Arsenal’s Carlos Vela Speaks Ahead Of Wembley Battle With Three Lions

21 years old Gunners hitman Carlos Vela has spoken on Thursday afternoon to the Mexican press ahead of the big battle with the Three Lions tomorrow evening at Wembley Stadium.

Vela took part in a press conference at the Ramada Hotel in Herzogenaurach (Germany), where the El-Tri side had their trainings camp before flying out to London yesterday.

Vela has given his opinion on several questions, especially how far the Mexicans are away to battle with the big ones.

Carlitos said:

“We’re on the same level as many of the best national teams. Obviously Italy, Brazil, Argentina their results have shown the quality of their players and Mexico has unfortunately not been able to take that step we all want.

We have seen in World Cups that we have battled Italy and other big-national teams of great level without any problem, I think you just have to take that small step to show that we can win, we can succeed … I do not see a big difference.”

The Mexican national side will meet Fabio Capello’s England side on Monday evening at Wembley stadium where the El-Tri will play their ninth game in preparation for the World Cup South Africa 2010.Vela has talked about the controversy with the Wembley pitch.

Would it be a big  risk to play on this pitch?

“I think we’ve already played on bad grounds, it won’t be an excuse, I’ve played on pitches without grass, so I will not complain about a stadium like Wembley.

Last time I was at Wembley was at the FA Cup Semi-Final and the grass was in bad condition, the stadium though is incredible. I think that’s because there are so many concerts there and not a lot of games. The pitch was very loose, you run and the grass stays there. To them (the British) is obviously bad, because their grass is usually in good condition. “

After it Carlitos was questioned about former Coach Sven Goran Eriksson who made some quotes against the El-Tri last week. The Swedish coach is now with Didier Drogba’s Ivory Coast side!

“I think it’s fine (what Eriksson said) because he’s now with that National team and he’s got to give them some motivation, he’s got to try for them to make it ok to the World Cup.

Mexico doesn’t need to be compared to other national teams, because we prove it on the pitch and not with talking.”

Support Carlitos and the Seleccion Mexicana on Monday evening!

Article by – A.Zimmermann


14 responses to “Arsenal’s Carlos Vela Speaks Ahead Of Wembley Battle With Three Lions

  1. goonpowderplotter

    I love watchiing mexico play at the world cup..lots of flair and nice to watch. Best of luck to mexico!

  2. “I’ve played on pitches without grass, so I will not complain about a stadium like Wembley” – loooool

  3. ooops lets hope itz so-lionz?!!!!

  4. rodolfo chavez

    C’mmon Carlos…you can make it to become an icon from el tri and from arsenal…
    good luck vs england and world cup; you have all our support here!
    your friend from Texas…. cheers!!!!


  5. i believe in u carlos, just go show ur worth

  6. what is the difference between the new united striker and Vela? Who got the most potential and how they differe in playstyle? the new united dude looks leathal! so far Vela has not, is he a different type of player maybe? As in more a creator than a scorer?

    • I think the main difference is that Man Utd’s new striker Javier Hernandez is more of a natural striker, a #9. Carlos Vela looks like more of a left winger and with striking abilities. They are both good and have lots of potential. They are both very young and will only get better.

    • @Golin
      They are very different in style. Hernandez, the United man is more of a finisher. He has great leaping ability, great for headers, speed, uses both legs, unselfish and a hard worker. Although he does have the ability to create.

      Vela is more skill and creator. He is a great finisher, has yet to show it in the EPL but has not failed display it in every team he has been in the past. Vela is a better one on one player and has better individual skill. If you have noticed, he has great touch in his passes.

      The important thing to remember is that they are both young. Hopefully they will develop fairly quick for both teams. I believe they both have a great up side. Ultimately, where they play and how they are used will play a big part in who excels. Vela is great for Mexico because he is a key part of the attack, the coaching staff do a good job in utilizing him for their advantage. On the other hand, in Arsenal he has to play a system that does not really benefit his style.

  7. You have to feed Hernandez in order for him to score where Vela can score when fed or can create his own opportunities..

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  9. good luckk to mexico and vela tomorrow:) hopefullyy vela scores:D & i hope theyy repeat the game becausee ima be att skool”/,gooo carlitos vela ily<3

  10. It’s good to finally hear Carlos talk. Some of the criticism he’s been receiving has been totally unfair.. the boys not played due to fitness problems and when asked to play he’s admittedly struggled.. but what he needs is a consistant run of games. From his quotes above he seems very level headed and a fighter. “we’ll do our talking on the pitch”.. seems he has the right attitude, contrary to the belief of many arsenal supporters who have doubted him. Hope Carlos scores against England… to show he can cut it in England. He’s going to have a graet World Cup and has been highlighted by FIFA as one to look out for.

  11. great match! Mexico was better on the pitch! They had more possession but couldn’t finish it! England just took advantage of his hight. Second goal was clearly offside! I like how they played!

  12. oh! ma friend… i haven’t words to say anything about the game and the same form about Vela. I just want to say: No mames Carlos! esas debes meterlas cabron…

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