Arsenal’s Carlos Vela Overcomes Hamstring Injury

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Mexico’s medical staff has announced today that Arsenal winger Carlos Vela will rejoin his teammates for the World Cup second rounder against Diego Maradona’s Argentina on the 27th June.

The 21 years old has recovered from his hamstring injury in the right leg and will be available to take on Lionel Messi & Co at Soccer City on next Sunday in Johannesburg.

“Carlos has recovered from his hamstring injury and will be available for the Argentina game.”

The Gunners frontman adds vital pace to Javier Aguirre’s attacking side, who have to play at their best quality to beat Diego Maradona’s flying Albiceleste, who was unbeatable in the group stages with three wins.

Article by – A.Zimmermann

14 responses to “Arsenal’s Carlos Vela Overcomes Hamstring Injury

  1. That is good that Vela got better. He is going to do great at the game on Sunday. :).

  2. I very much doubt he can be fully recovered if it really was a hamstring he got only 12 days ago! Sounds very strange to me if that is the case!

  3. Glad Carlito’s fit. The WC is indeed the best stage for him show Wenger what he’s made of and stake a claim in the starting 11 for the next season.

  4. It’s good news 4 mexico as the prepare 2 demolish d so called argentins. Gunners 4 life

  5. Yeah!! ke felicidad y que buena noticia que Carlos este mejor!!
    ahora si con todo contra argentina!!

  6. Vela too score the winner that knocks the Argentinians out??
    I hope he wins the World Cup

  7. great news!! go carlos!! show messi hows its done!

  8. Good News….Hopefully Aguirre starts Vela instead of Blanco

  9. yes (si)
    the best news 4 MEXICO
    OK carlos vela meda gusto que te recuper muy rapido para el parido del suanday ante los pelotudos del loss argentinos vamos vela tu puedes cambiar la stori de millones de mexicanos ya que ese game sera vital para tu futuro en el nort the london imagin que estas en estadio de los emiratos.por eso deves de poner en practica todo lo que trining everyday (come on vela you cant do it ) thanks, grazie,merci,gracias.

  10. EsToy suPer cOnTeNta pOr caRLos de qUe ya se aIga recUperADo… y no Se laStimE otrA veZ, le desEo muCha sUerTe a “Mi bEtiTo” eN eStE jueGo cOn aRgeNtiNa pRimErAmEnte diOs y gaNaRemos suErte caRlitoS quE siN tI “El tRi” no eS iguAl…. bEsitOs 🙂

  11. he’s been wasting as a LW be should be playing alongside Franco in a 4-4-2 formation he will be a lot more effective that way

  12. Javier “ChiChaRito” Hernandez better!(than Candle)
    sorry Arsenal, Man Red got thee better Mexicano.
    Comparing Chicharo & Vela is like comparing a candle to the Sun. That shit don’t even Out!
    HahahahahahaI’m serio th0

  13. franco sucks! He should not even be on the wc. Chicharito is way better than franco! We all know what’s best for mexico and that is that vela, chicharito, gio, guardado and co are on the tthe starting 11 that day. Mexico and I will hate aguirre forever if franco starts that day against argentina! We need the young guys in order to play a great match! Looking forward to tha game.

  14. It’s Nice Post, keep posting and have a nice day… 13:17

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