Major Boost For El-Tri As Vela Is Back On The Ball

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Young Mexican Carlos Vela has returned to full training this evening at Waterstone College, the World Cup training ground of the Mexican national side. Vela has participated in light passing drills with fellow striker colleagues Giovani Dos Santos as well as Guillermo Franco, which is really good news for “El Bombardero” as he got back in contact with the ball.

Carlitos training was limited so far on jogging and sprints but in the late afternoon session the 21 years old rejoined his team-mates to get hope back to the El-Tri supporters that he can start against Diego Maradona’s Argentine side.

Of course it is still a very short amount of training time for Carlos to get back on fitness, but he has still two days to show Mexican head coach Javier Aguirre, that he is ready to go.

We will provide you tomorrow with the latest news on Vela’s fitness!

Article by – A.Zimmermann

16 responses to “Major Boost For El-Tri As Vela Is Back On The Ball

  1. That is good news. Lets hope for the best so he would be able to play Sunday.

  2. Viva Carlitos y Mexico!

    No me gusta Messi!

  3. good work!

  4. Hope Carlos play next sunday!!! And hope don’t get a lesson!!
    Hello everyone i’m from Mexico. =D
    México is gonna win, well Wish really wish don’t play “el GuilleFranco”

  5. i hope vela makes the same impact for mexico as alexis sanchez does for chile

  6. come on vela is time to wk up go to versus messi
    ho causes i dont like arjertina can yuo seeee go home itali,france ok change the stori plz. next sunday todo mexico and usa. thogerther 4 una sola causa you wwwwwwnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiii
    i was bhorn in mejico k lindo y chido es ok.

  7. Just how him being available is a boost i don’t know. He’s been a passenger when he played. One of the luckiest players to ever play at a world cup. As an Arsenal fan i hope he can improve and soon, otherwise his career is only going to head in one direction – down! Chances of this comment getting deleted on the Caros Vela “love in”? 100%!

  8. It’s Nice Post, keep posting and have a nice day… 13:14

  9. unbiased gunner

    @ktexs: hey, he would improve only if he is given chances. I just cant stand it when nick n eduardo r given chances ahead of him. N now u can c who is performin better at d world cup. Hope AW stops being stubborn and realises this soon. Pls dont 4get the clash between these 2 teams in the last world cup. This time history will be rewritten. Dos santos scores 1 n vela scores the winner. =)

  10. This is great news. C’mon Vela, this is your time to shine! I like Argentina but I rather see my arsenal boy team win. I hope aguirre’s lineup includes all the younger players- dos santos, guardado, hernandez, barrera and of course our VELA. Go Mexico!



  12. All though the World Cup is not over yet, I’d like to mention that Carlos Vela, if he receives an offer from another club, should take it.

    I say this for the good of Vela. In my opinion, Vela has not been able to shine in the World Cup like we expected him to. It is uncertain if he will get playing time against Argentina. So I really don’t see any difference in Arsenal’s next season than in the last. Vela will probably get very little playing time again, healthy or not healthy. Please give this guy a chance to develop his skills elsewhere. Send him on loan to a club that needs him more. He will certainly get better.

  13. I must say, watching Hernandez he looks miles ahead of Vela. Especially seeing what he has done in WC. I really hope Vela someday can match him as as it is today i wish we had Hernandez and not Vela.

  14. frank lampards dissalowed goal

    Can Arsenal swap Vela for this Hernandez guy that Man Utd just bought? no ?…oh, okay :S

  15. te amooooo

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