When Will Vela Be Fully Unveiled?

Given that Arsene Wenger revealed that he was the sole reason the Arsenal manager didn’t go out and buy a ready-made replacement for Manchester City bound Emmanuel Adebayor in the summer, that the Arsenal manager sees many similiarities between him and former Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler and that the 20 year old Mexican has been hailed as one of the brightest young footballers in the world for several years now, many Arsenal fans must be wondering when Carlos Vela is going to be given a chance to stake a claim for a regular place in the first team.

However, if you are a fan of football betting, I’d not be making any predictions that this is going to happen any time soon.

Many assumed that the injuries to Van Persie and Bendtner, combined with the less than impressive form of Eduardo, would give Vela his chance. The Mexican made five appearances for Arsenal through December, all as a substitute and indeed all his league appearances this season for the Gunners have come as a substitute. However Wenger seems reluctant to play the 20 year old striker from the start, particularly in league games, and it is therefore confusing to read effusive eulogies from Wenger when he seems unwilling to give Vela a starting place in the team. Speaking recently Wenger stated;

“Vela is a fantastic talent and he is 20 years old. We have invested a lot of time for him because we put him in Spain for two years, got him back and now we work with him every day.

“I believe he is a Robbie Fowler-type. He needs very little time to make a decision in the box. He is relaxed, when he finishes he has very short backline. He is, as well, left footed and he is a similar size.”

I think it is then a fair question to ask, given the Arsenal striking situation and the fact that Andrei Arshavin has been forced to forge a lone striking role for a good portion of the season, why hasn’t Vela been given a chance?

It isn’t like Wenger is afraid to unleash talented youngsters into his first team. Fabregas, Walcott, Ramsey, Gibbs and Mannone are just some of the talented players whom Wenger has given a chance at a young age by giving them considerable playing time. It seems somewhat strange then that given Arsenal’s shortage of strikers in recent months, Wenger has chosen to overlook Vela, despite regarding him so highly.

There are plenty of possible reasons why this is of course. Vela was injured at the start of the season and only really returned to full fitness around November time. However this was when Arsenal’s striking injury jinx began to take hold. He appeared as a substitute several times in December but hasn’t made the first team, Wenger instead preferring to play Arshavin in a lone striking role. Is it that Vela is still learning his trade against the more unsubtle powerhouse defenders of the English Premier League? I’m not too sure, Vela spent two years on loan in Spanish football with Salamanca and Osasuna, playing many games against some of the toughest Spanish defenders at Primera Liga and Segunda Liga level. Spanish defenders know how to put it about with the best of them. Ask Maradona.

Maybe Vela’s adaptation to English football is taking a little longer than planned? Again this is worth considering, but when Vela has played from the start, notably in the Carling Cup, he has looked a class act. Few Arsenal fans will forget his stunning hat trick against Sheffield United in the competition a couple of seasons ago. Surely if he can cope with Sheffield United’s powerful defence, he’d be fine in the Premier League? If he is as good as Wenger says he is, I’d put my money where my mouth is and stick a few of my own quid (well ok, perhaps a couple of free bets!) on him thriving once he is given an extended chance.

It’s something of a mystery why Vela hasn’t been given at least one chance so far, but I’m not going to second guess Arsene Wenger. He’s handed the Mexican a brand new contract in December 2009 and Vela looks set to be an Arsenal player for many years to come.

Let’s just hope that for the majority of time, he is thrilling Gunners fans with his performances on the pitch!


13 responses to “When Will Vela Be Fully Unveiled?

  1. Patience is a virtue
    He’s what 20-21 give him time. I am sure he will make the grade at arsenal

  2. When will Vela be given a chance? Maybe when he is injuri free? reports suggest he has been having small knocks all the time, groin hamstrings and you name it.
    It does not really matter how talented you are: If you are not 100% you should not play unless you are absolutley vital for the team.
    Wenger has said Vela needs a injury free period to manage. Ones he has had that he can be given a go. But his late showings suggest he is not strong enough for the PL. Atlest last time i saw him he was properly bullied and had no weapon to fight back..

    I would also say it is worth noticing Vela signed a new long term contract with arsnal recently. It is obvious Vela himself trusts Arsenal and the way they handle his talent. If he trusts them enough to sign a new long term contract we should to. Ones he is ready i am sure he will be one of the main stars. But he trusts Venger to kno when time is right. And if he trusts Wenger with his talent so should we.

  3. Arsene had mentioned that Wilshere is not ready cos he needed to bulk up as his style of play required him to go pass opponents unlike Fabregras’ passing game. I believe the same applies to Vela. Give him time to build up his muscle. This season, one of the reasons for Fabregras’ improvement is that he is stronger, enabling him to go on marauding runs.

  4. You’re not doing Carlos any favours with this article. This from a big believer in the boy’s talent.

  5. Vela is of course an intelligent and talented young player. He is skillful with the ball and tricky. Vela has to be patient. I suspect his opportunity to have more playing time is probably about to come. When Arsene Wenger unveil him to play in the first team, Vela will be more than ready.

  6. Perhaps he’ll be given a chance when he shows that he can add anything at all to the team p[erformance when he does get on as a sub. Or when he loses some weight and stops looking like a beachball. Whichever is soonest.
    You’re really doing his chances no good at all with these ridiculous, pointless articles. Wenger has proved time and again that he will persevere with players if they show application. Eboue, Song, Denilson, Diaby, Bendtner are all examples. Why don’t you write that if Vela shows similar attitiude and application he may force himself into consideration for a place in the squad. Until then, you’d be better off advising him to stop eating the obviously fat laden food he’s consuming on international flights to play for his country.

  7. He’s been getting lots of niggling injuries in training. Plus the positions Wenger prefers to play him he’s down in the pecking order, namely on the left. The main problem is the formation, in a 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3 whichever you prefer to call it. Vela strengths are as a second striker in a 4-4-2, he’s also a great left side forward in the 4-3-3 but we have more experienced players for that position. You can see by the amount of assists that he’s more of a provider than a scorer at the moment, especially when played on the left, he has a great cross but as a lone striker he’s very easily snuffed out the same as Arshavin has been, the only difference being that Arshavin has more experience and will often come up with a moment of magic out of nowhere.
    As for Eduardo, Wenger in my opinion is keeping faith in hope he regains his form because as we all know if that happens he’s an animal.
    Vela is one of my favourite players on the squad and I’d love to see him get more games but he’ll have to do what Bendtner did and pop up as sub and score important goals.
    Whenever he’s played this season he’s changed the game, provided important assists and created attacking situations from very little but he also makes a lot of runs into space that his team mates don’t spot, injury free and with a good run of games and he’d start to gain a bit of form but we on’t have time for that.

    All of these combined means Vela will mainly be a sub for the rest of the season but I have no doubt he will get games. The fact we’re only challeneging for two trophies now doesn’t help his cause though.

  8. Right now, Carlos doesn’t seem robust enough to cope with the EPL. He needs upper body strength if he’s to break into the team. Also, sometimes CV goes down a little too easily. AW hates that.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that Carlos has all the talent and instincts of a ‘Messi’ … but he needs to convince. Look at what Eastmond has managed just on the training pitch … or the accolades Eboue has received on the back of (just) two performances. It can be done. But it’s up to Carlos, not Wenger.

  9. Indeed Vela is a promising young player. And yes he is having injury after injury, and not to mention that Arsenal already have a great starting line up. Its very frustrating to see him in the bench though. I agree that he should be a sub but at least more time then just 10 or 5 minutes. I would really like to see Vela play with Eduardo, Denilson, and Fabregas to see what kind of damage they would do to other teams. I hope not but if Fabregas would go to Barcelona then Denilson should take his place. the same way i think about Eduardo. if Eduardo gets injured or whatever is the situation then Vela should replace him. It really tears me apart though that Vela does not get that much play time.

  10. I’m very sure that Vela will score on Wednesday’s match!!! Check out that Game to also see Giovani Dos Santos, Jonathan Dos Santos, Chicharito Hernandez, and Hector Moreno.

  11. FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS CARLOS!! Happy Birthday Carlos!! God bless you!! Que la mases muy lindo donde quiera que estes, espero puedas ver este mensaje, tu amiga Ana.

  12. Interesting article. Thumb up

  13. We Love You Carlos Vela! Mexico #1

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