Vela Jumps In And Came Close To Strike For El-Tri

21 years old Carlos Vela was introduced with 34 minutes left on the clock in Mexico’s farewell battle with South American outfit Chile, as his native Mexico was able to beat a competitive Chilean side by 1:0, thanks to El-Tri striker Alberto Medina.

In front of 100.000 Mexican supporters at the impressive Estadio Azteca,Vela had his best chance as his long-range effort was deflected by a Chilean defender over the cross bar.

Just few minutes later Carlitos had another good moment , as Vela found Adolfo Bautista but Bautista mis timed to control the ball.

The former Pamplona genius had some very nice runs trough the ranks and improved the game of his team immediately. Especially his effort from long-range was very close.

Carlos will now head to Germany with his teammates to go into the final preparation stage for the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa. The Mexican national side will enter the Adidas Training center in Herzogenaurach on Tuesday.

Article by – A.Zimmermann

16 responses to “Vela Jumps In And Came Close To Strike For El-Tri

  1. Simply a master when at its best. carlos would have done better this season if not for mr arsen wenger special treatment to some players in my darling team arsenal. wonderkid-vela should be giving the role messi is handling at barcelona and see what the mexican is capable of doing his goal against fulham is a perfect example…aiyanyor smart in Benin-city nigeria.

  2. jackie wilshere

    vela is rubbish. when he did get minutes this season, he used them to dive and try to go down. that is why wenger didn’t play him.
    vela would be good in liga but he doesn’t have the sand to play in england

  3. You want to bet on it jackie? I’m sure you’ll chew ur words when he starts banging in the goals! Jackie just have some faith, good things don’t come easy! He’s gonna be a super with arsenal, mark my words. Wasn’t alex song voted the worst wenger buy? Isn’t he the backbone of our midfield now. Keep the faith buddy!!

  4. jackie wilshere sucks cawk

    jackie wilshere sucks cawk obviously you’re not a Arsenal fan as it has been known that Vela was injured most of the season you fucking idiot,Arsenal doesnt need plastic fan’s like you go watch MLS you twat

  5. wether it matters or not, its ‘Adolfo Bautista’
    Mexico vs England may 24! well see if he has the “sand” against the best english defenders

  6. id rather have vela or eduardo than lancky miss sitters

  7. great, just ope he stays fit btwn now n da wcup so dat arsene can c all his qualities.

  8. I’m starting to think the Arsenal changing room might not be the most ideal place to be, first came Nasri’s comments in which he states 4 or 5 Arsenal player simply don’t communicate with Gallas and yesterday after Chile’s game Carlos said something like ”here (in Mexico) it’s not like there (Europe which means Arsenal), we all have a great time and it’s a joy to come here and be with my teamates we are always joking…”
    Really made me think about how the dressing room might be divided or something and how Vela might need a close knit group to adapt better.

    • Sam,

      Do you have a link or source? Vela tends to be quiet and timid. So I can’t really picture him stirring the pot even a little. However, if in fact it is true, the disruption in chemistry would be a troublesome eye opener for any Arsenal fan.

  9. great 4 vela you can dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo iiiiittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt thanks alot fan arsenal good l lucky next partido is in inglaterra so come tri

  10. He played great. I wanted to see him as a starter…though…Maybe when we play England. It’s going to be a great game and I can’t wait 🙂

  11. Hey, Zimmerman (and all you guys who watch Mexico on a regular basis).. What’s your opinion on Javier Hernandez? Have Man U got the best Mexican striker?

    • Chicharito is a very talented player, it is a good grab for Manchester United, but the fee is really tremendous. You should not make the mistake to compare Vela to Chicharito,they are both different types of players, so they got a good one, that he will be impressive, he must prove that in the PL

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