Mexican Vela Trains With Medical Staff At Waterstone College

Young Mexican forward Carlos Vela has trained with the medical staff of the Mexican national team in the morning at Waterstone College in Johannesburg. He was not able to train with the Mexican Squad and had just a little walking/jogging program with the physical staff.

“El Bombardero” has suffered a muscle injury in his right leg on last Thursday against France, as Mexico head coach Javier Aguirre replaced him with winger Pablo Barrera after 31 minutes.

Carlos had a very good start into this match as skipper Rafael Marquez delivered a fantastic long ball into the run of the 21 years old, but Vela has fired the ball with his left foot just over the bar.

The Injury counts him out definitely for the Uruguay match and it is possible that Carlos will be out for about 10 days, but if the El-Tri comes into the next round, Carlitos will rejoin his team-mates for the last 16 encounter.

Article by – A.Zimmermann

12 responses to “Mexican Vela Trains With Medical Staff At Waterstone College

  1. Dear mr carlosvelanews. Do you still have faith in this man? If so/not why? It’s only because I don’t see him ever make a major contribution. Granted he can chip a good ball, but what else?

    • hey tommo, Vela had never injury problems like that before, at Salamanca and Osasuna really nothing, I don’t know what happen with him at Arsenal, that is not a criticise of the Arsenal staff, but you see how many injuries Arsenal have over the season and that every year. he has a unlucky spell at the moment but this guy will shine, that is for sure

      • Tommo this kid is truly talented, Vela will come of age and set the World alight. If he had been playing in Spain I’m sure he would be but with the physicality of the premiership he has had to adapt. Mark my words he will be the best striker in the world in the next 3 years. Henry has always said Vela is a significantly better player than he was at the same age. Arsenal need to keep hold of him

    • He scores the odd goal. He was fantastic in the carling cup, which I know doesn’t seem like much, but he was by far the best of the young players and the biggest contributed in an excellent cup run, and even saved our CC team earlier this season in a sub appearance.
      He may not be ready to make a major contribution yet, but he’s not exactly a lost cause. You’d have to be blind not to see the talent he has; his 1st touch and close control are as good as it gets, he plays the odd fantastic pass/cross, he has shown an excellent finishing ability many times (particularly 1-on-1), and he has fantastic pace, 2nd only to theo walcott in the arsenal squad. These are the things you judge YOUNG players on. If he has not improved much by 23 or 25, say, he should have had a proper chance, and then I think it’s more reasonable to question his contribution. But for instance, many people wrote off flamini but only got a real chance when he was about 23 (I think) and went on to be one of our very best players in the 2007/08 season.
      Vela does have amazing talent, and this is why many people keep faith with him. He is only 21, and hasn’t really had a proper run in the 1st team yet. Imo it’s certainly far too early to write him off completely. Theo has had an incredible number of opportunities and hasn’t actually delivered as consistently as carlos (one or two fantastic goals/assists a season, but very average play in between) – but I still haven’t written HIM (theo) off, and neither have most people. I dont think he should be written off either, but imo carlos deserves slightly more opportunities than he’s getting and theo deserves slightly less; there should be more balance there.

  2. 1Nil2TheArsenal

    Fired the ball just over goal? It was a horrible attempt that got nowhere near goal.

  3. Well can you guys epext anything els from Arsenal fans? Everyone that is not like Fabregas at the age of 20 are in their opinion crap. Inrjuries or not, they are crap end of story.

    AW must have huge hopes for Vela, if not he would have been sold by now, they even refused a bid on him!look at Simpson hes out the door.

    • has anybody actuall written him off yet? i haven’t but i never wrote off many young guns that never quite made the grade.

  4. Vela would be a success striker in the next 2 to 3 years. I still believe in this young talent lad. Do not forget that He scored the first disallowed goal in this world cup tornament against the host country(S/A). There is still plenty of time ahead of him to improve. If you were to be a player @ his age, you can’t do more than this.Pls take it very easy with him.

  5. i loved his battle with sagna until he had to unfortunately come off.

  6. hi a todos los k se hhan tomada la moletia de scrivir sobre corlos vela
    con parto tu opinion amigo (david )es sierto k vela es mejor k theo w pero
    (t) es de england sola mente nos k da esperar a k se recupere de la injure
    y ete listo para el juego ante los pelotudos para verlo .
    silo miranbien si tiene las cualidades de ser arsenal 4 life hhhhaaaa hhhhhha so funy
    pero pienso k arsen wenger lo esta puliendo a su estilo de el y es muy bueno digo por k si sabes cuantos jugadores ha echo por eso solo tengo k decirles you cant do it sigan dondonos esa alegri de el gritar gooooooooollllllll gracias dede califas usa ( thanks,merci)

  7. awww… thatt means he’s nott going to playy on tuesdayy awwwww…hopee he getts betterr:D

  8. It’s Nice Post, keep posting and have a nice day… 13:21

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