Vela Scores Twice As Wenger’s Gunners Sink SC Braga

Mexican sensation Carlos Vela scored twice as Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal side destroyed Portuguese outfit SC Braga last evening at Emirates Stadium by 6:0. Skipper Cesc Fabregas got two as well with Chamakh as well as Arshavin on the scoring board.

The 21 years old already scored on the weekend against Bolton as he slotted home calmly a fantastic Cesc Fabregas chip pass.

That is now 3 Goals in 2 matches with only 40 minutes of match time. Hell yeah you can say whatever you want about the young talented striker, but this is just an amazing scoring quote.

Vela was introduced with 27 minutes on the clock for Moroccan International Marouane Chamakh and was again just 6 minutes on the pitch as he make it 5:0 for the Gunners.

Russian International Andrey Arshavin did a perfectly timed pass for the Mexican inside the area and Carlos was able to take a lovely little dink over Braga goalkeeper Felipe into the net.

Minutes later Carlitos tried to fed Cesc Fabregas, but his pass was unfortunately intercepted.

With 6 minutes remaining Vela had his second as Fabregas picked a long ball out of the air to clip a little pass to Vela, so that the Cancun native cleverly beat Felipe on the near post with a left footer.

After the match Wenger was impressed by Vela’s performance and admitted in the post match press conference:

“He is an outstanding finisher who worked very hard this summer and he continues to improve. He is 21 years old and it is a fantastic quality.”

Next up for Carlitos is the Premier League encounter at Sunderland on Saturday afternoon!

Article by – A.Zimmermann

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16 responses to “Vela Scores Twice As Wenger’s Gunners Sink SC Braga


  2. Brilliant display by Vela, his goals were tops class. But by far my favourite part of his game last night was the fact that he was trying to find ways of getting Fabregas his hat trick. He gave up shooting opportunities on a number of occasions to try and pass to Cesc to get him his third goal.

    It was this teamwork ethic that I love about Vela, not only does he work hard to win, but he works hard for his team and the first person he goes to after each of his goals was the person who made the pass setting him up, to thank them. We have a busy few weeks ahead of of us now and he will get plenty of games, if he works as hard as this in all of them and shows this much generosity to his teammates in those too then he’ll have a healthy goals and assists record at the end of the of the season.

  3. Finally, Vela is beginning to show his potential! You must be very happy Mr Zimmerman like us all!!

  4. another great performance by vela

    we are seeing his potential and hes developing nicely

    long may this continue

  5. Vela makes scoring looks so easy! What talent.

    If he were playing in a European league he would score hundreds if not thousands of goals every season – unfortunately the English Premiership is full of thugs and thug teams who will try and kick him the air.

    But what a talent!

  6. Great Great Great !!! I must say Im very impressed of his cool finishing in front of goal. It´s a pleasure to watch! At this moment Chamack is really playing good as well. Vela is really a supersub, like Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Im sure when the time is right Vela will be first choise, and he will be most important player for The Gunners. OOOOOOOO VELA VELA Our Mexican SuperStar, He´s better than Cantona. Carlos Veeela Veeela

  7. Vela is getting a lot of love around the stadium, we’re all wishing him to succeed, and if he keeps this up he’ll force his way into the starting line up. brilliant finishing and a joy to watch.

  8. I love the way he always looks like he loves playing football

  9. I think Vela is an outstanding sub.
    I believe as time goes on,he’s going to get more time and probably score more goals.

  10. Vela is by far better than chicharito, much better!! I lyk u carlitos

  11. FINALLY !!! It was about time he WOKE UP

    Loved the first goal, it was a world class definition.

  12. thank goodness we didn’t let him go this summer. he looks to have a killer instinct in front of goal. he still needs to work on his distribution, but will, and should be a fixture for years to come.

  13. I remember reading some very negative comments on here last season concerning arsenal and i told you that it was your boy vela that needed to work harder and prove himself.
    well i am delighted he looks bigger and stronger and showing great attitude. won the ball back saturday and the finished the move. very impressive.
    We all knew he had talent, now he’s showing desire and commitment. good times ahead for carlos

  14. wow.. amazing preformance!! there is no better way to celebrate Mexicos 200 independence than to see your favorite player make not one goal but TWO!! i really hope that vela continues his hard work and wish him the best look!!! viva mexico!! VIVA VELA!!

  15. He needs more playing time.

  16. I think carlos is an amazing player n like a lot of people said he needs more playing time to display his talent which hopefully he will get.May he be the one to lead arsenal to victory! Viva Vela…

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