Vela’s Mexico Eliminated By Maradona’s Albiceleste

Young Mexican striker Carlos Vela saw from the bench that his native Mexico romped out of the FIFA World Cup against Diego Maradona’s Argentina. Vela was an unused substitute after missing out to pass the late fitness test in the morning.

Argentina can say really thank you to referee Roberto Rosetti, who should get all the blame for not dismissing the first goal of the Albiceleste as Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez was miles offside.

We are playing a FIFA World Cup second round encounter and a cheat like that is really unacceptable like the disallowed Lampard goal earlier and this comes from a German (Me). This decisions can damage a whole football match for one of the contenders and it is really embarrassing what the referees whistling so far in this tournament.

For young Vela ends the World Cup really sad with a lot of disappointment, but you cannot do anything if the referee fail to make his job. Overall I think the Mexican people will be proud with this team as they tried all as well as it was an impossible mission.

Article by – A.Zimmermann

10 responses to “Vela’s Mexico Eliminated By Maradona’s Albiceleste

  1. Animo México!!
    Cabeza Arriba!!
    Estoy Orgullosa de ustedes, mi Selección!
    LoveYou&MissYou CarlosVela!!

  2. That thunderbolt from Tevez was amazing.

  3. Well, if Argentina had won 1-0 if would be completely unfair but Argentina went on to score 2 legitimate goals which were uncontroversial. So if they had the first goal disallowed they would have won anyways. Yes, I know some people claim scoring first changes the mood of the game,however, Argentina played better. They had the best chances; most Mexico’s shots came close but were made from long distances. Mexico can only blame themselves.

  4. im proud of u vela…..

  5. mexico had useless players on the field. mexico can only blame the coach for having them out there defence was really weak including the goalie yes i know hes more expierenced but ochao if younger and more quicker. having him on the bench was a mistake. argentina played a great game but i guess you have to be legally blind to be a ref nowadays..we lost 2-1. vela im more than proud of you. plus you are super hot. word.

  6. la misma pelicula de ace cuatro anos.
    nesesitamos trabajar mas k eso mejico.
    por eso slo puedo decirte que buena suerte carlos vela es tienpo de prepararte para la
    premier lige y echarle muchas ganas para ser titular en ese cuadro del arsenal 4 life.
    thanks,merci,grasias totales desde califas usa.

  7. If that first goal was disallowed mexico would of won because then it will be still 0-0 and mexico would of still have their confidence and they wouldnt be as nervous which means the second goal would not happen. The game would finish of 1-1 and would go to extra time

  8. I think not even the payers themselves are proud. They should had kept their cool and not lose their concentration. Then the huge mistake from Ricardo Osorio killed us. We made Argentina’s task too easy. They feel they could have done more and they know it was not the performance we all wanted from our team. Luck was not on our side yesterday but life goes on The future looks bright for us, our young promises are heading to Europe and hopefully they arrive in good form (Carlitos didn’t)come 2014.
    As for Argentina I very much doubt they win the cup individual talent can only take a team so far. Germany has a fantastic team, young, fast, lethal and will beat the Ches.

  9. Oh does anybody know when Wenger wants his players to report to London? Because I hope Carlos starts preparing for next season as soon as possible.

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