Arsenal And Vela Supporters Predicting Short Performance For Mexican

Arsenal and Vela Supporters around the world are predicting a short performance for young 21 years old Mexican Carlos Vela in today’s Premier League encounter against West Ham United at Emirates Stadium. Arsenal will remain in the race for the Premier League title, so they need desperately a win over the Hammers this afternoon.

Arsenal Manager has admitted inside the week, that Vela will return into the Squad after being sidelined prior to a slight ankle injury.

In our voting all Fans could make up their mind to choose the amount of playing time which the Mexican will get today!

How Many Minutes Carlos Vela Will Get On Saturday?

Ten Minutes 31%

Twenty Minutes 26%

Zero Minutes 18%

Second Half  12%

Thirty Minutes 9%

Full Time 4%

So Vela Fans it’s time to support Carlos to get back in action for the Gunners!!

Article by – A.Zimmermann

14 responses to “Arsenal And Vela Supporters Predicting Short Performance For Mexican

  1. No minutes,since he disappears for every game.

  2. While i would love to see vela get play time my prediction is zero minutes as rosicky, eduardo and walcott will probably get first preference.
    Wenger may want to take fab off in 2nd half and so I don’t think the opportunity will arise this time round.
    Big fan of velas so would like to be pleasantly surprised to see him on the pitch

  3. How many minutes does he deserve? Every other month he fucks off to Mexico on a 10 hour flight, seemingly judging by the size of him, stuffs his face with tortillas, plays for his country, gets injured then arrives back in London on a Friday 24 hours before a game. It’s no wonder he doesn’t play. You want to get your priorities right pal. before trying to start online campaigns.

  4. He’s not even on the 18-man squad

    • Carlos Vela is in a Team that already has players like him that are not injured. But i was thinking that maybe Wenger is having second thoughts about Vela? I mean look at Giovani Dos Santos situation with Tottenham, as soon as he left that sorry team Gio started having playing time in Galatasaray. So what ever happened to Gio’s injuries? I really like Arsenal and i think that Wenger does not want to let this kind of talent go. Wenger is very smart and he knows what he is doing, and that even means feeding Vela Tortillas. I don’t see Vela playing much the remaining of the season, but next season I bet he will. I think Vela is riding this one off, for the World Cup.

  5. More like no mins =(

  6. Contrary to Arsene Wengers words, Carlos Vela was not back and wasn’t even on the bench. What gives?

  7. i dont care what everyone says carlos, gio, and his bro jonothan, are the future of football,

  8. I’m doubtin he’ll get very many mins considering they’re in the middle of a title race. Just a few at the end of games.

  9. i feel vela and arsenal should depart. i feel this will be another eduardo case vela didn’t even want to play today what gives? he doesn’t have a good arsenal spirit and would rather take a holiday and stuff himself with tortilla’s rather than help his team out in this crucial stage.
    vela what gives dude.

  10. I think Wenger needs to give him more minutes. He’s not going to be that great of a player if he only gives him like 10 mins…that’s nothing. He has proved he is good enough…see in Mexico he made an amazing goal and he can do that in Arsenal if he only gets the chance.

  11. Vamos Carlos tu puedes y si no te aprecian en tu club…deberias de ir a un club donde si aprecien tu talento. Vamos te deseo mucho exito 🙂

  12. Looks like Carlos is going to have to wait until next season to get a chance to get into the starting 11. Every match is crucial if we hope to win the league so it’s perfectly understandable if Wenger does not want to start Carlos, but if Wenger honestly believes in Carlos he should at least put him on the bench.Then again Arsene Wenger is one of the best at his job so I have hope he knows what his doing with Vela.

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