Good News For Wenger As Vela Plays Only 17 Minutes For Mexico

Young Arsenal frontman Carlos Vela was introduced for his good friend Giovani Dos Santos with just 17 minutes on the clock in Mexico’s one nil drama victory over South American outfit Colombia.

That makes sure for Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger that the 21 years old will come back to London without any knock and injury, so that he will be available for Saturday’s Premier League encounter with the Bolton Wanderers at Emirates Stadium.

Vela had some decent runs in his short amount of playing time but he could celebrate the game winning goal with Elias Hernandez in the 89th minute.

Wenger will be very happy to have the Mexican back for the clash after bad news about Robin van Persie (out for about 6 weeks) and last night’s injury to Theo Walcott who turned  his right ankle dangerously, so that people thought that it was broken . With already Nicklas Bendtner and Samir Nasri on the injury list Wenger has to continue the race for the title with the available squad.

Article by – A.Zimmermann

15 responses to “Good News For Wenger As Vela Plays Only 17 Minutes For Mexico

  1. What do you mean by ‘….and last night’s injury to Theo Walcott who suffered a x-ray in his right ankle.’ LOL. I didnt Know X-rays cause injuries!

    Anyway Mr. Zimm you are right its good Vela had a short game. However there is the small matter of the jet lag that comes from such long travel. In the final analysis the Mexican FA is doing no favours to its foreign based players by insisting that all games be played in Mexico or the USA. Nevertheless like you I love Vela and I just hopes he seizes his chances when given.

    Finally, congrats on as great blog!

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  3. Thanks for the update, it’s great that you keep us posted on Vela. I must say though i am quite intruiged to hear how someone can suffer an x-ray to their ankle 🙂

  4. this must be a first. hopefully he can work his way into the team before the next set of internationals.

  5. Good news indeed but he has to ready to grab his opportunity.I would really like vela to play well for arsenal.

  6. Not that impressed with the team overall, they played much better in the world cup. As for vela I think he’s gonna have a great opportunity to establish himself as a starter with arsenal with all the recent injuries, let’s hope he takes off!
    Greetings from texas.

  7. Hi im from mexico, and i love carlos vela, i think carlos is realy good player, but he needs more time to play, he dont deserved to be treated so badly in Mexico. Carlos just said what he thought, but was never ungrateful to chivas.

    I love this site, and i hope always keep us informed of what happens in the arsenal with carlos.

    Carlos is one of the best players in mexico,even more than chicharito.

    Carlos is unique!!!!!!!!!

  8. This was a tough week for Carlos. The press in Mexico were ruthless. Some people actually want him out =/.

  9. I think MR Vela needs to add on at least 10 solid pounds of muscle and he would be a force to deal with. Same with Gio, thay can’t get any good runs in because they are so light that one shoulder bump causes them to loose control. He is definitly more creative than chicharito and more exciting to watch. Has anybody on here seen the carlos vela vs Sergio Ramos video? Beatiful stuff there. He also needs a damn physcologist to boost his self esteem and confidence levels.

    • Danny, I couldn’t agree more w/ you. Vela is definitely special but very weak minded. He doesn’t seem to blend in w/ the rest of the guys. I wonder how bad or good his English is? I would hate to see Vela leave without a chance to prove himself. If Wenger doesn’t give him minutes now that RVP and Walcott are out then he should really think about leaving during the winter transfer… I know he had plenty of offers from other clubs.

  10. Yeah…so the Mexican press is still attacking Carlos . I didn’t think it was such a big deal what Carlos did. It was a friendly and I think no one should never question a player’s love for his national team. If Carlos does indeed feel like a diva then it’s only the FMF fault.

    It already happened with Giovani so I would hope it doesn’t occur again. I would like to think he doesn’t have an attitude problem and this just the usual sensationalist Mexican media at work . But who knows, he’s a human being and only 21 so anything can happen.

    Hopefully this makes Carlos determined to shut these people up at the same time I really hope this doesn’t distract him or lower his confidence even more =/.

    • Alejandro, the Mexican media is full of s**t! They did it to Rafa, Nery and now Vela and Jona. I wouldn’t worry so much about that. People should know by know the lack of education and professionalism Mexican reporters and commentators have. Vela should know that too.
      If anything, this might help him realize he’s not giving his 100%.
      About his attitude, I would have been upset too if they made me travel across the world to play 10 min.

      • yes Kaarani mexican media is fullof sh*t and its coming from a mexican theyre also saying that vela is jealous of hernadez. i hope he doesnt get called up again until an important game comes up we need him at arsenal to be fully fit and 100% focused that way he can show his worth and make the that media eat their words. Zimmerman thankyou for updating this awesome site.

    • i have been hearing alot of negative things about vela and now to top it they are saying he is jealous of chicharito… man thats bulls**t they are both really talented players with potential!! and vela might get a chance to show himself as the great player he is for arsenal because of the injuries so i really hope he gets out on that feild and show the press and everyone esle who is criticizing him that he is good at what he does and that he is one of the best in mexico!!! common vela i believe in you!!!

  11. fvlsereverecandiditibisoles

    I hope Carlitos takes this unique chance. A ver qué tal.

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