wenger man. IF he says Carlos is ready then he is. If he says carslos is not ready then he is not. Simple as. You got to remember ARsenal is among the top 6 clubs in the world and is getting stronger for every year. TO get into a starting 11 of such a team you cannot just be good you got to be the best, you got to be exceptional. Carlos can be exceptional and when he shows that to the boss he will be included more.

    Non of us know what happends behind closed dores at Arsenal. So non should slander either Wenger or Vela for not giving chances or not grabbing chances. I am sure the two of them got a plan and with patience Vela will come good(i hope). I trust wenegers judgment. If Vela is ready he will get the chances he needs, if not he will be nutured until he IS ready.

  14. Chappers the media is after him because of what he said about his former club chivas and most the fan’s that booed him were chivas fan’s Real Mexico fan’s didnt do that,The Mexican media is simply shit they attack a new player every other week and cause drama to sell papers and some simple minded fan’s believe the bullshit that they put out..Great goal and hope Vela get’s real mins midweek…

  15. The message was “I can score with Arsenal but I am a flop with the Mexican national team”. Is it not? One goal that he scored does not cover up everything else. Besides, it was a 4-1 thrashing. His goal made no difference. It would have been 3-1 which is still good. Vela needs to mature and step his level up. And Wenger needs to give him a lot more playing time than 10 min.

    • Well he scored the fourth because when he entered the pitch there were 3 goals before. That’s not his fault.

      Carlos made his job. Only with 10 minutes in the field.

    • What’s everything else? And how’s he a flop? It’s not his fault they call him up even though he doesn’t play a lot with his team. Last summer everyone in Mexico love the guy for the 5-0 thrashing of the U.S. in the Gold Cup. Last season was horrible for Carlos: low confidence, no pre season preparation, and injuries, but somehow they kept on calling him for the National team. Also NO ONE IS A FLOP AT 21.

    • Want more goals from Vela in the national team?? How about Mexico starts playing him on his natural position? Or even better, take Fabregas to El Tri 🙂

  16. wow.. its great to see that carlos was not put down by all the criticizing he has recevied!! common carlos shut that media up by playing your best and making goals!! iwish you the best luck!

  17. Well, Vela did great, he should be careful about what he says and keep his professionalism. The Mexican Media is full of Sh i T. I am a true fan of Mexico National team even though i was not born in Mexico. I always follow the players and Vela happens to be my favorite player along with Giovani. Lets just hope that Vela gets more time against Braga, but I think that Chamakh is going to be up front since the start since he has more experiance in the Champions than Vela. It be nice if Wenger did a 4-4-2 but with only three forwards he is going to keep one in the bench.

  18. good to see carlos in the field… but i dont like him to play in the left wing..he es a nice striker… i dont like to see him just crossing for arsenal

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