Carlos Vela Admits For the First Time That He Wants To Leave Arsenal

Carlitos had a tremendous display at Wembley on Monday evening against the Three Lions where the El-Tri was beaten totally undeserved by Fabio Capello’s side. Vela’s pace and quickness was really sensational, it shows that he is coming back on his full fitness. He wanted to score so desperately that he was not relaxed in front of the net, but I’m sure that will come in the World Cup.

Yesterday the 21 years old Mexican international Carlos Vela has admitted for the first time that a great display on the upcoming FIFA World Cup in South Africa “could open doors” in many ways.

“Having a good World Cup can open many doors.”

“If not at Arsenal, we’ll see where.”

The Mexican has fallen down in the pecking order at Arsenal since the arrival of Moroccan International Marouane Chamakh from Bordeaux.

Carlos himself expects very rare playing time next season for Arsene Wenger’s side, so that he hints on a summer exit at Emirates to get regular playing time, which the Arsenal manager never offered him.

Some news from England saying that Vela could head to Wigan Athletic in the summer, because Latics Manager Roberto Martinez is pointed as a big admirer of Vela.

The question is just on a long-term deal or just on loan with Vela probably wants forever out of Arsenal.

Article by – A.Zimmermann

66 responses to “Carlos Vela Admits For the First Time That He Wants To Leave Arsenal

  1. In fairness he never said he wants to leave Arsenal. He said that if the door doesn’t open up at Arsenal then maybe it will open up new doors elsewhere. I think Arsenal is his first option!

    He has had a lot of injuries this season so it’s a bit cynical to say that his be treated badly at Arsenal. He does deserve a chance though and hopefully next season he will stay injury free and prove the doubters wrong. I believe that Carlos Vela potentially is a world class striker but he MUST improve.

  2. I dont know why Bendnter get picked ahead of Vela, but who am I to tell wenger what to do.

    • Because Bendtner scores goals and Vela don’t probably.

    • Again wenger wastes money buying players that he never plays.
      How can a young player flourish with 10 mins here and there.
      Sort of makes a mockery of wenger and his not waste money on big players, just wastes them on young unkowns.

  3. Tom North Bank

    Well, we are all heartbroken. To think that we might be without his goal-free performance, non-existant work ethic, disappearing acts to Mexico and passport fumbling next season means misery for us all.

  4. If you dont want to play for the club, WE the fans dont want you. Thanks for the delightful chipped goals and collecting your millions of pounds a season in salary. He wont be missed.


      • E. Magallanes

        I think it would do him good to get transfered to another english side, or well that would’ve been the right idea last season. We will have to wish him good luck in the WC and hope he pulls through.

  5. voodoo-priest

    what a load of cock-roach….
    everybody wants playing time and we at arsenal want him not only to have a good world cup but to come and show why that amount of money was spent on him at that tender age..
    Chamakh’s arrival is big trouble for Bentner if anything, not Vela and if he’s willing to run away from competing for position at arsenal, but would rather go and fight relegation at wigan, then good luck to him.

  6. Enfield Gooner

    Carlos Vela is going to be a World Class player and Arsene Wenger knows that! Do not think he is underestimated…..

    I have seen him at the Emirates and everyone can see his talent.

    All he needs is patience and he will be rewarded at Arsenal… me on that.

    Otherwise great site, I regularly follow the updates!

  7. England were better, Vela should learn to finish. I’m an Arsenal fan by the way.

    • England were woeful; if Vela had known how to finish they’d have lost the game. People kept going on about Robert Green “saving” Vela’s shots but it’s hardly a save if the striker shoots the ball straight at you.

  8. He won’t be able to leave – he’s lost his passport.

    Anyway, his shooting is so bad he would miss the plane.

  9. clockendrider

    We can only hope that his new employer witnesses the full grace and beauty of such “tremendous displays” as he put on at Wembley on Monday night. I for one will miss him bottlin gout of tackles, warming up on the touchline as though he really can’t be arsed and then coming on a barely breaking a swe3at while managing to miscontrol 98% of the passes he receives.
    Of couse there are the beautiful chips against 2nd elevens in dead rubbers when we are alsready 3 goals up to factor in.
    Having said that, look on the bright side. We won’t be given links on the newsnow page to vacuoys self serving tendentious blogs like this feeding us dishonest rubbish.

  10. Lol, England were slacking and just simply did enough to beat Mexico. Also, Vela has no chance when he is competing against RVP, Chamakh, Bendtner, etc.. they are all far better than him.

    • A header against a side of midgets and an offside handball shows England had a great deal of fortune in “doing enough” to beat Mexico. Mexico were much better and had they had a decent finisher they’d have won the game easily.

      Put it this way; had Argentina had that sort of possession Messi would’ve had a hat-trick.

      • E. Magallanes

        They are not midgets!! Crouch is just HUGE =*( and Mexico’s keeper is not the starting keep, they picked him up from the retirement home on the way to wembley =(

  11. If he wants to go he can go. If he wants to stay he needs to prove himself a bit more. What he should definitely do is keep his mouth firmly shut about the future of other Arsenal players

  12. vela has not been given a fair crack at arsenal yet,he was unreal in some of the carling cup games,maybe a year at wigan on loan would be best for all parties.
    that way he would get used to the pace of the premiership and show everybody what he can do.
    even bergkamp and henry took time to cant judge a guy on 1 or 2 appearances every few months.
    id hate to lose him,because i see his undoubted potential.

  13. i wish almunia could say the same thing, arsene wenger has made arsenal fc his own property and he thinks he’s untouchable. picking up his own favourites players out of sentiments. expect wojchec sczezny to say the same thing soon. the whole world knows he’s better than almunia and offers will come for first team football he’ll leave.

  14. Dave, don’t be daft – Nico gives us size which we lack. He’s not a polished striker but scored lots of vital goals last season.
    Vela’s learning but needs to fill out a little bit and get stronger – he was pushed off the ball a lot last season – the EPL is a physical league.He’s getting proper educated at Arsenal, he needs to stay focused and keep fighting – don’t do a Lupoli and get too big for your boots.

  15. He wont leave it will be a loan dont worry he aint leaving

  16. The Doombringer

    “Tremendous display”? He won’t get many better opportunities to get a hat-trick and he f**ked up all of his chances.

    When I saw Vela for the first time I thought he was a real talent, but that is all he is and all I think he will be. No consistent end product and will never prove himself. I don’t think he has earnt the right to play for Arsenal and we should look to recoup some of the money we have invested in him over the last 4 years.

  17. Carlos didn’t have “a tremendous display” at Wembley.

    He failed to take any of the goal-scoring opportunities presented him.

    It was his chance to show us all what he can do in front of goal, and he failed to deliver.

    It’s such a pity as I really think he’s a talent. But he has to show it when it matters.

    It’s not down to rustiness. It’s not down to a confidence diminished by the Arsenal management – confidence comes from within and should not be reliant on others.

    It’s down to Carlos himself. He hasn’t learned from players like Messi – who while more talented fight rather than fall over, track back and help the defence rather than amble, and work harder at his game than anyone else at Barcelona.

    I want to see Vela do well at Arsenal. He has the talent in a way Reyes and Merida doesn’t. But he has to learn why he’s underachieving.

    The match against England only confirmed what we’ve seen with him at the Emirates. It’s up to him to improve and I can’t see three or so games in South Africa as being sufficient time to do that.

    By the way – I think he’s more talented than either Theo or B52 – but he needs a different mindset if he’s going to be an Arsenal first choice. He needs to change.

  18. Vela is a quality player and for the little time he gets he still shows us that he has good potential still left in him. Today i just found out that Fran Merida another highly rated youngster has left arsenal and i am pretty sure that wenger would not want to loose another one. Chamahk is a great attacking player, so are all our strickers in arsenal and i belive that he will still have allot of time because of his great quality which wenger saw in him to offer a long term contract. Vela will stay at arsenal and all this crap is the media trying to manipulate what he really wants to say, i think he is sayong hed rather go on loan and gain experiance than to stay at arsenal and not get minutes which is a perfectly normal thing to say as he is young and ready to play for the first team regularly.

    Vela is going nowhere and if he is then itll be on loan 😛

    • The problem is, he should have demanded a loan period last season.

      In a season where RVP and Bendtner were injured, Eduardo’s form was crap, and Arshavin, Rosicky and Nasri couldn’t find any consistency, Vela still couldn’t get a run of games.

      That really shows what Wenger thinks of him. And don’t be fooled by the fact that he was signed up again on a long contract – that’s Wenger making sure he doesn’t lose him on a free.

      Vela isn’t aggressive enough for the EPL – either on or off the pitch. Other, more ambitious players being pushed off the ball would build some upper body strength, and start pushing back.

      Other, more ambitious players, wouldn’t have sat on the bench for a year, HOPING something would happened. Look at Wilshire – 13 games for Bolton and he has proved that he has what it takes to compete in the PL. Another half season would finish his education – but he is arguably ready for the Arsenal 1st team now.

      Vela needs to come back after the summer and demand some 1st team football OR 6 months on loan – otherwise he is just at the end of an even longer line of forwards, with even less chance of playing this coming season.

  19. Sorry to burst your bubble, Vela didnt do much against England. He fluffed his chances, and he has fluffed his chances at Arsenal. He is more suited to La liga.

  20. we nid to kip these youngsters coz if we kip on losing them,then the whole rebuilding exercise thru junior policy wld b very big joke rily

  21. muy bien! siempre y cuando sea para estar mejor porque en el arsenal esta desperdiciado y creo debe desarrollar mas su potencial haciendo lo que hace jugar fut y si no le dan oportunidad ahi pues a buscarle!.cv ❤

  22. terrible blogger. I am happy you are not his agent, because you will surely manage him badly. The man been injured forever. the thing is he is still young, and yes he needs a run of games but at the junction we were last season it was hard to play him especially when we were trying to win the league. in this case players that were effective had to be use. Vela was not all that effective. Bendtner was scoring, and theo showed some promise. and he vela would have played against barca if he hadn’t lost his pastport. So stop your lies…

  23. Give me a break, every time Carlos is healthy he jets off to a Mexican friendly half-way around the world and comes back knackered. Not only can’t he get any momentum and practice time with the team, then he gets injured. His sporadic availability means he’s crap in front of goal when he should be calm and collected. Then on top of it all, when his big chance DOES arrive, he loses his fracking passport! This to me speaks of someone who doesn’t have his eye properly focused on the big prize. If he’s serious about making the Arsenal first team, he should forego some meaningless Mexican friendlies (United players get injured before int’l friendlies every year, only to have a “miraculous” recovery for the next club game) and buckle down and work hard and get his head straight. We all see he has the talent, but talent is only half the battle at this level of football. Encouragingly, he’s focused on his performances at the World Cup which is where his focus should be. After that, he should show the same level of dedication and focus on breaking into the Arsenal team. If you want to displace Arshavin, you better be focused!

  24. I dont think chamakh’s signing really affects vela too much. Realistically his goal should be the left wing position which could be vacated relatively quickly to be fair. And if we were to switch back to 4-4-2 it would likely be one of van persie or chamakh with one of the quicker strikers (ideally eduardo would have been 1st choice for this role, but who knows if he will ever get back to his best?)
    Id be so disappointed if vela left. He appears to have been underused this year, although he did mention in that interview that injuries had been a big hindrance to him.
    Ultimately, these vela-haters have got him completely wrong. With the amount of time he has had on the pitch he has done FAR more than theo walcott (the player he is most similar to in what he can offer the side). He shows a much better understanding of the game, gives the ball away less, finishes chances better and has FAR better ball control. YET for reasons I’ll never understand, theo gets into the 1st team pretty much whenever he’s fit, yet carlos can’t get on the pitch for more than 10 minutes at a time.
    Theo has had 4 years of 1st team football at this club and is still too inconsistent. Give vela the same amount of time and THEN judge him.
    When I say these things about theo and people say “hes just a kid, he will come good” which I actually agree with, but he shouldnt have been getting all these chances in the 1st team, particularly when, as I said, carlos for one has done a lot more with his opportunities in the 1st team.
    To say his work ethic is poor is just ridiculous. Watch the kid when hes on form, he charges about the pitch and makes it uncomfortable for defenders. After his performances in the carling cup last year (08/09), people should have been crying out for him to be given a REAL chance in the 1st team, but instead when he failed to make a massive impact in his occasional 10minute cameos, these so-called fans want him out! Its ridiculous

    • Theo gets a chance because he’s quicker. It’s really that simple. Nobody claims he’s a better player than Vela, but Vela offers the team literally nothing it does not already possess. Is he a better dribbler than Arshavin? More creative in the pass than Cesc? More deadly in front of goal than Van Persie?

      Walcott is quicker than anyone else in the side, so he brings something to that the team doesn’t already possess. The first goal against Barca at the Emirates and the goal at the Nou Camp show what his raw pace brings to the table.

      • Yes but vela is only slightly less quick, hes the 2nd quickest in the squad, but in every other department he is much better than theo. What’s the point in being super quick if you cant do anything with it?
        That was why I compared him to theo. They both can bring pace to the side in particular. The thing is, theo gets chance after chance to prove his worth, yet vela gets barely any match time – and he STILL does more with his time on the pitch.
        Also, vela IS a better dribbler than arshavin imo btw, but there are others in the side who are superior (arshavin is very hit and miss in that department).
        He could be more deadly in front of goal than van persie as well with a run in the side. He looks to be as good as it gets in 1-on-1 situations (every striker misses a few, particularly when they arent playing much – eduardo missed a couple when he was on form before his injury that made ppl scratch their heads for example).
        On top of that, his 1st touch is as good as anyone in the side… He’s not perfect yet, obviously, but has all the tools to be one of the best players around. Hes just not getting the opportunities to improve.

  25. he missed two sitters for a ‘top’ forward against england.. good riddance along with merida

  26. Tom North Bank same can be said about Wilcott yet he get’s chance after chance and is still trash with no end product

  27. wenger must sell eduardo because he expired day has came, and give vela the chance that was given to Bendnter last season.

  28. that will b good if vela leaves finally will get regular playing time n prove what he can do like he did with osasuna wish him the best

  29. Please please don’t let him go Arsene. All he needs is 17hrs in the first team to rocket us to preeeemier championsheep glory. But if he must leave i reely hope that i hope that he go to barcelona cus they play kind of football that carlito would good.

    • Vela to Barca?! Don’t make me laugh! Then again, if it’ll stop them tapping up Cesc, they can have him. We’ll even throw in his passport.

  30. To me Vela has the same problems as Walcott. He’s very good driving at the box in one on one situations on his left foot (right foot in Walcott’s case). But there are still a lot of weaknesses in the rest of his all round game that defenders can exploit (mark him tight and push him on to his weak foot). That pretty much nullifies his threat.

    • The difference is Walcott’s pace is enough to beat defenders with (albeit not with any sort of regularity) whereas Vela is just “quick enough”; defenders feel that if they position themselves well he can’t beat them with just pace like Theo can.

      • No, the difference is vela is playing a position he is less familiar with, and theo has had the benefit of about 3 years extra 1st team experience (which has cost arsenal dearly imo).
        Theo is consequently a bit better at finding space so he often has a better starting position to take on defenders. If vela was playing up front in a 2 off of bendtner or someone, hed have had a much better season last year, because he knows how to be effective in that role and find space, or if hed had the 3 years extra that theo has had, he would be a far better player by now imo.

      • Also, did u not see the pace he showed last season against wigan and sheffield? He ran on to passes and made goals from them when he had no right to. Hes more than “just quick enough” hes extremely fast.
        The only difference between him and theo in that area is walcott has insane acceleration. Its an advantage, but hes unable to make the most of it.

  31. Carlos Vela scored 1 goal this year. He missed two guilt edge chances against England which is quite regular for him. He is now behind V Persie, Chamack, Bendtner, Eduardo. I hope he has a good World Cup so we can get a bigger fee to buy other players needed. Bye Bye Vela !

    • yes, one league goal in 11 appearances that probably combined to between 90 and 180 minutes. That isnt actually so bad. If he scored one in 2 matches, that would be fine, but its even more difficult when the time is so broken up.

  32. First of all, this is some HORRIBLE reporting on your part Zimermman.

    Vela NEVER said he wanted to leave. You are turning his words into what you want to hear. This is not the first time you have some sort of poor translation of one of Velas quotes. Ultimately, all you do is alienate and piss off the Arsenal supporters with no merit. This is unfair to Carlos Vela!

    Please Arsenal supporters, Vela NEVER said he wanted to leave. He is faithful and thankful to Arsen Wenger. Vela simply stated if he didn’t play at Arsenal then MAYBE elsewhere, hence, maybe a loan. But in no way did he state he wanted to leave. Big fan of the site Zimmerman, but this is just another article with bad reporting about Vela on your part. Shame.

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  35. Vela is undoubtedly a top class player.He’s basically an improved version of Reyes for us.
    He’ not going anywhere, but back to The Emirates. I’d like to see us buy Dos Santos too, as they seem to work well with each other, and he’s also an amazing talent.Basically Ronaldinho with pace.
    Also, you’re clearly a fan of Carlos, Zimmerman, so I don’t understand why you would fuel this kinda back page tripe.Come on, you know better than that.

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  37. i think the boy needs to keep his head down and his mouth shut and start playing better.
    he doesn’t not get a run in the arsenal team because wenger is a bad man, he quiet simply isn’t good enough. don’t get me wrong i love the boy and he scores some of the best goals i’v ever seen and most of the goals he scores are blinding BUT he gets knocked off the ball to easy and is inconcistant. he needs to stop moaning and start playing better, if he was to leave he would be going to a lesser club. he should be greatful that he’s on the bench as jack wiltshire is a far better player and he can’t even get into the team.

  38. Vela 99% potential, 1% results

    Just because the tosser helped assure Rob. Green’s place on capello’s final squad, he thinks he can begin talking big..and i thought benchner was the egomaniac, go toss of at zimmerman f.c stupid knob

  39. He can fuck off to zimmerman fc for all i care, for all his ‘potential’ and ‘talent’ he fluffs 2 sitters against rob green(wtf!)..only for man u-bound hernandez to show him how to score..fucking knob

  40. lol hernandez scored against netherlands by the way, everyone needs to cool down zimmerman is just assuming vela wants to leave those exact words never came out of his mouth, lets show some respect to vela.

  41. and mexico! there not all midgets, ‘anon’ crouch is just a freak of nature! lol

  42. Vela is better off leaving Arsenal. It is not something so easy to say because I want him to continue in Arsenal. But Wenger gives no “hope” or no guarantees about Vela getting playing next season either. Buying another striker to add to the ones he already has only makes it worse for Vela.

    If Vela was at least a regular sub but sometimes he isn’t even benched! Especially now that Wenger has gotten another striker. Vela is a quality player with a bright future ahead but by being benched and not being called up he will never develop this talent. Wenger is only hurting Vela with this. And then many fans are unfair with Vela because when he finally gets playing time (10-15 min) he fails to be “sensational”. So they criticize him severely.

    Vela needs a club where he will be starter. Even if it is a lower profile club. But a player only becomes good by playing and playing and playing! If Vela had playing rhythm from Arsenal against England, he would have scored those 2 goals.

  43. Why do people hate vela so much? What has he done? A couple of flat performances?
    Apart from arshavin, he was the best thing about Last season for me. His goals in the cup run were fantastic.
    Arsenal fans are so fickle. Its quite disgusting really.

  44. mexican players are weak of mind and physically in disadvantage compared to most players in the premiere league. Nevertheless, there is no doubt he´s got talent. Here in england, the pressure is sometimes too rough, specially for a young player. The only way he can be consistent is playing every single week, and that´s something he wont get in arsenal. He should go on loan to wigan or some other club, and then come back. Unfortunately he already lost 2 years. If he had done it since the begining he might be already playing next to RvP.

  45. Hi!, I’m a mexican and a huge fan of Vela, I do believe that Arsene has not treated him fairly but Carlos has been looking as if he’s made of glass, I do believe he could do with a bit more work, here in Mexico, once he returned for the national team, he was seen around every night hanging out with mexican sitcom celebrities, so… that kind of let me down, he is more talented than manchester united’s Chicharito, even more than Theo Walcott, but he doesn’t seem to work as hard as them… I do believe his frail body is more suited to Spain’s La Liga, maybe he could go to Valencia, he’d be a great replacement for Villa, I am a great fan of Arsene, but there’s got to be a reason why so many lads want out of Arsenal, and I believe Arsene is a major reason.

  46. Backofthenetallstars

    Vela has shown great talent in the carling cup with his hat-trick in 08-09 season, but he has been unable to contribute anything with the few chances he has had in the first team. Against Chelsea he looked afraid to shoot and out of his depth- his skills and talent were nowhere to be seen. Throughout his substitute appearances he has failed to make any impact when the team really needed somebody to produce something special. He perhaps needs to go out on loan to a championship club and to learn how to finish, but it is pointless him staying at Arsenal as he cannot offer anything different to the other strikers.

  47. Vela is an average player with pace. Stop posing and show some desire. Look at Eboue, when the going got tough, he did not complain or make veiled remarks, but rolled up his sleeves and has just had his most productive season.

    If Vela wants to leave, go, he won’t be missed as he is anonymus alot of the time anyway.

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