Carlos Vela Shows His Quality In Legia Warsaw Clash

New number 11 Carlos Vela has shown in Arsenal’s last pre season meeting a very fine performance as the Gunners travelled to Warsaw for Legia’s celebration of their “New Legion Stadium”.

The match finished in a very crazy 11 goal contest, where the Polish outfit had a dominating 3:0 lead, but the Gunners were able to fight back with a fantastic comeback, thanks to a very well second half by Arsenal winger Carlos Vela.

The Mexican showed a fantastic display with great movements as well as his pace and his newly acquired strength and power forced several problems for Legia’s back-line.

As we said before, Carlitos had a really special tough body workout in the training camp in Austria and finally it should give him now maybe the opportunity to settle into this strong Arsenal front row. Actually he looks very lively on the left-wing, which is probably the position where Arsene Wenger wants to play “El Bombardero”.

Article by – A.Zimmermann

43 responses to “Carlos Vela Shows His Quality In Legia Warsaw Clash

  1. I thought he did well especially the header to set the Jet on his way to goal, he will have a good season.
    On another note watch Man U and Chelsea i dont think they are sharp enough yet and if we could get the good start to build confidence, we will not fail this season

  2. Really looking forward to watching carlos this year.He is a muh better player than Walcott……

    • You’re a retard. I’m mexican and i’m a Vela fan but he IS NOT better than Theo Walcott. Vela still needs to be CONSISTENT. Sure he’ll score a nice goal from time to time or do something flashy but that DOES NOT WORK in the English Premier League. Walcott plays well everyday. Vela plays well from time to time. Even with the Mexican National Team…he sucks. He hasnt doesnt anything for his country. So, in conclusion…you’re comment is ridiculous.

  3. Vela has looked great in pre-season. Lets hope he can carry his form into the new season and compete with his compatriot “Chicarito” for goals.

  4. Boys are u deluded vela is a failure i can’t beleive he has website deicated to him he will never be a prolific player for THE ARSENAL

  5. I’m telling you this is our boy time!!! He was outstanding in that game. Let’s hope for no injury

  6. And Si shut up okay, your the one deluded. Your the one taking time to comment on a Vela site.

  7. carlos vela has worked on his physique,and he is more decisive i.e he knows when to hold on to the ball, when to give a pass and when to go for goal .i recommend theo walcott to take a bit from him

  8. I really like Vela a lot and I hope he can finally bring what I hope he can do.
    He just needs the chance to get some 5 or 6 games in a row.
    He looks sharper this preseason than ever before and also stronger.
    And the one thing I missed in the previous years was a bit of agression in his game and he looks to have that now.

    I think this will be the year when he comes more and more in the team. And from next season he will be the final moment for him to become a real world class player

  9. I am glad to hear that n i hope this season ,Vela can show his performance more n more.

  10. vela is pure quality, and if he is given the playing time where gonna see some great performances from him, SI your and idiot mate!

  11. Vela is going to be world class

    • I know most people out there won’t agree with you………………but I do!! 100%

    • I hope so but that boy looks class as well!
      Vela, hernandez and dos santos could be truly devastating in the next world cup. All mexico have ever really lacked is a bit more height and a goalscorer – and now they potentially have TWO great finishers in their side, and a new playmaker of high quality. A bit more height in their defence and they could seriously challenge.

  12. Mr Zimmerman, for me the jury is still out on Vela but your comment above is quite immature for a blog publisher. So because he doesn’t rate Vela, he is not an Arsenal supporter? Grow up mate

    • radgoon, a real fan supports all players of his team and not blame them all the way. I’m also a fan and not only a blog publisher, so i have all rights on my side to say my mind, if you not like that mind than i respect that, but i think we should concentrate to be positive to Carlos as he works really hard in training, as well as his English is now much better as well!

  13. A Carlos Vela has not given the opportunity to show what it is. because it has shown neither a cuaro the true front is.
    In contrast to his compatriot Javier Hernandez if you have been given the opportunity and so is shining.
    However, Carlos Vela is better than Javier Hernandez.

    • Im as big a vela supporter as you will see, but I’m still doubtful he is better than hernandez. I think Javier is ready to go straight away next season, and could make the difference in the title race with his extra goal threat. I still think vela might take a little while to get going, but is more deserving of the opportunity than certain other players in our squad. And with a little experience in our first team he can become a devastating player pretty soon imo..

    • Agreed.

      I don’t think Hernandez isn’t good, but it’s clear that he is a much more developed player than Carlos.
      Even though Vela and Dos Santos were signed by big European clubs at an early age, their development as players has been very inconsistent. Little play time and injuries. On the other hand Hernandez had the luxury of regular playing time with Chivas back in Mexico. Also Hernandez is a year older than both of them and with that comes more maturity.
      People are using Hernandez current success as proof that Dos Santos and Carlitos are failures.I think he ” doing in a month what Dos Santos and Vela couldn’t do in 4 years” does not prove a thing.
      Ever since Vela first played for Arsenal I long waited for that one moment where Carlos will truly shine and evolve from a young promise to a developing world class player. I feel that moment is approaching.

      • Completely agree with your comments. I thought carlos was considered something of a success in his only full season of top level football in spain. While inconsistent he put in some excellent performances from what I’ve heard, and this was 2 years ago now (I think).
        Unfortunately I didnt watch too much of him during this time, but from what I’ve heard he did do pretty well for a young player (he must have been ~18 or 19?), so he would probably be better now if he were actually given the chance. I think wenger is starting to trust him more.
        When we signed van persie, his quality was always very clear in his (usually) cameo performances, but wenger still held off picking him regularly for at least a year. I’ve never been sure exactly why, but it seemed to be something to do with his attitude/maturity. I cant understand why walcott never had this period, especially considering he has nowhere near the talent of van persie (or vela imo)..

      • Just some random thoughts so feel free to ignore.

        What do you guys thinks is the ideal age for a young foreign player to move to Europe? Carlos came at 16 right? Maybe if he had stayed in Mexico for a few years longer he would had arrived more prepared for European football? Because it seems the most recent batch of Mexican players Hernandez, Juarez, and Barrera are adapting better than Dos Santos and Carlos when they first arrived to competitive European football.

        It also seems that for the 4 years his been playing European football Carlos has not made enough progress. Last season he looked seriously off his game and still manage to impress here and there. Could it be that the whole work permit issue that cause his loan spell to Spain slowed down his development since whatever experience he acquired in Spain would not compare to training under Arsene personally?

        The most probable cause for his stagnating development was probably the CONCACAF Gold Cup last year right? He completely missed pre-season for last season which ultimately led to his bitterly disappointing season. Do you guys think had he not missed pre-season Carlos would currently at a much advanced stage in his development?

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  15. Yes, that time is near. I see Carlos safer.
    I think it’s better than Javier because he has more speed, more dangerous and destabilizing, and especially because it is a little faster.
    I think Javier Hernandez is a very good player, however, no better than Vela.

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  17. <<>>

    So he finally can perform,now that his english is better?

    he had his chances, he has not taken them. does he deserve more chances? probably. But how much more before enough is enough?

    • Apply that standard to walcott! I cannot accept that sort of statement considering theo has been given chance after chance and NEVER proven himself, and yet has been given a massive contract, and is able to step over much better and more experienced squad players (eg eboue, rosicky, eduardo) and youngsters who are at least as talented (eg vela, merida, wilshere).. When will “enough [be] enough” in that case?
      If vela had been given anything like the chances theo has, do you really think he would not be a lot better? In spite of his lack of opportunities, his record is STILL superior!
      Jeez, one start and 9 ten minute cameos and you’re already questioning when enough will be enough. How about giving him a run of matches first? Nobody thought flamini or song were that good until they were given a run of matches in the side!

    • if he could get at least half the chances Walcott has had, then we could tell if he’s good enough.


    Carlos will be on the North American cover of FIFA 11 along with Kaka and another unknown player. Pretty cool, there will be a version with him with the black Mexico jersey and one with the new Arsenal kit.

    I thought for sure Javier Hernandez was going to be on the cover but I guess they figured Carlitos would do for a better cover model. Hopefully this is a sign that this season will be a great one for him like last year with Rooney =P.

  19. Velas on the cover of FIFA 11 lol the hater’s are gonna get mad lol pathetic idiot’s

  20. A good run without an injury and we will see the best of him……fingers crossed.

  21. Haha I am an arsenal fan a massive one i go to basically every game i can possible even if i can’t really afford it! I have been going since age 7 ive seen legends and all sorts at The Arsenal and vela certainly aint gunna be one for arsenal if he dont start turning up in games, i thought he was great finisher but i aint seen it. Even for mexico vs england he had some glorious chances and well yeah shocking. Compare him to Van persie they only ever reallly play with there left foot but van persies left foot is amazing, vela is average, the only decent thing ive seen from vela is those chips over the keeper. Don’t get me wrong i would love him to prove me wrong but i think im right that hernandez looks miles ahead of him already for the mancs. There something seriously wrong if he only made 1 start last season in the league espicially with are striker problems. FACT people look at the FACTS he has done nothing and can’t say i haven’t been dispointed. please reply and moan all you want 😀

  22. I agree with Si. Vela has done absolutely nothing for Arsenal and not much better for Mexico. When he played against England and in the World Cup he hardly had the ball and done nothing when he did have it.

    I would love him to be quality and be an Arsenal Legend but he hasn’t shown any of the qualities needed. He might work tirelessly to get the ball and show a lot of heart but thats not good enough. He is so far down the pecking order at Arsenal (Van Persie, Chamakh, Bendtner, Arshavin) he will be used sparingly as in previous seasons.

    It doesn’t mean anything that he is on the FIFA 11 cover and i’m not going to get mad that he is on it either. Just because he is on the cover doesn’t make him automatically brilliant!

  23. daniei asbre ashirifi

    i think he should be given right time to play this season.

  24. Vela has developed very well in his training so that he wont get injured easy. All the games that Vela has played has shown what he is capable of, nothing more. And for those comparing Vela and Hernandez, both are very fast, but Hernandez is faster. Vela will have his chances in the FA cup, Champions cup, and in the BPL. Other than that, Spain is playing against Mexico on wed. Spain being the world champs and having players that are very experienced at winning will be very extremely hard to beet. But The young new talent that will face Spain will not be respecting them the way Spain thinks. I say Mexico will win, and have to win in order to get respect from the big guys. This is their time to shine and take down the house. That’s all for now.

  25. Sodium Pentethol

    Vela is now in a great position to develop, and develop quickly, realising his potential if he stays fit and focused this season.

    I personally think he may have been a serious first team player earlier if he had been more aggressive and focused in taking the chances given to him before now.

    Maybe the departure of Fran Merida has inadvertantly been some sort of a help to his development….

  26. Sodium Pentethol

    To respond to Alejandro, I think it is a negative to a players development when they are out on loan for so long, mentally it must be difficult to keep focus at times

    Most young players who came from South America to Europe that have been a success in the past such as Messi or Pato came through the academy of their new European club or at least stayed at one club for a period,rather than getting moved around Europe.

    It is probably something that you can only estimate if it will be a success if
    1) the player is of a high enough quality to succeed
    2) They have good mental attributes and are emotionally stable enough to learn and are open to the experience

  27. Why are some of you comparing vela to hernandez, this is way off topic, especialy if ur mexican, I on the contrary am happy for both players and wish them the best of luck.
    As for vela, heneeds to get a good long (injury free) run, I can see him doing well this season,and in a few seasons hopefully turn out to be world class.

  28. Everyone complains about how many chances Vela gets and wastes but no one says anything about Walcott a bit hypocritical i think.

  29. I realy apriciat your left leg and also you have to be more strong and you will be world class foot baller realy admayer u .

  30. why isn’t he getting games for arsenal??????????????

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