Vela’s Extraordinary Chip Finishes Arsenal’s Damage On Fulham

Young talented Arsenal striker Carlos Vela came on late and stars with a sensational chipping goal, as he lifted the ball with his left foot over Fulham Goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer to make it 4:0 for the Gunners.

Vela was introduced with just 13 minutes remaining on the clock, but he showed from the start a very confident performance. It started very well with good ball control and a few great runs, followed then by an outstanding back-heel kick for left back Gael Clichy and the result was the composed finish in front of Schwarzer to seal his only Premier League goal of this season. After his tally Vela jumped straight into the arms of Spanish midfielder Fran Merida to celebrate with him his goal. The Spaniard is Vela’s best friend at Arsenal and he helped the Mexican to stick with his game.

Carlitos showed again his quality and ability in front of the net, as many peoples have blamed him after missing out on the opportunity in the third minute at Ewood Park.

I think no one should have still doubts on the quality and ability of this young man Carlos Vela!!

Watch Vela’s goal here

Article byA.Zimmermann

24 responses to “Vela’s Extraordinary Chip Finishes Arsenal’s Damage On Fulham

  1. very nice goal by vela n the heel pass was nice! thats our mexican vela!!

  2. I’m pleased for you Zimmerman, it’s been a hard slog but finally you’ve got something to write about! Great goal by our smiling assasin

  3. I think he will play more on the left wing next year but Vela is quality. He makes scoring looks ridiculosly easy can’t wait to see him in the world cup and hopefully scoring goals consistently for arsenal in the next 2-3 years.
    Next David Villa you ask me

  4. Carlos Vela’s goal showed how, unlike Eduardo, the disappointing season he had was down to Wenger’s selections (& Mexico duties) rather than his ability.


  6. i am so proud of vela ,,i just can wait for him to be back in mexico , i hope we attends mexico’s game in houston 😀

    • He’s amazing I went to the game on Friday, dissapointing but the atmosphere was fantastic! It would have been amazing if he’d been there!

  7. Good on you Zimmy. You get a lot of stick from idiots but you always keep the faith. Carlos showed today what he can do for us. He just needs a good run in the team. I bet he has a great WC.

  8. Beautiful goal in an almost meaningless game (as it turns out, completely meaningless since Spuds choked at Burnley- lol). But the substitutions told a story of their own- as we already knew Djourou has the Silvestre spot, but Vela and Lansbury are the two promotions from within. Carlos has had a rough season with injuries and getting into the squad but I think today Wenger showed that he has confidence in him. It bodes well for his Arsenal future. He’ll start as a sub next season (not on loan as some have conjectured), and will eventually work his way into the first team. Here’s wishing him a great World Cup and hoping he gets his chances with Arsenal next season!

  9. Looking forward to seeing Carlos displaying his obviously incredible talents on the world stage this summer.

    I am convinced he will score at least 2 goals for Mexico during the group stages, lets hope they make it through into the last 16.

  10. oh my god carlitos vela finallyy got some time im so happyyy! see ppl he’s good!!!i cant wait to see him in the world cup.i loooooove that goal it was a reelyy good goal:)

  11. So proud of him, that smile is back, Vela is back! =)

  12. I always knew he would deliver. he just needs more and more games Untill he becomes a top player. cant wait for next season
    Well done carlito

  13. he is great wuality, but he is weak and feeble. Need to strengthen his physique big time. It was a very poor Fulham side, but it was a great finish though!

  14. Finally! 😀 Nice goal, pity he wasn’t fit all season. Hopefully he gets through the summer injury-free and starts scoring many more like this in the next campaign!

  15. beautiful goal! That’s how he scores. Nothing to say but he deserves it! He always makes beautiful goals! GO VELA

  16. Vela was rewarded for his determination and showed great composure to score. It was the goal of the game and I really wish our smiling young lad the best for next season. I am happy for him and Arsenal.
    Montreal, Canada

  17. All I can say is “Amazing!” I wish that i could had seen the game but i had to wait and see the highlights.

    I new that vela was just being patient, and waiting for that moment to prove his talent in the final matches. Next season will be even better. Thank you Carlos Vela for the best goal of the season.

    Mr. Wenger, get Pablo Barrera before someone gets him first.

  18. the lad is only 20. can we give him some time?

    as always the arsenal chums are very impatient.

    i dont think he will be shipped out this summer.

    let us give him some time, he is talented and has an eye for goal.

  19. love watching him play… absolutely he has gifted skill ,superb technical ability and composure! cant wait his performance in WC for me he is a arsenal’s messi

  20. june 11, i can imagine him flying past booth and the rest of the bafana also scoring!

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  22. Jamie Williamson

    Here are Vela’s touches of the ball from the Fulham Game

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