Carlos Vela Will Not Feature Against Angola Tomorrow At Reliant Stadium

Mexican forward Carlos Vela has not joined his teammates on their trip to Houston, Texas where Javier Aguirre’s El-Tri side will take on Angola at the impressive Reliant Stadium on Thursday evening.

Vela has arrived in Mexico City last Monday, where he was able to sort out his problems with his US. visa as well as his passport.

The 21 years old stayed in the Aztec capital to recover from his jet lag as well as to have some light training sessions before joining the Mexican national side in the next days. Head coach Javier Aguirre has decided with Carlitos that a performance against Angola would come too early for the young Arsenal player.

Another reason to let him stay in Mexico was that he played with the Gunners on Sunday afternoon and immediately after the match he went to the Airport London Heathrow to take his plane to Mexico City.

Article by – A.Zimmermann


8 responses to “Carlos Vela Will Not Feature Against Angola Tomorrow At Reliant Stadium

  1. I was looking forward to seeing him light up Angola but it makes sense to let him rest but this shows the commitment he has to the national team. He could of easily stayed in England and waited for the team to come to him.

  2. I think it might be better for him not to play against Angola. He sure will be in the starting 11 against Chile. It will be a great match! We will beat Chile!

  3. Oh… I wanted to see him play against Angola, but I agree that he needs some rest. We will hopefully get to see him play against Chile…the 16th…in the Aztec Stadium. I can’t wait until they play England 🙂

  4. sure!, he is not ready yet to begin that game because he need work with the manager of MĂ©xico for to do team conjunction, so maybe he’s playing back in the sunday, when MĂ©xico take down to Chile.
    i hope to see Vela’s goals in these game…

  5. Rest up Carlos, you have a good 2 months ahead of you!!

  6. I agree to that Vela could not play the game against Angola. Plus Vela was getting his passport and visa ready. I cant wait to see Carlos Vela and Javier Hernandez play against Chile. The Mexican National Team really need Carlos Vela and Gio. Both players will make a big difference in the game against England. I will be very happy if Mexico tie with England but i doubt that Mexico will win. Maybe if
    Michel, or Memo
    Salcido, Rafa, Moreno, Osorio,
    Gio, Barrera, Torado, Guardado,
    Vela, and Hernandez play, they have a chance to beat England.

  7. I wish that blanco was at least four years younger, but at 37 he cant keep up with the young and talented Carlos Vela or Gio. Blanco needs to loose 10 more lbs so he can at least play half time. I can tell that Blanco is putting 100% into the games. Maybe he knows that if he gets full fit he can make a real difference. I hope so.

  8. I thought Carlos Vela News should know about this…

    I look forward to next season for the boy, hopefully he will be fully focussed, fully fit and ready for the fight. Do you know what the Mexico situation will be for next year? By that I mean, is there likely to be many matches Mexico play which could scupper his season like last time?

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