Arsenal’s Vela Arrives In Mexico City And Refuses To Speak About His Future With The Gunners

Arsenal striker Carlos Vela has arrived in Mexico City last evening to process his visa and passport, so that he will be able to join the Mexican national team in either the U.S. or in the Aztec capital, just before the EL-Tri will have their friendly match against Chile.

“To be excited, that is the key word because if I stay (in the Seleccion Mexicana) it would be my first World Cup and that is the dream of every footballer to reach the World Cup and represent your country.

I’m fine, I worked hard in the last months on my team, with participation or not, I have worked hard in training, I’ve been doing extra work to be well and in the last two games I had more minutes and I think it comes better.”

The attacker hopes that the Tri can perform well in the World Cup, referred to his selection as one of the best considering that in their ranks there are players who played for teams regularly.

Mexico will face on the “European Tour” England on May 24 and Carlitos said that he expects to be ready for it, because it is a tough and important battle, mostly because he will face some of his Arsenal colleagues.

“That is one of the parties that I wants to play and win, because if we are there we are saying that we want to win there, because it is a special game as well as for our opponent with a few teammates of me.”

Carlos lost his U.S. visa and passport just before the match that Arsenal held at Barcelona in the Quarter Final round of the Champions League, so could not make the trip with his team, and now hopes to make the right arrangements to get both papers back to join his native as soon as possible.

“I do not normally use my passport, but the day of travel I had to use it I looked and could not find it, simply I have no answer really what happened.”

Vela himself refused all questions to his future at Arsenal, as he sets his focus on the Mexican national side. At this part of the interview Carlos looked angry and serious, as he was asked about Arsenal and Mr. Wenger.

“I will not talk about my future at Arsenal, now I’m one hundred percent focused on the World Cup,”

Article by – A.Zimmermann with thanks to Angie Serratos Moreno


18 responses to “Arsenal’s Vela Arrives In Mexico City And Refuses To Speak About His Future With The Gunners

  1. barry the gooner

    let’s hope he looses his passport and has to stay in south africa!!

    • Barry your not really a gooner if you want him to stay in South Africa, I have always admired Vela when he joint Arsenal. He just needs the time to play which wenger is not giving him at the moment we can only hope next season he gets more games.

  2. Patrick T. Kenyor

    Let Arsene Wenger give Carlos Vela the chance to prove himself on Arsenal.I believe that he is a promising player that we will be relying on for the future.
    He has the skills and fine scoring ability .

  3. what is this i have heard about vela or eduardo going to bolton in p/ex for cahill. The deal is also dependant on wilshere, bolton want him for a year wenger has said 6 months then review

    • really? maybe Eduardo, because i was reading than Eduardo go leave the team the next season, but i don´t now anything about Vela and i don´t think so because he has contract renewed. where you see that? do you have the link or where you read it?


  4. Vela has great skill and will become a great player- but he has a lot of work to do to build his strength and reading of the game.

  5. arsenals carlos vela should be given a chance to p;ay at arsenal tha he is given now. he is one of the interesting young players in the world . so mr. wenger should learn from thier fault and assist the yuongster to shine.

  6. yeah,yeah..give more chances to do silvestre,denilson,almunia,fabianski.and at the end of coming season we will keep talking how close we r to championship,blablabla..

  7. Oh man whats going on with Arsen and vela, if we let him go i will be so angry we missed out on a number of world class players such as ronaldo, messi….. vela could be world class given the chance even next season. i mean how old is messi 22?


  8. If he is really that good as some here has said then he has to prove himself. Otherwise talk is cheap

    • ok Stanley, and just how do u think Carlos can prove himself if Wenger won’t even let him play? He has already proven to everyone what he’s capable of and what he’s worth, and that’s the reason why he’s playing for Arsenal in the first place isn’t?


    • 10-13 minutes every 7 games is not enough..

  9. Gives him time guys, he was not even given a string of games to fit into the team. he just drift in and out and not playing most of the time. Any player could suffer from that. not to mention the midfield was so weak to even gives him the support he needed. And the tactic we use just dun fit him, the same with Edurdo. they are more or less the 442 player.

  10. Many people talk bad about Vela and are being very unjust. If Wenger wants Vela to become a very good player and teammate for Arsenal, now is the time to act. Vela needs no more bench time, no more growing up or anything, he needs to start playing every game next season. That is the only way he will develop his skills and become what all of the Arsenal fans want him to be.

    If Vela is given this chance and still fails, then we can say he had his shot and didn’t take advantage of it. But you guys can’t be hard on him and talk bad only because he fails to be “amazing” in 10 minutes of playing time!! If a crap player like Bendtner which I don’t like in my opinion, can be starter in Arsenal, then Vela can definitely be starter and be better.

  11. Its not like he has any choice in his future unless someone realy wealty comes in and bids ridiculous money or AW decides he wants to sell the boy. He has a 5 year contract and for those 5 years he is arsenal property. And has to live on their terms really. They decide wheter he players or not, wheter he gets sold or not. But that is also why he like the rest of the modern players earn lots of money….

  12. That said, i hope he has a really good WC and wish him to stay ofc 🙂

  13. does anyone now if carlos vela will be able to make it to the mexico vs. angola game this thursday??

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