Carlos Vela Supports South African “Vuvuzela”

Arsenal striker Carlos Vela has shown support for the South African instrument “Vuvuzela”, which is a critic point by many officials as well as supporters.

The Vuvuzela brings the same noise always into the match and suppress all the fan songs and audience, which is going on the nerves of the players as well as the communication on the pitch between the players  is really complicated, but Vela thinks the Vuvuzela is for the South African peoples very important and it brings a good vibe into the stadiums.

“I have no problem with the vuvuzela, because they were used to this kind of noise at the stadiums.”

“The Azteca Stadium was very noisy and the Mexicans had an instrument they play to create a good atmosphere at the stadiums.

Article by – A.Zimmermann

16 responses to “Carlos Vela Supports South African “Vuvuzela”

  1. Vela your a good man at least someone supports culture those ‘noisy instruments’ have been apart of south african football for 40 years

  2. Thank god, for a minute there I was getting a little worried that I hadn’t heard what Carlos thought about them. Thank you so much for clearing that up, I can go on with living now.

  3. If Vela would concentrate on scoring goals instead of offering opinion on “things cultural” it might help him and Arsenal

    • i think Carlos is having a great WC.. Oh and maybe he was asked the question about the vuvuzela not “offering” his opinion.
      Good luck Carlos and Mexico! Ireland are proud of you! 😉

  4. I don’t mind them too much as long as they stay in Africa. I am more than happy for the sound of the vuvuzela to be the unique sound of the 2010 world cup. They will be more memorable than Englands first two perfomances. However I am not too keen on them coming to the premier league. The continuous monotonous sound is no substitute for a passionate crowd singing about the club they love. Anyone who goes to English games will know that it is great when the team put together a string of passes or a player pulls out a piece of indivual brilliance and the crowd applaud. When the ball Whistles over the bar and the crowd gasp. When the ref falls over and the crowd cheer. I also love the sound of thousands of seats slapping shut when everyone stands up to see a chance created. All of this will dissapear if the vuvuzelas take over football.

    • mafika, south africa

      I feel sorry for you my friend, The Makarapa hats and vuvuzela are coming to Europe, european fans have embraced them in the world cup and they love them

  5. Its good that Carlos Vela likes vuvuzelas. I personally have one and since I can’t scream loud enough for my team well, I use the vuvuzela. I respect that south Africa uses the vuvuzelas in the stadiums tho it would be nice to hear peoples voices.

  6. Carlitos Sisters friend

    From what I hear there is nothing cultural to South Africans about vevuzuelas, they come from China.

    Personally I hate them, its a much better atmosphere to have singing

  7. unbiased gunner

    @zulu gunner: fck u bastd, he is way better than that over confident bendtner faggot, provided vela gets some decent amount of minutes, which he gets at mexico. For the whole season vela must have played only around some 80 mins at arsenal, and the shocking part eduardo is prefered better than him. I bet you man, mexico is reaching the semi finals with the help of carlito and maybe even more. Prove me wrong, if that did not happen.
    @stonroy: hey mofo, if u r being questioned by the media, you got to answer them. Not showing then your dick like you.

  8. Carlos Vela is a star in the making. Check this link:, you’ll love it.

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  10. Culture my ass!!!!! They’re a ridiculous plastic horn first produced 7 years ago and mass produced in China.
    Kind of fitting that a Muppet like Carlos might endorse them.
    Hopefully Bafana Bafana will make an early exit and we’ll be spared the ordeal of more African ‘culture’ for the serious end of the WORLD cup (not African cup).

  11. I like Vela, but I don’t like Vuvuzela ^^

  12. It’s Nice Post, keep posting and have a nice day… 13:19

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