Arsenal’s Carlos Vela Gets Mexico Call For Spain Friendly

Arsenal striker Carlos Vela got called up by Mexico’s  interim coach Enrique Meza for the upcoming friendly with World Champions Spain at the Azteca Stadium next Wednesday.

Vela received the call along with 12 other players who made the squad for the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa, where the El-Tri were eliminated by Lionel Messi’s Albiceleste.

The interim coach has also included Manchester United forward Javier Hernandez, Tottenham’s Giovani Dos Santos as well as new Hammer Pablo Barrera.

Many Gunners supporters will dislike this call up, because it is once again in a period where Carlos needs to prepare himself for the Premier League. The Mexican was really impressive in the pre season so far and now he got again a silly call up for an unimportant friendly with the risk to get injured.

We are all not pleased with this decision by the Mexican FA, but Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger can’t do anything against it and Carlos himself as well.

Article by – A.Zimmermann

22 responses to “Arsenal’s Carlos Vela Gets Mexico Call For Spain Friendly

  1. Wenger should do a Fergie and say Vela is injured.

  2. My thoughts exactly Franny. “Carlos has an inflamed big toenail this week and will be unable to join up with the national team.” Make it happen, Arsenal team doctors! Start protecting our players…

  3. When does the England team gets name ?

  4. vela always seems to be playing in every single mexican friendly and the majority of the time comes back crocked, cant play for arsenal and then heals up back in time to head to the next mexican friendly…I really wish arsene would restrict his players from these pointless games before our season even starts, the last thing we need is to start the season with injuries.

  5. LeeDixonsLoveChild

    “Sorry mon amis, he’s tweaked a hamstring” should just about cover it.
    A friendly in Mexico 3 days before our season opener? Did Fergie arrange that fixture? I can see it now….Fab slides in to tackle Carlos and tears his cruciate in the process of dislocating Vela’s ankle. Joy 😦

  6. I do not believe it, if vela wants a future he is going to have to consider! dodging some pointless friendlies

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  8. It’s a shame as we’ll never really see the best of Vela. He’s either jetlagged, knackered or injured which means he’ll never be on top of his form and therefore his confidence will never peak and he’ll never get a run in the Arsenal side.
    Great player potentially but a shit national federation.

  9. The problem lies with Fifa, what posesses them to continue with internationals during football seasons is beyond me. After watching one of the most boring world cup tournaments i can recall, where so much top talent was either missing, too tired or off form, it is now time to unify the football seasons across the globe and set aside international football outside of the league dates. Good luck to Vela for this season, i would like to see him gain more game time, but also look to do more than chip the keeper!

  10. What a f*cking joke. if mexico really want a superstar LET HIM PLAY WITH HIS F*CKING CLUB adn develop properly. they’re doing vela, themselves, and arsenal (who pay his wages) a diservice by flying him around and overplaying him.

    wenger won’t play him in the liverpool match if he’s only arrived in london the day previous. I wonder if vela is happy missing one of the most important games of the season for his club…

  11. Its a fifa date and its against the world champions how is this pointless? Villa, fabregas casillas and puyol will b there! Complain to fifa for scheduling the date not vela or mexican federation.

  12. I agree with everyone’s comment, however, I don’t think we should blame Vela for this. He doesn’t have a choice. I’m sure he would rather stay and play, even if its only for a few minutes.
    Unfortunately, if the the Mexican Federation calls him he must go.

    This is also going to affect the rest of the Mexican players that just moved out here. Their managers should get together and talk to Mexico’s future coach about this situation.

    BTW Fabregas was called too. I hope Mexico wins!

  13. Zimmermann, I think many players and club managers are upset by this inconvenient Fifa date, but I disagree with you saying it is a silly call up for an unimportant friendly. It will be against Spain, current World Cup champs and will be playing with mostly all of their cup winners. It will be a sold out event at the Azteca and it is also a celebration for Mexico’s Bicentenary. It is worth playing for, it is not every year or even every decade that a team in the North, Central, or South Americas get to play against a current European and World champion.

  14. I think it should be mention that this match is very special since it is part of our Bicentennial celebration. Mexico is 200 years old this year and what better way to pay tribute to our history and culture than a match against Spain. Not because they are the World Champions but because of the special connection between Mexicans and Spaniards.

    That said, I really hate the fact that it will be only hurt all of our young player who currently play in Europe since all of them have been on top form for the last few weeks. They will be unavailable for a couple of days and will exclude themselves from some minutes on the pitch. It wil also affect Barcelona and Real Madrid a great deal since they both have a couple of players on the Spain team.

    I wish Carlos didn’t have to go and could just ask for permission, but I think Jonathan Dos Santos will be an isolated case.Again this match is far from pointless, I bet all of the players involved are really excited to take place in such a special event. But it is clear the planning for this was non-existent.

  15. good to se lad gets his playing time. everyone calls Arsene a pedophile but he hasn’t got any love for this boy.

  16. Hope Vela will be ok after this match and not get injure again T_T

  17. Sodium Pentathol

    Vela had a really good game today against Warsaw, he actually looks like he is ready to be an Arsenal player this year !

  18. Hey!! I know, Carlos is doing a very good job in the champions league but… for MEXICO this match is very important spain-mexico the reason is because of the bicentenary, the MEXICAN INDEPENDENT!!!
    So c’man guys!! be happy =) just hope nobody injures Carlos..

  19. This is a fckin joke. Travel half the world for a friendly, come back jetlagged , miss the next matches & cry for the rest of the season saying Arsene din’t play him.

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  21. I hope that Vela does not get injured. It be very smart if Vela plays one half and Hernandez plays the other half.

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