An Open Letter To The Arsenal Supporters

Hello Arsenal Fans,

I don’t hate the Arsenal Football Club at all. I’m just disappointed sometimes with Carlos Vela’s situation there, but overall I’m an Arsenal supporter, I love the club. Furthermore sometimes I think they could do better if they would offload Arsene Wenger, although he is the only right man for the job, but this comes not only from me. I think all of you have sometimes this thoughts!

An other point is the criticism of my English. I just can tell all of you that I’m a German and not a natural English tongue. I just have created the site for all of you Arsenal fans and Vela supporters around the world. I did not create the site for myself because it cost my spare time, but I wish me sometimes a little more respect on this aspect.

If I say he wants to leave Arsenal football club then not only because of some quotes. Look at the Arsenal TV Online Video after the season, if you look on his face it says all. I’m sorry if my interpretation is not what you guys want to hear,but finally it is a fact.

I respect all of your critics, but sometimes the bad treating goes to far!

If you want that I stop with the project I have no problem with it, because I did it for all of you Arsenal supporters, but if it is not appreciated from your side then I can immediately stop with it.

I hope you guys understand why  i wrote now this letter!

Best Gooner Regards



91 responses to “An Open Letter To The Arsenal Supporters

  1. Keep it going mate, ur doing a good job. I think a lot of Gooners, myself included are a bit sick of players always wanting to leave the Arsenal, Carlos is undoubtedly class and I would love to see more of him in an arsenal shirt. I hope he stays and makes the step up next season.

  2. Respect – your intentions were never questioned.

    Good work with the sit keep it up.

  3. Ignore the criticism you get from some idiots, you are doing a good job, keep it up.

  4. Yes keep the site going, top piece of work.
    I’m not so sure Vela is desperate for a move away, just first team football. Hopefully he stays and progresses.

  5. hi mate. i like ur site, however carlos vela sucks and wont make it at arsenal…. its better if he moves… peace

    • im sure you dont understand football – vela will be our own Kun Aguero – this world cup will be the stepping stone he needs. hopefully he stays.

    • keep the site goin mate… carlos has every right 2 consider leavin arsenal… wenger hasnt given his a fair shout since the day he arrived from spain. look at the goals he has scored in the carling cup.. pure class! if a player is given 10 minutes of football every 3 months how can they really be expected to break into the team. hes a much better footballer than walcott who gets playing every week. too bad velas not english… actually on second thoughts thank fuck hes not english because he’d be their best player in a few years!

    • Royal_Arsenal11

      indy, you are my hero. well played sir

  6. ha!! Bin auch Deutscher!!! 🙂 Bin auch LAutern-Fan und froh dass die wieder in der Bundesliga spielen auch wenn die Liga langweilig ist. MAch weiter mit der guten Arbeit. Hoffe Carlos hat eine hammer WM und schießt uns nächste Saison zu Titeln!!!


  7. Dont stop, ure doing a great job here. There r many idiots out there, you shouldnt let them get to u. Ignore the imbeciles and keep up the good work.

  8. Keep up your good work!! I think all Carlos wants is time on the football field.
    He didn’t get that last season and is obviously disapointed. This was down to injury and his commitment to Mexico’s world cup qualification. However, if he gets the opportunities to play, I’ll think he’ll stay. The competition for places can only be a good thing. I’d rather have Carlos stay and fight for his place because, I, like you, believe he is an immense talent and it would be a shame to see him flourish at another club.

  9. clockendrider

    Sometimes criticism can overstep the mark. Criticising someone for inelegance of English usage when it is not their first language is ridiculous and not acceptable.
    At the same time, you sometimnes appear to be acting as a mouthpiece for a player whom many of us get to see in the flesh on a very regular basis and have seen does not work hard enough and utilises his abilities only fitfully. I believe that when you present biased articles stating how well he has played in agame in which he has been either superfluous or poor people react perfectly reasonably by stating the fact. If a player doesn’t perform he can be told that in a way which is both firm and constructive. Simply producing inaccurate and biased representations of his performance do not serve the players best interest. No major club out there is going to spend a great deal of money on a player without scouting him first and any scout worth his salt will report back that Vela just doesn’t do enough either with or without the ball. He constantly jets off to play meaningless friendlies rendering him too tired to play for the club which pays his wages. That is to say, us. You might be better off reporting/analysing just why he has played so few games rather than presenting him as a victim.
    Hope you take this in the constructive spirit in which it is meant.

  10. Victoria Concordia Crescit

    Yo Mr!

    Keep going, who the fuck can tell you what to do and not to do? It’s not like you’re hurting anyone, is it?

    If you like Arsenal FC and Carlos Vela, good for you! If you’re writing a blog which I suppose is also of interest to yourself, not only a service to Arsenal/Carlos Vela fans, I think you should continue with the work you’re doing.

    I think most people are too quick to judge. Do something yourself or STFU and let Mr. Zimmermann continue to write about the things he loves.

  11. Mate, if people criticise your English, bollocks to em!
    Most of the native English speakers that post comments on blogs I read can barely come to terms with the language themselves.
    People in glass houses and all that!
    Keep up the good work.

  12. even though I have never commented on it i have always followed your site mate for my love of the precocious talent that’s carlos vela. it’s a pity the boy doesnt seem to be getting much game time at all but i still believe his class will come through eventually. i think carlos is just unlucky to be playing for a top team that happens to be struggling, never mind they finished in the top three. the team is struggling. such a situation most probably makes it difficult for youngsters to get game times. i am only guessing thats the reason for vela’s misery. i read with utter disapointement that he is considering leaving. but is this the only solution? why cant the boy give us arsenal fans the chance to see him at another top club where he can get game timefor say 6/12 months then see if the manager does not give him a starting place on his return. iam imagining a move like what jack wilshire has just done at bolton wanderers- a premiership club. its the manager’s duty in that case to ensure that vela signs a loan move that guarantees him a starting place. plenty of teams not so high in the league would jump at the chance. even the likes of bedntner went thru loan periods. iam sure vela will be massive in future but i think because arsenal have found themselves struggling at most times, it may not be so good for him in the immediate future. but epl experience is availlable in plenty other teams.

  13. hallo, bin hier das erste Mal auf deiner Seite und muss sagen: Mach weiter!

  14. I think most people are bemused as to why have you decided to dedicate some of your free time to the career of an Arsenal squad player.

  15. shut the fuck up about wenger…

    • Frank, stop shooting smack, comb your hair and get a job.

      It’s put up or shut up for the entire squad and that includes wenger, who has made a shy#$tload of mistakes these past years. Cesc knows, and is gone.

      I understand vela’s position, and this site though I don’t often look for it, when I read it i am usually positively impressed.

    • Frank, stop shooting smack, comb your hair and get a job.

      It’s put up or shut up time for the entire squad and wenger. Wenger has made a sh#$tload of mistakes these past years and the squad hasn’t been up for it.

      Cesc knows, and he’s gone.

  16. problem with carlos is he is so inconsistent! against england he had two one on ones, both missed, against olympiacos he also had two, and missed them too!
    he needs game time…i say send him on loan to newcastle or something

  17. youre doing a good job, its just frustrating seeing so many arsenal players questioning their futures all the time

  18. Alas summer is the time when the reactionaries come out in force. Thriving on the lack of actual football, they rile against every rumour and every blogger who says something they dislike.

    They are sad people, with unfulfilling jobs and ugly girlfriends.

    Ignore them. This is a good site, I’ve always liked it.

  19. There was very little game time this season that Carlos has missed that was not caused by injury- usually away with Mexico. I hope he does not leave- or think that Arsenal fans don’t appreciate him- because the real fans of this club appreciate the kind of unique skill he has. I for one like the fact that you can see the potential he has.

  20. man,I used to check your website everyday b4 the season ended!
    You’re work is unlimitedly precious for any gooner.
    Thanks a lot… Keep it up, youre great.
    Wish you and carlos and arsenal,the best;)

  21. You are doing a great job – for Arsenal FC and especially those interested in news about Vega. Keep going! Dont worry about fans…you’ll never please everyone anyway. Your English ….dont worry either. Many English blokes are poor at their spelling as well…I’ve seen it. Danke!

  22. dont feel down man , we all love u 🙂 this site is actually really good ! 😀

  23. remember when herny left our club and everybody was saying that we were going to finish in the bottom 10?

    that year we NEARLY won the premiership, I dont think that having one less player would effect the way we play and our desire to win.

    If cesc wants to leave, let him leave. yeah hes magic with his passes but then wenger coaches our players to play the arsenal way, it dont matter who comes to the club, when they come they play wengerball.

    so just have faith in the arsenal, never give up. if youre an arsenal supporter you are a gooner for life. no disrespect, no letting the team down.

    we are all the 12th player in the squad and if we all trust eachother we will all succeed.

    all the best for our players at the world cup and welcome any new gooners who have the desire to play with our badge on their chest.


  24. Keep it up bud 🙂

  25. ignore the negatives. it’s your site, your views, not everyone is going to agree or respect them, but that’s football. I like Vela and I hope he can develop into one of the greats but no doubt when he does, Barcalona will buy him anyway !!!

  26. The Doombringer

    I think the site and subject matter has served its purpose now. It was interesting when he was on loan in Spain but now he is part of the squad (for the time being at least), there isn’t much most gooners don’t really know about him from a footballing perspective.

    And to keep it going for this long is …well…a bit strange to be honest.

    How about starting Jackwilsherenews, Jayemmanuelthomasnews or Kylebartleynews?

    Better still what about Johandjorounews?!!

  27. Whenever I comment on the site it’s because Vela gets so over hyped so I usually say negative things, though I have no problems with your english, I can read it fine and perfectly understand it. Keep it up.

  28. Good luck Carlos. Keep the faith!!!!

  29. never commented before but regularly check the site, please continue to give us vela news

  30. I have previously left comments on the blog (some of which were not published) that were both critical on the quality of reporting and the English used here.

    While it is a great idea to have more reporting on Arsenal, just like ‘Young Guns’ blog or ‘Arsecast’ blog. If the blog is just opinion that is masked as ‘fact’, then it can only have a negative impact. Just look at all the hostile comments left after you are critical of Arsenal or Vela and never question the ‘facts’ when you present information

    Even in this letter…quote
    ”I’m sorry if MY INTERPRETATION is not what you guys want to hear,but finally it is a FACT”
    ….??????your interpretation is a fact ? did you just say that ?

    We see this type of reporting every single year. Nearly every French player that we have had,Sagna, Henry,Fabregas, Viera and now again with Vela, just because some reporter starts writing stuff that has no foundation in fact or reality

    The last article was more opinion masked as ‘Fact’ that Vela wanted to leave, where did he or his agent or family say that ?

    Wenger is world renowned as the number 1 coach in the world for producing and nurturing young talent…Henry,George Weah,Viera,Fabregas,Anelka….

    It is fine to say you are not happy with Wenger, but to just say this because Vela hasnt played ? maybe you should look harder at Vela…see he has been injured, see he lost his passport when he was set to get a chance against Barca, see how he got chances early in the season in the Champions league and didnt take them like a world class player should… is not ALWAYS Wengers fault.

  31. dude, dont worry about it.

    It’s normal for people to moan, critizise, etc… specially when you are writting in a subject relating to Arsenal…. also remember that the internet is now available to everyone from the most educated individual, to scum, frustrated teenagers and just whatever low form of life you can think of… everyone gets a say but you can tell what sort of person they are by how and what they type.

    So, dont let these idiots bring you down.

    English isn’t my mother tongue either, so I can relate too.

    And regarding Vela’s future, I had really high hopes for him but he has been unlucky with injuries (no one’s fault) and if players like Clichy, Diaby, Denilson, Rosicky, Eduardo, Walcott take a few games to get match fit then I expect Vela to take some too… however, he is at a disadvantage because of his position and our system of a lone striker.

    If at the end of the season we had a decent run, e.g 3-0 by the 70th min in most games, I bet you that Vela would have come on for the last 20 mins of a lot of those games, unfortunately we struggled and putting him in, when rusty, woulda been a gamble Wenger wasnt willing to take… thats my view.

  32. Whatever. It’s your time to use as you want but my advice is never venture on to the net with a blog unless you have the skin of a Rhino! It is a strange focus for a blog though, as someone said – an Arsenal squad player.

  33. Tom North Bank

    Sorry to hear you’re suffering abuse, taking the brave step to publish your views will always bring this sort of thing with it – debate and criticism are always valid responses to published writing and you should expect them, but sadly some people are not eloquent or polite enough to disagree in a constructive way.
    You should take heart from two things – one, if they are taking the time to be rude they must still be reading you and that in itself is a statement. Two, your letter here is well written and eloquent, for someone who’s first language is not English, you’re doing very well.
    Personally I can’t say I agree with everything you write and certainly I am not best pleased with Carlos Vela’s work ethic or achievements to date, for someone with that talent he should work harder at his club, but that should not taint the effort you put into making this sort of thing available. Good luck in the future and keep up the good work.

  34. Keep up the site, don’t let the minority get you down.

  35. Dear Mr A Zimmerman,
    It seems like there is a lot of negative commenting going on on a lot of arsenal related blogs. One blog host mentioned a very peculiar thing, that a lot of comments from different users came from only a very few IP addresses. This implies that there might be a few people out there who are up to no good.

    I really like your website. In fact i thought it was the official carlos vela website. Thats a testament to how good your work is.

    Perhaps you can look at some of these negative comments. Are most of them coming from only a few ip addresses? if so, then i would suggest you block these trouble makers as they are misusing your lovely website.

    Best regards

  36. Guten tag! Vielen Dank fur deine website mit Arsenal Informatzion. Mein Deutsche is schlecticher (?) von dein Inglish.

    Alles wunderbar hier, Im Wenger wir Vertrauen (und dich fur Aresnal Zeitung!)

    James (UK)

  37. I do not agree with this wenger out stuff at all-Carlos Vela has shown glimpses of good play in low-pressure games. He is an excellent prospect but he is behind Bentner and Eduardo in the pecking order, and rightly so. When i have seen him in league games he struggles-like it or not the little time he gets to make an impact he doesn’t-yet. I have faith in him but all these players love to complain when they go off for some press conference-saying that Cesc should do or whatever he said was stupid. How about working hard and proving you are the best? instead of complaining and ignoring your contract commitment?? I have to be honest i think when you complain about wenger-the guy who took this guy on and puts faith in him i click off your site(apart from this occasion) because if you think him going will help Carlos you are wrong!!We play 4-3-3, this is hard for him and eduardo because of the way they play-however they will have to adapt!thats life! Ignore the people who critisize your english its pretty good. If you want more hits lay off wenger mate-and tell Vela to stop winging and start working-thats the only thing that can help him. His missed chances against England were typical-in training he would score easily, in a scrutinised game he hits the keeper! Look inside of Vela when you search for someone to blame. i like his playing style but his tempremant reminds me of Reyes and thats not good!!!

    keep it up-lay off the professor.

  38. You are doing a good job but I highly disagree with you and the others that want Wenger out!

    Please read:

  39. Are you Carlos’s girlfriend? I always fancied having a German girlfriend!
    Like has been said above: he’s had his chances and has been generally disappointing. He needs to play more, maybe in the Spanish League – not top two though! He could be a great talent, don’t know why he isn’t? It’s not Arsene Wenger’s fault though, it’s down to him to make an impact. Don’t take it to heart, your English is good, people always pick on that first. Keep it up!

    PS: he does have great hair 🙂

  40. Keep up your blogging mate, you’re doing a top job

  41. You are doing a good job…ignore those other negative people..I follow you here on this website and on twitter..there will always be critics about everything. Please, you keep me informed about things that I didn’t even know. I really appreciate all you have done. Keep up the good work :).

  42. the site was reasonably interesting when carlos was playing in spain, but it’s not interesting now he’s at arseanl, he may as well move on, for what its worth i believe he will be a good player, but for as long as he plays international matches on thursdays he wont play for arsenal at weekends, so whats the point!?!

  43. I like Vela very much & am frustrated he hasn’t played much last season but I find it difficult to sympathise with him when he frequently jetted off all over the place to play for Mexico, often for more than 1 match & then returned injured. If he had been available for a lengthy period, 100% fit & focussed on Arsenal especially during our ‘striker crisis’ I’m sure he would have played. The fact he wasn’t even on the bench often during that period explains a lot. He wouldn’t have been left out of the 16 whilst we had NO strikers available !!

  44. iam arsenal fan from somalia,
    iwould like to say your doing good job,, so plz keep it on, the ather one is arsen wenger must go, he is not doing good job,,, when the sesion finish he makes more opolojize than ather time,

  45. I check this site almost daily and I like your approach. Keep it up man. Great site!!!!

  46. A Zimmerman, this is one of the most entertaining Arsenal sites out there, nearly as good as Arshavin’s site. Rise above the criticism and keep posting.
    Of course most of what you do is counterproductive as it will really irritate the manager. Don’t stop though, it’s a lot more fun this way.

  47. Hello,
    I never have comment on this site but you shouldnt appologise on something that keep us inform of what is going on. I live in the states and theirs no way i could see why or why no vela is playing.. This site helps me. I do admit Vela has missed but what can you do when you bring a guys morale and confidince down… give him time and you will see something from the lad…

    Thank you for your information…. It keeps me posted “Vela is an amazing player” I love arsenal to….

  48. C’man!!keep doing this good job!! i love this web!! i am from Mexico!! you are free to put wathever you want..
    By the wat.. have you seen the Vela situation about… the “actress” i am sad!!

  49. we like you site, we also love Carlos Vela but he is young, if he bids his time well he will eventually become a v. good striker for Arsenal but he has to take his opportunities when they come. Didn’t you see him miss two 1 on 1 chances against England? He also needs to keep his passport close. Here is another site (US fans only) by an Arsenal supporter!

  50. Carlos has been given a number of chance to shoow what he can do, he has failed to impress. I am sure he will be given more chances next season, but he has got to learn to use these opportunities to cement a place for himself.
    Anyway, what was Carlos thinking about when he advised Cesc to leave Arsenal for Barca. Is he hoping that by the process of elimination he will then get more starts?

  51. It is OUR responsibility to take everything written on blogs for what it is, and expect documentation for *facts*. It is US who should learn to be realisticly critical, and not outright abusive when we read things on blogs. What you do for Arsenal and Vela-supporters deserves thanks – even if we sometimes don’t agree with you. Hold your head high, Zimmermann and keep up the good work! 🙂

  52. dude, you have chosen a rather narrow focus for your project and while it is admirable and appreciated there is always the chance that you will be called out on what you write, i for one are yet to see written anywhere a coherent reason why arsene wenger has failed at arsenal, or for that matter whether what carlos vela said the other day actually means he wants to leave arsenal for good, it is just his bad luck that he has not been injury free long enough to build up his form to keep a first team place, i suspect he wants regular football and is looking for a loan move. these guys are almost invariably winners and i’d be dissapointed if he was happy to be injured or out of the team , give them the credit they deserve and ignore completely what some hack writes about them it is almost always mis represnted to fit some agenda. and please next time you call arsene wenger an idiot please let us know just how you arrived at that fact. i am also a carlos vela fan but we all know that he has to be patient and wait his turn, he is still growing as a player and lets hope he has the right people so we get to see him at his best in an arsenal shirt. keep up the good work and chin up, we are the arsenal!

  53. It’s a shame that you had to write that piece.
    We all have our frustrations but it’s idiotic of some readers to vent them at someone like you who writes what he believes in; everyone’s entitled to his or indeed her opinion after all.
    You write well and your work is good. Keep working and voicing your opinion please.

    I am thinking along the same lines, maybe we would do better if we offloaded Wenger. He’s been trying my patience for a little too long now and it’s just starting to annoy me. Some of the comments, the refusal to buy players, sticking by some and not giving others a chance who clearly deserve it more is annoying at best. There were many games in the season where I watched at home and muted the TV during Wenger interviews.

    I was at the Carling Cup game where Carlos scored his hatrick. 3 goals of pure class that not many players could have scored those 3 goals together, all were great goals, all were different.
    He’s an exceptional talent that much is certain.

    People don’t understand how difficult it is just to come off the bench or get a game in every 15 matches or so and be expected to settle in straight away. It takes time to work in, settle in and get to know the pattern of pay and work with the team. Yes, they do it in training but it’s totally different in a big match.

    Vela needs a consistent run of games to be able to shine, is he likely to be given that chance at Arsenal under Wenger = probably not.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  54. Hey man keep it up!
    Carlos Vela is my favorite player and he has had alot of injuries this season but next season will be different!

  55. People get behind the team papers are trying to split the arsenal camp in half let’s get right behind wenger and the boys instead of protesting at the emirates cup let’s get right behind the team don’t give the press anything negative to right that would be are part done.arsenes part keep cesc buy 3 top players win a trophie then let the press write arsenal best club in the world.gooners gooners gooners gooners!!!!!!!one song we’ve only got one song!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Zimmerman …. You have to remember that if you are a writer you are going to be criticize. It comes with the territory. I would suggest you try to be objective in your writing and analyze the situation a bit more before writing.

  57. You’re on the right track Zimmerman. Keep up the good work and the site will only get better. Ignore the personal attacks from all these idiots.

  58. Love Vela to bits but he needs to go out on loan and get game time as the main striker. Maybe Newcastle or Blackpool would take him on for a season?

  59. I’m not a regular reader of your site, but I’ve read bits and pieces and I have to say that Vela is exactly at the club where he should be – performance wise.
    I know this site is called CV-News and not Arsenal-smthing.smthing but he has proven that he isn’t ready for the PL, or at least not ready for a club like Arsenal.

    I like him very much, he seems like a nice kid-always has a smile on his face but the fact remains that his contributions stayed way below par this season!

  60. Why not send him on loan to another prem team?

  61. You’re complete on-sided take on everything carlos-realted, and very opinionated public remarks are why you get beat up by Arsenal supporters.

    If you are going to publicly insult Wenger and Arsenal then of course some will publicly ridicule you. Grow up. If you want to shut down the blog, fine. Stop crying.

  62. Ignore the haters, Alex.

    People have a choice.. click or not to click. So people if you don’t like the site don’t read it and abuse the writer.

    Keep up the good work and plugging away.. I like this site and you have dedicated so much of you time to it – don’t give up.

  63. I’m from Mexico

    Vela has clearly failed in gaining his coach confidence. He has proven with Mexico that he is still a work in progress and he needs playing time. He might not get enough playing time in Arsenal due the quality and experience of their players. I agree with the people who say that a loan will benefit both player and the club.

    Changing the subject … I always see your articles and find interesting how the information takes the side of the player over the coach. Vela can become a good player but I feel that he will never get a superstar level.

    You doing a good job .. keep it up ..

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  65. I enjoy your blog, but I must say that i thought you were foolish to back Carlos so steadfastedly after the passport debacle pre-barcelona, he has since admitted that he was i nthe wrong, so I still think you should apologize for the harsh comments you used against the club (not just wenger) post- barcelona.

    otherwise… enjoy the blog. keep it up!

    P.S. don’t think we haven’t noticed you have purged any arsenal influence in your new background and layout!

  66. keep up the good work… your effort is appreciated.

  67. Really guys? This guy has a fucking blog about a SQUAD player and he tries to convince us that he is a world beater every day. Please.

    Offload Wenger because he is not playing Vela? What a fucking idiot. I’m suprised everyone is telling him to go on after such rubbish.

    If you’re gonna keep the blog, break away from your routine of criticizing the club and the gaffer for Vela’s misfortunes such as when he misses a sitter or forgets his passport…..oh dear.

  68. A lot of people just come online to vent, you need thick skin and to just ignore them. A happy fan is usually content and therefore quiet on their opinions, the daft frustrated opinions are from those who are never happy with what we have.

    just ignore them they are a mojority…keep up the work, please stay carlos!!!!!!!

  69. 1st of all I was excited when ade left because i hoped vela would emerge through the ranks. i liked him in his 1st season at arsenal and i thought he will push for the 1st team.

    but what we’ve got this season from vela was not just bad but infuriating. he got a few chances but blew them all. when RvP and bentner were injured he could have done better and show what he’s about.
    he got injuries too, ok, but when he was on the pitch he didn’t show anything worth of an arsenal shirt.

    i wish him well but i highly doubt he will ever make it in london perhaps he should go where he can play more.

    i think you get so much heat because you go against what every fan sees: you say vela is ‘tremendous’ when we all see how poor he is.

    • what you guys unfortunately not see is that it was a fantastic reaction by Robert Green, not every goalkeeper have saved that one as well as the second chance was after a long run trough the middle with his weaker foot on very poor ground conditions! This is what you guys should should consider!!


    only joking, you’re doing a great job.

  71. First off, anoyone who criticises you for bad English is an idiot. It’s clear from some of your mannerisms (no offence) that you are not a native English speaker and the fact you still manage to put out a blog is impressive. You can be forgiven some mistakes, and just ask anyone who criticises your English if they could please write their replies in perfect German- see what they say then.

    With regards to the blog itself- the only real criticism is that you often seem to place Carlos Vela above the Arsenal team. Bear in mind that he is there to serve Arsenal, not the other way round. Arsene Wenger should not play Vela just because he’s your favourite player and if he isn’t getting many games you can be sure there’s a good reason for it. Vela is clearly a good player but his progress is not Arsene Wenger’s main objective, the team’s progress is.

    Apart from that you do a good job, keep it up.

  72. Hi!, I’m mexican and a fan of your blog, yet I’ve never commented on it, keep up the site, it’s a great way to follow Vela, keep it up! Es chingon que le chambees tanto para seguir a un wey que ha salido de México, JA!, well, just keep the site going mate, it’s a great read.

  73. Hey Wahts up Zimmermann First of all im a big supporter of Vela and Arsenal as well as ManUtd but that is another story, the thing is that as Mexican i don’t speak English very well and I appreciate what you do For a Mexican (Vela) dedicating some time for him, to inform to the supporters about him. Thanks Man.

    Viva Mexico
    Viva Arsenal
    Viva Vela
    Viva Zimmermann.

  74. E. Magallanes

    Keep up the site I always come to your site to see what’s up with Carlos Vela and to see how he is developing. He might not be very consistent at this moment and he is not a world star, but I still like reading about him and I think you do a really good job with your blog. Keep it up! I decided to show support and sign-up for your site 😉 really keep it going we still have the world cup and you’re going to be rather busy covering all the wonders Vela’s going to do!! Cheers and Great site!

  75. Keep the site going man! I check up on it just about everyday to see if you’ve posted anything. I’m big Carlos vela fan and a arsenal supporter from before he showed up in London. I’m a Mexican and have been following vela for a while. He needs playing time and to be injury free. He’s shown what he can do and he’s been given so few opportunitys this season and been hurt that he’s terribly rusty. But I do agree that he must work harder.

  76. Okay okay okay……so are we all clear now?…….we have a German (Alex Z), translating a Mexican (Carlos V),into English, and there ISN’T a problem if he makes a mistake translating and says Vela wants to leave, or Vela hates Wenger and is pissed off at Arsenal or anything else that might be completely innacurate and untrue, has everyone got that ?

    Sorry Alex, as an Arsenal fan I appreciate the effort in writing the blog in theory, but I’m not going to visit anymore, the blog cannot be trusted for correct information :S :@

  77. Alex, I want to thank you for all the things you’ve done for this site and for Carlos! I truly admire your hard work.

    My wish is that someday, people would just give their opinion without insulting or hurting anyone, RESPECT is the key word…

    Gracias =)

  78. Zunächst einmal: Auf keinen Fall solltest du deinen Blog einstellen. Obwohl ich prinzipiell der Meinung bin, dass über Vereine und nicht über spezielle Spieler gebloggt werden sollte, hat absolut eine Daseinsberechtigung, sogar mehr noch, nämlich einen festen Platz in der Arsenal-Blogosphäre.

    Ich muss zugestehen, dass ich über die genaue Art der Anfeindungen nicht im Bilde bin, doch das ist für mich auch nicht so wesentlich. Wichtiger ist, dass ich deine Gedankengänge nachvollziehen und befürworten kann. Denn wenn jemandem etwas am Talent von Carlos Vela liegt, unabhängig davon, ob er Gooner ist, dann muss er erkennen, dass es so nicht weitergehen kann – weder für den Verein noch für den Spieler selbst.

    Erst gestern hatte ich das Vergnügen, ihn in Bayreuth mit der mexikanischen Nationalmannschaft live zu beobachten. Es war schön zu sehen, wie die Zuschauer neben mir ein andächtiges Raunen von sich gaben, wenn Vela einen schnellen Doppelpass initiierte, einen Lupfer in den Raum versuchte oder den Ball kurz vor der Seitenlinie mit einem Hackentrick zum Mitspieler beförderte. Die technische Veranlagung und sein spielerisches Potenzial waren bei diesen Szenen für alle sichtbar, selbst für diejenigen, die mit Fußball ebenso viel zu tun haben wie Guido Westerwelle mit seriöser Politik, wie manche Kommentare am Rande des Spielgeschehens offenbarten.

    Schön sichtbar war jedoch auch etwas anderes: Vela fehlt einfach das Quäntchen Glück, dass ein Knipser braucht und dass er bekommt, wenn er Selbstvertrauen getankt hat. Javi Hernandez war in den gut 60 Minuten, in denen beide auf dem Feld waren, rein von den spielerischen Glanzpunkten nicht sonderlich präsenter als Vela, doch der baldige ManUnited-Angreifer macht eben zwei Tore, die sein gleichaltriger Konkurrent nicht macht. Beim ersten Male bleibt der Ball in einer Pfütze liegen, beim zweiten Mal ist verfehlt Vela nur um Zentimeter die Flanke, die “Chicarito” dann reinmacht – genau solche Aktionen macht ein Stürmer, der einen Lauf hat. Vela hingegen kann seine Möglichkeiten nicht vergolden, bleibt torlos und wird es auch in Südafrika sehr schwer haben, sich bei den “Tri” einem Stammplatz zu erkämpfen.

    Luftveränderung ist daher das richtige Stichwort. Arsenal kann mit einem Vela, der sein Potenzial nicht voll ausschöpfen kann, leider nur wenig anfangen, und der Angreifer mit der aktuellen Perspektive und wenig Spielpraxis freilich noch weniger. Ein Jahr Leihe in Birmingham oder gerne auch in Bolton, wo Jack Wilshere auf Touren gekommen ist, das wäre es. Oder notfalls eben auch der komplette Absprung.
    Übrigens wusste ich nicht, dass du tatsächlich ein Deutscher bist, obwohl ich vermutet habe. In diesem Sinne Grüße von einem anderen deutschen Blogger, und mach ja weiter! 🙂

  79. As long as you happy with it, doesn’t mater what the other people think..Keep you great work

  80. hey buddy, belive me that your work its too better than mexican press! also i like the play form of the Gooners. really i enjoy your website, so continue doing your job that’s great!

    saludos desde México.
    xD (traducción) LOL

  81. E. Magallanes

    Hey zimmermann what’s up? How are things? I’ve been checking up on your site and haven’t seen any updates. I’m sure you’ve seen the crazy gol that Vela scored against Italy, I just finished watching the game it was crazy! Looking forward to the next updates hope everything is good! 🙂


  83. GREAT site! please continue updating the world on carlos vela news. I saw the Mexico vs Italy game yesterday, and it looks like Vela is back on track 🙂 Cant wait for the opening game of the World Cup.

    Best regards from Norway

  84. You’re alright with me my friend.
    Don’t let those detractors get to you.

    Keep up the good work!

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