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Why Gets Carlos Vela No Chance To Play For Gunners?

A very complicated situation for the 21 years old Mexican has continued as he was once again in the stands at Emirates, as his teammates could secure a tough win over West Ham United in the Barclays Premiership.

I don’t really know what is in mind of Wenger, but the way he is treating Carlos Vela is really terrible. To leave him once again out of the 18-man Squad is very disappointing, because last week the Arsenal Manager has admitted with his latest injury update on Arsenal’s official site that Carlos will be back along Cesc Fabregas etc.

it is very tough to understand why Wenger is doing that, as you could see that Carlos has substituted himself in Mexico’s encounter with New Zealand weeks ago to secure his chance to play for Arsenal Football Club. With the time running against Carlos for a World Cup spot in the Mexico roster, there are now seriously doubts that he will make the Mexican Squad and of course Wenger would be then the guilty man for a lot of Vela and Mexico supporters.

He cannot really afford to wait with Carlos until the next season, because that is unacceptable for Carlos chances to make the Mexico Squad for the World Cup and sorry Mr. Wenger that is the most important thing for a football player to play for your native on a big competition like that!!

Article by – A.Zimmermann

Arsenal And Vela Supporters Predicting Short Performance For Mexican

Arsenal and Vela Supporters around the world are predicting a short performance for young 21 years old Mexican Carlos Vela in today’s Premier League encounter against West Ham United at Emirates Stadium. Arsenal will remain in the race for the Premier League title, so they need desperately a win over the Hammers this afternoon.

Arsenal Manager has admitted inside the week, that Vela will return into the Squad after being sidelined prior to a slight ankle injury.

In our voting all Fans could make up their mind to choose the amount of playing time which the Mexican will get today!

How Many Minutes Carlos Vela Will Get On Saturday?

Ten Minutes 31%

Twenty Minutes 26%

Zero Minutes 18%

Second Half  12%

Thirty Minutes 9%

Full Time 4%

So Vela Fans it’s time to support Carlos to get back in action for the Gunners!!

Article by – A.Zimmermann