Voting: Arsenal Supporters Don’t See Carlos Vela In The Staring-Lineup

The Voting on Carlos Vela News had in the end not the hopeful result for all Vela fans , as most of the supporters have voted to see Carlos starting from the bench against Stoke City tomorrow afternoon. So the voting in the end had no surprise, but we never thought that Arsene Wenger would throw the Mexican in from the start in such an important game for the title race.

Result of the Carlos Vela News vote

Will Carlos Vela Make the Starting Line-up at Stoke?

Yes 41%

No 44%

Maybe 15%

Article by – A.Zimmermann

8 responses to “Voting: Arsenal Supporters Don’t See Carlos Vela In The Staring-Lineup

  1. Its a pity he probably wont be, hes gonna make it tho,class will prevail, only thing is back to mexico this week which will probably rule him out for 2 weeks with fatigue and such, what carlos needs is 1 big performance, build confidence again

  2. Carlos will be a class player no doubt about that but he’s only 21
    If we really want Carlos to succeed then we need to bring him slowly into the first team and then make him think that he has earned his place rather than just putting him in their and hoping that he will succeed.

  3. i hope he plays..cus he one of my favorite players..but i also voted that he wont be in the starting line up

  4. thats cause he aint good enough,YET,chill out arsenal amigos carlos will be very important in the next few years

  5. Lets be honest I`ve never seen Carlos Vela play apart from a few moments on TV but even before he joined Arsenal his name somehow seemed to ring true. Crazy? maybe, but I`m allowed that previlege at my age. I sense he has the makings of a ledgend and VELA`, `VELA`…is a good chant. Lets hope I make the distance and be able to join in the chant.

  6. Like Vela there is one other player that fits in the same mould for me, he was just made for Arsenal and why he`s not with us I`m sure I don`t know, he was available. His name Fernando Torres. I can hear the crowd from here “viva la TORRES, viva la VELA….ah! go back to sleep you old fool.

  7. I would put him in to replace Arshavin’s usual role on the left side of the three pronged attack but it’s not going to happen, I do wish Wenger would sub him earlier though, he changes the game when he’s put on because he has the desire to prove himself each time but needs a bit of time to get into a game.

  8. I think the type of game we´ll see tonight, might not be suitable for Carlos Vela. Stoke play very rough and compact at home. I think it´s going to be few goals, but it will open up in the end, and Vela will come in and change the game!

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