Mexican Vela Sinks “Squadra Azzurra” in Brussels

Young 21 years old Mexican Carlos Vela has made the last cut for his native Mexico, as El-Tri head coach Javier Aguirre has decided to send Jonathan Dos Santos home.

After a simple match against Gambia in Bayreuth (Germany), which saw Vela’s Mexican side winning over the African side by 5:1, thanks to a marvellous performance by new Manchester United hitman Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez, the Mexican side has travelled to Brussels (Belgium) for their important warm up encounter with current World Cup Champions Italy in front of the World Cup opener on June 11 against South Africa.

Carlitos kept his place in Javier Aguirre’s lineup on the left-wing and should find the opener, as his best friend Giovani Dos Santos took a fantastic cross from the right hand side into the 18 yard box, so that Vela just slotted home the ball with a lovely take with his right foot.

Carlos looked very lively and Italy was unable to find a way to handle Vela and Gio on the wings as well as Hernandez in the centre. Javier Aguirre has started for the first time with Mexico’s dream formation with Gio and Carlos on the wings and Chicharito as central striker up front.

Vela came close just after 30 minutes as Efrain Juarez found the 21 years old attacker, but Vela’s left footer from long-range went just wide.

8 minutes later Carlos was able to deliver Efrain Juarez, but the right footed effort from outside the box was blocked by Italy’s defense.

Vela had another opportunity as Aguilar delivered the winger, but his left footed effort from 20 yards went over the bar.

With 7 minutes left on the clock, the game was over for Carlitos as Javier Aguirre brought on Israel Castro for the Arsenal striker.

Then mexico found their second, as Alberto Medina’s right footed effort went into the top left corner, Italy Goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon was unable to make the save.

A late goal by Bonucci for the Squadra Azzurra helped in no way, so that Mexico are going with a very good feeling into the World Cup after beating Marcello Lippi’s side.

Article by – A.Zimmermann

19 responses to “Mexican Vela Sinks “Squadra Azzurra” in Brussels

  1. I really hope that sucker Arsene Wenger saw what Carlos did vs Buffon and the azzurri “champions” even Lippi said “Mexico played brilliant” and reports “Mexico gives us two slaps” the first one by Sir Vela and this report is by the gunning hawk: so there you go Wenger stop wasting Carlos time and play the lad or let it go for his own good…

  2. Hope he leaves this club that only gives him 10 min having in mind that he’s a U-17 world champion… just wasting his talent!!!

  3. Thank you Zimmerman for keeping us informed about carlitos. Carlos played well against italy and i am proud of him. Now that we are a few days away from the world cup I wish all the teams good luck.

  4. E. Magallanes

    This game had nothing but pure excellence from Carlitos and his partner in crime, Giovani dos santos. After that strike vela just kept getting better and better as the game went by, the only way the Italians could stop him was by some very hard tackles. It was a bitter sweet moment, because they could’ve injured him, but that the only way the could stop him! A truly beautiful game and strike by Vela! He is ready for the WC. -Thank you Zimmermann for the news!-

  5. Nice article and great goal by Vela if im correct he scored that with his right foot,and here we thought he was only a lefty!!Great goal!!

  6. arsenal should go for carlos vila rohbino of brazil n two defenders.

  7. great match! I liked the line up except for the goalkeeper! But vela and gio were fantastic like always! Good for vela he deserves the goal!

  8. The whole world watched this game, and the whole world is wondering what the hell is Wenger thinking.. Wenger better use him next season, or he will surely loose him to Madrid, Milan or Barcelona..

  9. what a goal… beauty of a pass from gio and superb finish from vela… can’t wait to c vela, gio, juarez, guardado, and company in the world cup. they have a chance to show that mexico has talent.

    keep it up zimmerman

  10. nice goal by vela there saying deportivo la coruna is interested in him is it true

  11. Yeeeees keep it up!! I even keep track of this site even when I’m drunk!

  12. After what we have seen Vela and Gio doing together… i think after the world cup Gio comes back to the first team at Tottenham… and if this team has the $ and have seen these two how well they perform, it would be an interesting thing to see Vela and Gio in the same club… please Wenger let Vela go out of Arsenal!!!

  13. Say goodbye to C. Vela from Arsenal…!!! Deportivo La Coruna has set their eyes already on Carlos and Gio… sweet… he would have more than 10 min to play…!!!

    • LA CORUÑA, Mexico. Jun. 5, 2010 .- Deportivo La Coruna, the Spanish club where he plays Andres Guardado, has in mind two other Mexican players: Giovani dos Santos and Carlos Vela.

      Both players are part of the national team to participate in South Africa 2010 from 11th June.

      Table Galician lacks elements that play down the wings, coupled with the high level shown by Gio and Vela during the preparation towards the World Cup and Tri strategist club, Miguel Angel Lotina, has set its sights on the two young forwards .

      This was announced by head coach himself in the Spanish club’s official newspaper, which said it was looking for elements of the Mexican market to cover both sides in the coming season 2010-2011.

      “We are looking for people to meet the band in the Mexican market are the two (players) that we like,” said Lotina.

      Even on the cover of the journal dressed as mariachi with a guitar and in block letters read, “Mexico Lindo y Querido.”

      It is not the first time that there is interest in Dos Santos Deportivo La Coruna, another by Carlos Vela. Both players have experience in the Iberian football, debuted at the Barcelona Gio and Vela Garrido played in Salamanca and Osasuna.

      • Hey ricky, if its true then Deportivo should take Pablo Barrera El dinamita and Efrain Juarez.

  14. I want to thank you ZZZZZ for being a Vela supporter. Thank you and keep it up my friend. I think it would be great if Vela and Gio played together in a team. Vela if you are reading this please give Gio moral support because of his younger brother. I don’t think it was right that he was eliminated. To everyone ells: mexico is going far if Franco, Perez, and Bofo don’t play. Also if Marquez stays away from getting the red card or causing a penalty like always. I rather play a 442 with Ochoa salcido marquez moreno maza, guardado barrera juarez gio, and vela and hernandez up front. This line up would get us very far. Very young team ha.

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