Why Gets Carlos Vela No Chance To Play For Gunners?

A very complicated situation for the 21 years old Mexican has continued as he was once again in the stands at Emirates, as his teammates could secure a tough win over West Ham United in the Barclays Premiership.

I don’t really know what is in mind of Wenger, but the way he is treating Carlos Vela is really terrible. To leave him once again out of the 18-man Squad is very disappointing, because last week the Arsenal Manager has admitted with his latest injury update on Arsenal’s official site that Carlos will be back along Cesc Fabregas etc.

it is very tough to understand why Wenger is doing that, as you could see that Carlos has substituted himself in Mexico’s encounter with New Zealand weeks ago to secure his chance to play for Arsenal Football Club. With the time running against Carlos for a World Cup spot in the Mexico roster, there are now seriously doubts that he will make the Mexican Squad and of course Wenger would be then the guilty man for a lot of Vela and Mexico supporters.

He cannot really afford to wait with Carlos until the next season, because that is unacceptable for Carlos chances to make the Mexico Squad for the World Cup and sorry Mr. Wenger that is the most important thing for a football player to play for your native on a big competition like that!!

Article by – A.Zimmermann

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  1. I think you should calm down and accept, that Mr. Wenger is Arsenal Football Club manager and his only worry should be Arsenal results. Carlos Vela did very little to believe, that he can be a real asset in the team NOW, there are players in front of him (who, as Carlos, hope to go to the World Cup) like Bendtner, Arshavin, Nasri and Walcott (who is in form, and also didn’t play!). Arsenal beat West Ham, that’s all that matters, and that proves that Wenger was right with his players selection.

    • that is your mind but not mine, if he not play him then he should give him free in summer

      • I agree with you mate,If wenger doesnt want to play the boy he should let him go.He’s not helping his development by not even putting him in the squad.Bendtner and Denilson play,so i dont see why Vela doesnt get a look in.

      • Why?? he signed to arsenal, he needs to be patient. his world cup dream has nothing to do with our search for success

    • then y is eduardo getting playing he hasnt done anything to deserve those min he gets arshavin isnt going to the world cup they didnt make it

  2. he isn’t playing vela, because whenever vela has played in a premier league match – he hasn’t shown the quality we all know he has.

    we’re gunning for the title, we need our players to be sharp and focused – no time to be relying on carlos vela.

  3. Vela offers Arsenal nothing, that is the sad fact. He hasn’t lived up to his hype, he is ineffective the times he has been brought on this season, and it’s better to give the players who are delivering for Arsenal more game time. I think Vela’s Arsenal career will come to an end sooner rather than later.

    • yo Jam, I know your mind about Carlos, if you fans don’t want him, there are a couple of clubs who would love to have him!!!

    • what hype is that he didnt come with any hype wegner just started talking big about him if he wasnt going to give him playing time he should have loaned him out there were a lot of teams interested in him

  4. u r being impatient n with velas chances; wenger said he is back but dat didnt mean he will play, pecking order dsnt allow him at da moment. He has 2 be patient n dat applys 2 u 2.

    • Is there any Arsenal Fan who likes Carlos Vela?

      • Meeee!!! Not just ´cause I´m like in love with him LoL…I´m from Mex and I´ve been keepin´the eye in Carlos Vela´career!!! Totally agree that keepin´ him aside on every single Arsenal match is 100% unfair!!!

        I won´t pick on Mr. Wenger´s reasons or his managin´ skills…the fact is that it ain´t a personal issue, come on guys do you think Arsene is 4 years old??!! But it´s matter of perspective as you can read in other posts here U_U

        Vela´s skills jump off the page!! But, how is he supposed to show them off if he´s given few seconds for action at the end of the game?! When the match is almost decided and the team is just handlin´the time left…of course he won´t get the chance for strikin´!!!

        I´m pretty sure about his performance for the World Cup…as Mr. Aguirre said **Nobody has a place guaranteed on the national team, but those who play on Europe GOT A PLUS**…and Vela doesn´t have to persuade… He has already shown what he´s up to for the national team 😉

        My very best wishes for Carlos, whichever way it´s career takes…I´m sure he´s DAZZLIN´US!!!

      • Riki Gomez ''Arsenal Vela 12''

        Meeeeeeeeee!!! why cuz am Mexican 2 cuz he’s already in the best league of the planet well the most competitive 3 he needs to be patient or else he’s gonna end up like Gio in a freaking team from the Turkey league 4 Wenger is well known to work with youngsters so he would help him develop 5 if he let him go to another team well am gonna have to burn my Vela’s Arsenal shirt and posted on youtube so that all the Arsenal HATERS AGAINST VELA would see it plus of course the $$$ Arsenal is gonna see go down the toilet by Mexican supporters not buying Vela’s Arsenal merchandise… simple as that!!!

  5. Oh come on! Wenger knows better about you on how to develop players, what is the right time for them to play and not to play…

    Vela’s time will come, I’m sure of it, but for now, he’ll have to be very patient!

    If you think Wenger should release him for free, I’m sorry to say that Wenger isn’t stupid to do such a thing after all he has done to get Vela…and all the years he had to wait for him to come to Arsenal.

    Vela is not more important than Arsenal. We cannot afford to play him if he is usually invisible in matches these days…

    • vela will have his fame and glory….he just has to be patient!! he just has to give it all in those few minutes and prove he BELONGS in the best english team theres ever been!! GO gUNNERs!

  6. Carlos Vela Senior

    Carlos Vela is a terrific player, without a doubt. Arsene Wenger is the best in the business, of course. As for Vela, he could play as a winger & as a striker. He should be used frequently. With more game time he will keep improving. So, Wenger must give him opportunity to improve. He needs more game time, lol.

  7. Vela signed a long term contract (probably on improved terms), nobody forced him to do that and he wasn’t a regular even then. Arsene probably will listen to offers for him in the summer because he hasn’t progressed at all, what seems certain is that Chamakh will be joining, so Vela will be pushed even further back down the line. Arsenal have been doing fine without Vela so why should Wenger drop another player just because it doesn’t suit you or Mexico??

  8. I look on Carlos Vela, not on Arsenal Football Club and as a fan of Carlos i cannot be happy with the amount of playing time he gets, that is a fact, also i don’t think that wenger is the best manager, i rate for example Sir Alex Ferguson higher, but only on the managing qualities!

    • Vela needs to build up on his physical qualities in the coming year. With all the talent he has….he seems a bit out of place when playing in the EPL. In Cup matches…he looks totally different. Maybe, its’ something related to his mental attributes rather than the physical ones!

    • Stop expecting people to give a crap about a single player when we support a TEAM. A team where Carlos Vela isn’t good enough to hold down a place.

    • TiredOfThoseMoaners

      yeah then open up a carlos vela fanclub or something … have you ever played football ? what kind of ridicolous request is this … we have 8 more games to play plus a tough CL … Arsenal must win that’s all that matters ! and by the way if you are such a great fan… carlos vela is just not ready yet ! i love him as a player but he has a lot to learn and is by far not equipped yet with a real killing instinct in front of goal… Oh and the mexican national team is by far not playing tough games like we play in the premier league so scoring there is not everything !

  9. Carlos Vela Senior

    Vela gonna rule BPL in years to come with Red & White of Gunners. Wait & see, monkies. I’m fucking confident, lol.

  10. Vela is a top player and will prove that at club level soon. I hope he stays at Arsenal. I prefer him to play on the left as I think he is far more effective in the Arshavin position and is the best crosser at the club. But as a centre forward, the PL is a very hard place for small centre forwards to thrive. For me he should number one back up to Arshavin on the left. Eduardo also looks like his position is under threat when you consider that Chamakh is joining us.

  11. Lots of Arsenal fans like Carlos Vela & hope that he will one day be a star. However, he has had a number of chances this season and simply hasn’t taken them. Apparently he needs more time to adapt & this stage of the season is not the time for this. I’m afraid that unless there are injuries, he will now have to wait for next season to make his case. In the interim, hopefully he will strengthen up & improve his mental focus. If he can’t make the breakthrough at Arsenal, he is unlikely to go on & be a star elsewhere as it will be a sign that he hasn’t got the right mentality. Young players get chances at Arsenal.

  12. A Zimmerman, this is very unwise. If Carlos wants to play he needs to avoid alienating the boss with this kind of ultimatum. Much better to talk on the training pitch and behind closed doors.

  13. What do u think is most important at this stage. That Carlos gets his minutes or that Arsenal wins the remaining games? Vela have players in front of him right now and the only way to deal with is to show Arsene that he is worth the chance. I think that he should play more than Eduardo though.

    btw i like vela

    • I agree with this statement… Eduardo has been getting his minutes and has shown less than Carlos. Sure he has scored, but when setup by Vela or simple put backs. If Eduardo can get ten minutes here and there, so should Carlos Vela.

  14. I believe that Vela would have played if we had had 11 men on the field.

  15. It is very simple. Carlos Vela hasn’t played good enough to warrant Wenger playing him. Also all the trips to South America to play for Mexico hasn’t helped as he is always jetlagged for the weekend game.

    Carlos has had a hard time adapting to the physical side of the game. Also he’s seemed to lose a bit of his edge in the finishing department.

    I’m sad to say, as Vela used to be one of my favorites, but he hasn’t developed enough and I wouldn’t be too upset if he is sold in the summer and replaced by Chamakh.

  16. I’m an Arsenal fan but I don’t agree with you even slightly. Vela has fro the start of the season prioritised Mexico over Arsenal and that is why he isnt seeing a chance in the team. He goes away on international duty and comes back very late, jet lagged or injured. I think you need to blame the Mexico coach for that! Before he can become a regular for Mexico he needs to get a place in Arsenal. The chances he has had – he hasn’t really been overwhelming and certainly not enough to be ahead of Nasri, Walcott, Bendtner, Arshavin or Rosicky.

  17. Calm down. Arsene and AFC are completely focussed on 2 fronts in the serious business of winning the Champions League and the premiership. Carlos need to be as patient. He’s not the only one vying for a WC2010 spot, and we can’t change a winning team just to accommodate Carlos. I firmly believe that Carlos position in the Mexican team is secure, much more so than Walcott.

  18. Vela looks a fantastic player and I know many Arsenal supporters are eager to see him on the pitch. But at the moment he will just have to be a little patient as all young players must be. There are few managers who have a better track record than Wenger in developing young players and Im sure if Vela sticks around he will develop into a fabulous player for Arsenal.

  19. lol whats up with you, in case you haven’t noticed we are at the brink of winning a title here and playing vela now might jeopardize that opportunity. Ive been an arsenal fan for long and as far as am concern, the club is not about perfecting plays to go to world cup but to deliver for the club. at the moment Carlos inst helping us that much, not because he is not good but he hasn’t prove yet he needs time and if it takes him three more yrs you will have to be patient just like song and those others who have climbed the ranks

  20. mate your a clown
    he’s a footballer
    one of many
    he’s under contract and not for sale
    to think he could miss the world cup makes you a clown imo
    he’s mexicos golden boy

    i think his year will be next
    rosicky nasri walcot eboue arshavin …even bentdner could cover the left flank better than vela
    he’s probably still carrying a knock
    but wenger said he’ll be the star of the world cup and you think he could miss out LOL

  21. I heard a rumour he’s a party boy. Flying his mates over from Mexico to party at his Regent’s Park flat.

    Don’t know if anyone can confirm or deny.

  22. Yeah Wenger should play Vela so that he can play in the WC. Arsenal FC should be the last thing on Wengers mind, he should only think about the player himself. If he wants to wait until next year with Vela then that is not good enough and he should realease him in the summer. ARE U NUTS or and IDIOT of some sort? GET A CLUE.

  23. hey me too a fan of carlos vela…he has the potential to work out a magic in our title race…think of eboue who was always benched for sagna and suddenly rose to the occasion and made wenger to play him…so i want carlos to stay focused and wen he gets a chance(he wil get a chance surely this season)he must improve and force wenger to play him…I also agree that even denilson(always underrated) gets the chance.why not vela??? I have one thing to say ie.why vela can start a game in the position of arshavin for a single game…see arshavin did not do much against West Ham..So lets bring in vela ,give him a start at Birmingham and see how he performs..see we are not going to lose a game because of playing vela..see bentdner missed three easiest chances against burnley,but he plays all these games …Why not vela???All these questions must be answered by Le boss… i am not criticising wenger…I want him to give more chance for vela than ramsey,wilshere,gibbs,and any other reserve team player…

  24. Well said Alex

  25. Henri. Bergkamp, Vieira, Adams. Pires, Charlie George and Armstrong etc are all dear players to us, as is Carlos Vela. But they are all much less important than the club. They serve the club, the club does not serve them. So set your priorities straight. e love Carlos but we love Arsenal much more.
    (Montreal, Canada)

  26. Carlos has spent too long travelling to friendy games half way around the world.
    when he has had a few minutes it has been difficult for him to adapt to the pace.i would love him to make it but he might have to put the club first on some occasions and get his head down to hard work instead of globetrotting.
    i’m sure he has the abilty but has to show it when he gets the chance

    • I think if Carlos Vela is not appreciated in Arsenal he should go to another team that will let him play. For the people that are saying that he traveled a lot to Mexico for games and stuff. It was only a few games and I know, because I watched them all. At least he’s a starter there and actually gets to play not like in Arsenal. I saw all the great goals he made and he really makes a difference in the Mexican team, but in Arsenal he doesn’t get the enough time to that. I hope everything goes great with Carlos, because he deserves it.

  27. Carlos Vela is young. Carlos Vela will get his time.

  28. In Arsene we trust…

  29. Dude I know you’re a fan of Vela but you have to realise that Wenger can’t risk losing the EPL title because Vela is being left on the stands.
    He will get his chance next season in the league matches but he has to improve off the field and learn from the players around him. In a few years you will find him a regular on Arsenal first team but until then I advise being patient.

  30. The injury Carlos got playing for mexico ruined his season, he should completly give up pointless international football for mexico, focus on club football and he would develop very quickly into a first team player for the Arsenal.

  31. Relax and stop being paranoid.Who do you suggest we bench to give vela more playing time?You talk like there is a vendetta against him.Cant you see even more talented players like eduardo and wallcot are finding it hard to get into the team?I suggest vela transfers all his anger into training and whenever he get his chance he should shine & stop being sluggish cos the fact is he add’s nothing to the team and more importantly,at this stage of the season we want to win all matches not caress anyone’s ego.

  32. the reason carlos isnt playin well for arsenal is becuse the formation dosent suit him well he play very well in 442 formation as a striker
    and in 433 he plays best as a left winger infact he has impressed me this year when ever he has played on the left wing in the 433 formation and yes he should get some game time and he will only get ample amnt of game time if we put the game to bed in the first 60 min then we can replace arshvin and play him on the left wing

  33. Carlos Vela thinks by smiling after a dribble is enough; NO NOT AT ALL, this player seems talented but he has not developed a British footballing mentality where you have to stop all nonsense and concetrate on the game until it is over; you need to be serious but for him whenever he is given chance he plays as if he is training for match fitness, not to win. H e has to be serious and show desire and urgency to achieve something. He is just destroying his chances with AFC, if he does not think now and change for the better, he will regret like REYES FULAMIN HLEB ADEBAYOR VIVAS etc etc. We need fighters and people who laugh last not who laugh first.

  34. It’s an awkward one.

    Carlos is talented but seems to shine more (at least for Arsenal) on the left wing, a hotly contested area of the pitch.

    Wenger is at a point in the season where every win is vital, Vela may have been fit to play but he wasn’t match fit and we needed some experience out there to grind out the result, hence Eduardo going on.

    Eddy is in awful form this season as well but with his experience it is going to often be the case that he gets the nod coming off the bench than Vela if he stays fit.

    Hopefully he gets a few games when he’s had an extended run of fitness in training, at least some sub appearances.
    Wenger can’t pick players just to give them some on field time, he has to do it to benefit the team, unfortunately Vela has picked up injuries during moments in the season he could have genuinely had a chance.

    In 17 appearances (12 as a sub) he’s had one goal and 2 assists… in comparison to the rest of our attacking force that is not enough to warrant time on the pitch if a stronger option is fit.

  35. Whilst I respect that you have a lot of passion for Carlos Vela it is important to see that no player is above the club. Currently Arsenal are on a fantastic run having just won the last 6 premier league games. It would be foolish of Wenger to play around with the front line just to give Vela game time. Wenger’s concern is not to make sure Vela goes to the world cup but to make sure Arsenal are successful. Nasri, Walcott, Arshavin, Bendtner & Rosicky are currently in good form so it’s very difficult for Vela to get a game in. I’m sure Vela could develop into a top player but now is not the time.

    You also have to consider that it is because he plays for Mexico he does not play for Arsenal so much. There are numerous occasions where Wenger would have liked to give Vela a game but can’t because he only got back from international duty the day before. He also seems to get injured whilst playing for Mexico on a regular basis also hindering his chances. Maybe it ought to be his Mexico career that he considers if he wants to play more and not his Arsenal one.

  36. Arsene would do what is best for Arsenal, not Mexico.

  37. i think this website is useless.. sorry .. no offenses.. carlos vela will play when he is ready .. and he clearly is not ready for the premier league yet.. let him hang around and build himself up.. for now .. he should just wait.. and so should you.. and if your gona write stuff like this.. i think you should take a break..

  38. What top side do you think Vela could play for?

    Additionally, you will notice that Arsene has no patience for players who run off to their national side for every small friendly> He keeps going to Mexico and getting injured.

    You may not rate Atrsene (though I suspect you say this to add some substance to your Vela bias), but you do the young man no servfice by starting a dialogue on what’s wrong with him at this early juncture of his career.

  39. Vela will be great and no, the way Wenger has treated him isn’t terrible.

  40. Vela is no doubt a fantastic talent.
    He is also very young and has time to become a great great player.

    The last time he had a proper run out he seemed to be hitting form, but you also have to remember that players like Nasri/Walcott/Ashavin/Rosiky also need time on the pitch!

    Wenger is the only one who really knows when and when not to play squad members.
    Carlos has to bide his time and make sure he is ready to take up the challenge when it comes up (which will no doubt be soon bearing in mind our terrible injury record this year!)

  41. I trust Wenger. Vela is only 20, and besides Cesc, most of the team only really started to shine once they hit 21 or 22 (Bendtner, Song etc.) Vela is going to be a world class player for us. He just needs to work on some aspects of his game (like Song had to) and then answer his critics.

  42. Carlos Vela is competing with Arshavin and Rosicky for the only position where he has proven effective this season, left forward. He was given a run of games, in the middle of the season and played well but hasn’t scored enough to warrant being placed ahead of those players. Vela has also been getting a lot of niggles in training he’ll just have to wait, he will get some substitute appearances but no more than that. He’s got great potential but with Walcott back he’s no longer the super sub we rely on to get us bcak is not games.

    He will definitely be in the mexico squad this summer, because he’s brilliant for them and fits in perfectly with that team.

  43. I would like the author to declare whether he has any interest beyond the purely altruistic in Carlos Vela. This is not the first time that he has written a piece trying to create an impression that Arsenal manager and fans are against Vela. This is clearly untrue. Nobody but an idiot would want any player for their team to fail.
    The simple fact is that when not ponceing off round the world to play and get injured for his country, he simply hasn’t done enough on the pitch to be given a berth up front ahead of Arshavin, Rosicky, Bendtner, Nasri, Eboue or Walcott.
    Any conspiracy theory to the contrary is simply failing to acknoWledge what is right in front of your nose.

  44. basically arsenal pay velas wages not mexico and velas best interest is in wengers heart and vela has time on his hands and still needs to develope to become a better player than he currently is and if he sticks with us he will be that player we can send him on loan but he will probaly end up in the same situation as Hleb

  45. A.Zimmermann – i am afraid that being a fan of a player rather than a club is always going to leave you a little short in life. If Arsene takes us to the title and may be even to Madrid, his treatment of Vela will be justified. I agree that he has not had enough playing time, but his international commitments are different to the other players in his position. Also, how old is Vela? 19? 20? He is hardly running out of time is he? i think he will go on loan to another prem team next season. I also like him and think he will go to the world cup so stop getting paranoid.

  46. I just wonder why Mr. Wenger doesn’t allow these players like Vela and Eduardo (for example) to play for the reserves and get minutes there. I think last Wednesday was yet another good opportunity to give some playing time for fringe first team players like Vela. Just a thought..

  47. ..or today against Hammers.

  48. A. Zimmermann :I rate for example Sir Alex Ferguson higher, but only on the managing qualities!

    That is a sad reflection of your knowledge and ability….

  49. I’m a big vela fan but I can understand that the gunners are fighting for the title. He hasn’t had a chance to play much. Too many injuries. If he doesn’t get his chance next yr then its time to move on

  50. Why do people who do not understand this game write blogs about this game. The man started make appearances of the bench, the gets injured every time he plays for Mexico. How you expect him to play. Why do you think Barcelona and Maradona always fighting for Messi. I am a big fan of the boy from the time i saw him and dos Santos beat Brazil. I even got his name and number on my arsenal jersey. I personally think he will be more involved next year when their is less obligation with the national team.

  51. Carlos Vela will play for Mexico in the world cup regardless of whether or not he plays another game for Arsenal this season. Mexico are too crap to field a team without him. Arsenal FC is more important than any players ambition to play for their country! Gooner4lyf!!!!!

  52. Zimmerman stop acting like a petulant child! I hope Vela shows more maturity than you. Wenger has an unparalleled record for bringing in young talented, players from overseas. That Vela has not lit up Arsenal with his ability is not Wenger, or Arsenals fault.

    The league is too demanding for him to play every game right now – we have a chance of winning the league, BUT only if we win all our games. To do that, we must be at our best in each match. With Carlos Vela in our team, we will not be at our best.

    The premier league is the toughest league on the planet currently. Consistently our teams have demonstrated that over a number of years in European competition. That Carlos Vela hasn’t done well when given the chance is not a crime. It just shows he isn’t ready yet. However, he has made the situation harder for himself by prioritising Mexico over his club. He should worry less about getting into that squad, as he is young and possibly could feature in 3 or 4 future World Cups.

    His priority should be working hard in training (and in learning English), then people like you could maybe justify these childish rants. At the moment, he is simply a player with great potential, that is all. I like him a lot, but he hasn’t shown great skill in the premier league matches he has played in. Yes he has scored a few nice chips, but 2 of the 3 were in Carling Cup matches, which are far less demanding than Premier league matches.

    I do hope he stays and realises his potential. But that will not happen over night, and it is all down to him – if he shows maturity (something lacking from your writings Zimmerman), patience and application, then he will make it. If he shows he is mentally weak, then he will act like you, and give up before he has even started his career at Arsenal


  54. I definettly agree with you zimmerman. I barelly even see vela play and I don’t appreciate what wenger is doing either. I’m a big arsenal fan and a big vela fan also and not watching him play dissapoints me. Vela is a great player but wenger just doesn’t seem to appreciate him. I appreciate you giving us news about vela thank you so much:)

  55. Well I think that if Venger signed him…he should be giving him the chance to play. How can anyone say Vela hasn’t shown he has what it takes to play in the premier league when he isn’t given the chance to play at all. I’ve seen him play in some matches and I think he’s great! I would hate to not see him playing for my country in the world cup because I think Gio, Vela, and Hernandez can be the perfect triplet! Wenger needs to get his head out of his ass; and put Carlos to play…otherwise let him go…I WISH CARLOS WOULD COME BACK TO MEXICO AND PLAY WITH HIS REAL TEAM…CHIVAS…he will definetely make our team CHAMPION!

  56. People expect Vela to impress with 10 min on the pitch. He needs regular starts and many more minutes to find his glorious form. Unfortunately, with 7 games to go, I don’t see him getting that til next season which is unfortunate for him and for Mexico.

  57. Vela is the future of the Mexican national and has already made the World Cup squad it’s just a matter if the coach is going to make him a sub or starter now is the only question..

    And to Alex every other Arsenal player also put they’re country ahead of Arsenal expect that they dont play halfway or play the hour’s/time difference around the world like Vela does with the huge mile’s he has to travel..Vela is the only player in some ppl’s eye’s that is not allowed to have bad game’s or a run of game’s,Walcott has been HORRIBLE recently but that’s fine,Arshavin hasnt been that great either or there’s game’s where he completely disappear but that’s fine..

  58. Vela is an extremely talented footballer. We’ve all seen he has pace, trickery, and the ability to finish moves off.

    But he’s facing a few problems.

    1. Arsenal are in a title race and first team players like Arshavin, Bendtner, Theo, and Eduardo are ahead of Carlos right now. If Carlos is to move ahead of any of these he has to show it in training.

    2. Representing Mexico has cost Carlos some playing time at Arsenal. There’s the delay in his availability after an international – while not his fault – it is a problem. There’s also the slight injuries he has picked up on international duty. Again, not his fault, but it has contributed to Vela’s season.

    3. Carlos must get stronger in the challenge. Sometimes, it’s felt he goes down too easily or isn’t competitive enough. This will come with time, but for the Premier League title challenge Arsenal needs it now.

    Now this is unfair, but Lionel Messi, last night against Zaragoza was almost impossible to shove off the ball. Henry goes down, Drogba goes down, Messi wants to stay on his feet. This is what Carlos needs to emulate.

    What’s not unfair about the Messi comparison is that Carlos has some of his footballing qualities. He really has.

    It might be that we’ll all have to wait until the World Cup to see Carlos on form and playing 90 minutes. But if he wants to be a first-team regular for Arsenal he has to take the advice they give him. Whatever it is. And he must impress on the training pitch on a regular basis.

    Wenger obviously rates Vela. He wouldn’t be here otherwise. But getting into the team is all down to him. Not Wenger.

  59. I’m Arsenal fun.I don’t know wat wrong with Arsene Wenger vela is not playing a game for a long time.I know he’s not injured so he have to play even 10 minute.When i compare vela with Eduardo vela is gud for me.I don’t want to see when vela leave Arsenal and join another team.I think he have gud future with Arsenal.He have to play 10 minute or 20 minute the game with Birmingham on weekned.

  60. This post is all that is wrong with blogs.
    No substance to a non-story but someones opinion, poor grammer etc etc.
    Vela i am sure will be a great player, but why does he deserve a place in the starting 11?

  61. Carlos is a good player, but he has failed to impress. he had a chance when Nicko, Eddy and RVP were injured, but he couldnt score from 5 yards out.
    personally, i think he copuld have a good future, but he isnt progressing.

    also, Bendtner is the man we need up front, because he adds height and strength upfront and can help us when we need a plan B.
    also if you watch us play, we have a lot of width and every cross into the box gets headed away when we have Arshavin, Eddy, or Vela upfront because they havent got the height to win the ball against the tall and strong centrebacks.

    also, recently Theo has started to impress me and i would chose him voer Vela anyday.

  62. Swedish_gunner

    Vela is good but he lacks the quality of a regular starter. That’s a fact! I like him for sure; great pace and solid crossings. But to think he can overcome RVP, Arshavin, Chamakh or even Bendtner is hoping a bit too much.
    Give him a few more years and I think he will be a valuble asset…

  63. Have to agree with Alex and I`ve said so before. At the moment his priority seems to be Mexico and it`s not ,geographically speaking ` just around the corner`. Were it a European country then it`s a short bus ride but to be commuting to Mexico and Passadena plus the odd injury is not to his or Arsenal`s benefit. For Carlos the sooner this season and the World Cup is over the better then he can settle into a domestic routine. Only then will we see his true value.

  64. Massive Arsenal supporter, big fan of Vela. That said, at this point in the season it would be very selfish of young Carlos to make any kind of demands regarding playing time. He has been unlucky with some injuries this season, and when he has had his chances he hasn’t played as well as he is capable. That said, I still believe he has all the talent required to become one of the best forwards in the league, just need to make sure his head is screwed on straight and he is willing to work hard and earn his place in this great team. Unfortunately for Vela, we have a lot of young talent in the wide forward positions (where I believe he is best suited), so it will take hard work, some good performances and maybe some luck to become a certain 1st team starter, but he is certainly capable. Even now he is competing with Arshavin, Walcott, Nasri, Rosicky, Eboue, Wilshere (before loan) and (bafflingly) Bendtner (who was played wide right early in the season) for just two positions.

    I also think it’s unfair to blame him for taking the chances he’s been given with the Mexican National Team. Wenger knew this would happen when he signed him, and unfortunately it is the nature of playing for a Western Hemisphere nation. The same problem players from Brazil and Argentina face, but no one would turn down Lucio or Messi. There are only a handful of international breaks throughout the season, and he may need to sit out the games directly following those breaks, but in the grand scheme of things it’s not a reason to cut ties with the lad.

    Despite his limited chances with Aresnal’s first team this season, I think the Mexican manager would be crazy to not take Vela to the WC this summer. He is one of, if not the, most promising young players in the selection pool, and has performed very well when given the chance on the international stage. He’s far more effective than dos Santos, and I’d always prefer a player training with Arsenal than one getting matches in the lower divisions. I didn’t even realize it was a possibility he would be left out, but if he is it’s a decision Mexico will eventually regret.

  65. Why Gets Carlos Vela No Chance To Play For Gunners?

  66. Everyone just needs to calm down a bit,
    Carlos will go to the worldcup, mexico have not stopped picking him and he has the skill and talent to play for them, so he will regardless of arsenal minutes at the moment.
    secondly vela has been a bit disappointing this season but so has eduardo, and vela is much much younger and rawer, he needs time, he is a great player with great talent and every Arsenal fan has seen his great talent before, it’s just a matter of patience, not all players explode at 20, some need more time
    vela will come good, and it will be at Arsenal, us arsenal fans need to be a bit more patient with him, we shouldn’t just want to see him go, he is talented and arsenal invested a lot in him, loaning him out to salamanca and osasuna, he will come good dont worry..

  67. Goonerlife&beyond

    I’m a big fan of Vela as well, but he will go to the World Cup despite not playing for Arsenal. It would be nice if he was playing regularly for the club, but hopefully next season. How will Wenger Juggle six strikers if Chamkah comes? Lol, remember when we laughed at Man City? Simpson, must be off, despite scoring well for QPR or he makes 7.

  68. While I’m not entirely pleased with his lack of playing time, I do agree that the world cup schedule has rendered him currently useless. Not because he lacks quality or skill, but because of the circumstances.

    However, to start saying he is worse than Walcott is as ignorant a statement as the article written above. Walcott has delivered shit for us in some recent games, yet because Wenger continues to give him chances at such a critical time, he is able to bounce back. Walcott has been given time on the pitch to play against other teams and not just the same teammates week in and week out. There is a huge difference in the performance that will be shown when: playing with one’s teammates during training every day and being expected to perform at top level when thrown into a game for 8 minutes against a tough team versus team training and CONTINUOUS game time twice a week.

    Unless Walcott is somehow showing magic skills in practice, I’m not exactly sure why Wenger plays him. He is given more minutes and has not shown superhuman abilities. He is not the tallest nor largest pick of the litter and has been shaky at best, and when it comes to speed and finishing skills I do believe that Vela is his equal (nay I say superior?). So I don’t believe that Walcott should even be mentioned as someone that Vela must surpass in the Peking order when it comes to raw talent and ability.

    However, when it comes to Vela coming up against the likes of Bendy and Edu, I would choose the two of them right now. Bendy is a big fella and I think he does deliver (ello, anyone see his recent goals?) and Edu just has experience behind him.

    However, I am hoping for the best for Vela because he would be a horrid waste of talent.

  69. i dont know, as carlos’ fans , we should be patient, if he is in the team is for something good, something that the team’s managers saw in himself, maybe we dont understand the way Mr. Arsene is treating him(at least not me) but we all know that carlos has de talent, he has that magic that football players need to shine in the stadium….. GO VELA we support you mexican fella.

  70. What a load of rubbish this.

    Who pays his wages? Last time i checked it was Arsenal, so what Wenger does with him is none of Mexico’s business. If you want someone to blame abt Vela not making the WC, try blaming the Mexico manager, constantly making Vela fly out for games, majority of which are friendlies, only to return injured.

    The comment i read abt letting him leave on a free this summer is just rediculous.

  71. vela is a class player with no doubt. but why post this blog without looking into the situtation ?
    firstly vela had not fully healed from his injury from international duty and only just got back into training. also in our last match we had a player sent of and that ment wenger had to make use of his 3 subs to boost up our defence.
    wenger is smarter than to risk loosing vela for the rest of the season and ruining his world cup chances by sending out an slightly injured player on the pitch to risk getting him ijured worser.
    wenger will undoubtably use vela this season but on the starting line up its unlikely. this is for 2 reasons.
    1. the injury’s have affected him physically soo much that he cannot play a full premier league paced game due to loosing too much stamina and energy.
    2. players such as arshavin, bendtner, walcott are undoubtably playing better than him as of right now.
    he also has a bruised ankle, is slightly sick due to traveling abroad.

    vela and wenger know he will not get many chances this year that is why wenger advises him to play international games for mexico as he is arguably their best player. unless vela needs surgery or is in critical condition mexico will still play him.

    also arsenal need to put forward their best players for the remainder of this season, and nobody knows how well vela will fare against premier league sides at this critical part of the season.

    dont be shocked about not seing vela on the sub bench in the barcalona game also lol. im sure he will play this season stop acting like he wont, besides dont player like fran merida and rosicky need to play games aswell ? vela is a good player but arsene is wise and knows he must player his best players first, and maybe use vela as a sub in a few games.

  72. Dont be a fool. Is an individual more important than a team? Wenger clearly make a great decision in choosing the substitutes and his line up. The result already said something on his decisions. Vela will just outdone by the westham defence bcoz of his small body. Incoming Diaby makes the team better both defensive and attacking play. If he throws Vela, the team will be unbalanced defensively and we could only have a draw as a result!

  73. Wegner is not going to play Vela till after the WORLD CUP! Wegner is from france and he knows that if Vela is fit that MExico will demolish france, so wegner is making sure vela has no plyaing time till then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. This site is velas news not Arsenal news.

    • xjavi yes it is vela news so why is the origional poster accusing wenger for not playing vela? vela is a good player and im sure we are all fans off him but by no means is he arsenals golden boy he is mexico’s golden boy. hes not good enough to break the first team at arsenal and probably wont till like 2013 or something. people think vela is the next fabregas and messi…. he’s just an average young player now and is not living upto his hype. im sure vela said in an interview that he isnt even ready to play because he is sick and still has a calf issue so yah.

  75. Pingback: Top Posts — WordPress.com

  76. Ok, Vela is the golden boy for the Mexican National Team. Whether Vela has no playing time in Arsenal right now it does not mean he will not go to the World Cup. Vela plays way better than a lot of forwards that the M.N.T. have and let it be known that Vela is going to the World Cup whether Arsenal pay his wages or not. Don’t get me wrong Arsenal fans, i really like your team and all, and yes there is a lot of young talented players in the club and if Manchester win again don’t worry because Arsenal is going to get even better next season. With all my respect i want Arsenal to win the Champions cup and the Premier cup.
    One more thing i want to put out. England Vs Mexico-Wayne Rooney Vs Carlos Vela. On May 24, 2010

  77. i agree with Xjavi

  78. josh: thats the most stupid thing i’ve ever heard lol

  79. I hope Vela doesnt play for arsenal until world cup is over. That way his injuries go away and he be 100% for MEXiCO.wich is more important then arsenal at this time.aguirre(mexicos coach)knows what vela can do on the field and knows how to use him wich mr wenger doesn’t have a clue.I hope he finds another club after world cup

  80. I’m sure Carlos Vela will get his chance to prove himself…right now it’s premier league winning time; hopefully Arsenal wins, and Vela goes to the World Cup, and I’m sure onve he comes back from the World Cup, Arsene will not doubt puttin him in the starting 11 of the 10-11 season. Carlos Vela will come to England as a MEXICAN HEROE after the world cup!

  81. vela is always put in games with arsenals B and C team.. he needs to be played with arsenals big guns…

  82. vela probly wont play in the premier league but they might put him in when they play the champions league

  83. I think maybe the question is why Vela is not even part of the match day squad. Quality alone does not guarantee you a place. Vela might or might not be as good as the rest of the players chosen ahead of him, but when given the chance to start, producing the goods consistently might have been his problem. I do like how he plays and all, but players like Arshavin, Song, Diaby etc all have been more consistent and have specific qualities that Wenger likes for the team. I think Vela needs to be patient, really grab his chance when given and show more consistency, and he could be a starter then.

  84. Carlos will be leaving soon.. In the future he will come back and kick sum gunner @ss!

  85. Well with Bendtner missing so many chances up front, why not try a new combination of…

    Ashavin fab nasri eboue
    Clichy Vermealen Gallas Sagna

  86. Vela will get his time at Arsenal. He has signed a new contract because he knows how important Arsenal is too his development. The premier league is all about power and strength, which Vela lacks at the moment. This will come in the next two seasons and he will become one of the worlds best. Carlos Vela is a magnificent footballer and I’m so happy to have him at Arsenal

  87. mexico crappy without vela? i dont think he has ever shined in the national team, mexico does not depend on carlos. he is young and has lots of potential, lets hope in s.africa he steps it up.

  88. Carlos Vela, Giovanni Dos Santos, Pablo Barrera, Efrain Juarez, Hector Moreno are all from the Sub 17 champs. They are all going to the WC and are hungry for glory. Even Javier Hernandez will make a big difference. You will all see.

  89. unbiased gunner

    who says i am wrong? MEX reaches semis and vela will be the main guy to bolster the el tri

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