Carlos Vela Without Any Confidence Against Rovers

Mexican striker Carlos Vela got his long-awaited first Premier League start in this season as the Gunners were rocked by a more focused and fighting Blackburn Rovers side at the Ewood park last evening.

The 21 years old has started on the left-wing to support Robin van Persie up-front, but it was early clear that Carlitos is at the moment without any confidence if he is wearing the Arsenal kit. Carlos looked scared and totally destroyed in his own believe, so that nothing worked well for the young forward in this football match.

Just after 3 minutes he had a tremendous opportunity as Theo Walcott did a great cross from he right hand side, but Carlos missed just wide as he lifted his effort over his marker.

If you now wait on more scenes of Carlos in the match, there was unfortunately nothing. Just one more action as Vela was flagged offside as he drilled a left footer dangerously across the goal.

Vela was then replaced after 67 minutes by Russian international Andrey Arshavin.

It was definitely another disappointing day for Carlos, but that he is currently without any confidence is totally understandable. The young forward got bad treatment this season by the Arsenal Manager and this is the result of all. You cannot be confident, you cannot have believe in yourself when you sitting most of the time on the bench or in the stands, but you cannot blame Wenger for it as he wanted to win the Premier League, but the Manager failed as well as like he failed to develop Carlos to a member on this competitive Arsenal side.

I don’t know what problem Wenger had this season with Carlos, but obviously he had a meeting in front of the season with Raymond Domenech were both decided to let Vela stay on the bench for France.

Sorry guys a bit of irony must be allowed, but definitely i agree with all of us that Carlos was poor yesterday!!

Article by – A.Zimmermann

59 responses to “Carlos Vela Without Any Confidence Against Rovers

  1. Must say at least Carlos saved the club money as they won’t have to wash the sweat of his kit.

  2. Harry Barracuda

    He’s a lightweight who should really be sold to Spain in the summer. He’ll never be strong (or strong-minded) enough for the Premier League.

  3. Please get over yourself.. Vela is useless.

    He is so bad he makes eduardo look good!!

  4. carlos will be better den walcott mark my words.. yal are quick to forget his ability.have yal forgotten who supplied the cross for eduardos header against west ham in the f.a cup ? who made kris kirkland look like he wanted to cry with that audacious chip against wigan.if carlos played as much as walcott he would be miles ahead of him coz he is way more tricky if u wanna ask someone if carlos got talent i suggest u give sergio ramos a call he will tell u LOL

  5. i think its a disgrace the way wenger has treated vela im so dissapointed i for one know vela has tons of quility but wenger showed him no faith what so ever. i want wenger gone he knows nothing i will go and support chelsea soon i mean it. i have no faith in arsenal no more. the amount of money ive spent to go watch this team fail ive had enough

  6. Carlos Vela.. when will he ever take his chance?

  7. A cheap shot at Wenger, since Arsenal is trophy-less again this season all of the people jump on the bandwagon with all sort blame being it carrying a factual ground or a fictional vindication, & your parting shot is off target. Plus more then any other (gooners), you should know the percentage of his fitness of not being at 100% through out the season.

  8. voodoo-priest

    what are you on about???
    wenger treated him badly?? that should be a lesson to all players at arsenal that you can’t go away on international duty and expect to come back and get your place back.
    this is arsenal football club not Vela’s dad’s chocolate factory. it has happened to bigger and better players in the past, the likes of Gilberto Silva(when he was brazil captain) and he had to sit on the bench while Flamini shone for the gooners because he choose to go play in the south american cup when the season had began and even tho we are all happy to see our players become internationals, we can’t make their countries a priority at arsenal…
    i hope Vela does get to go to the world cup and has a good one for “el tri” and hopefully a good and full pre-season with the gooners…
    but you mr zim has to learn to stop blaming Wenger because just as Theo Walcott has suffered for his insistance on playing for the england juniors so has Vela for going out playing for Mexico and as such not having a proper pre-season nor a chance to claim a place on the team….NOW you tell me how that is Wenger’s fault

  9. He needs more time, and he did not get bad treatment by the manager, wenger has given vela plenty of chances and time and time again he hasn’t performed. Hes got great potential but its too early for playing in the first team regularly, perhaps loaning him out like wilshere to a team like bolton might help him get first match experience without bringing down arsenal also.

  10. Yes carlos was bad.. but so was everyone else that was wearing the arsenal kit. You can’t just single carlitos out. Even RVP played an overall crappy game… it just goes to show that witout a good midfield, strikers are doomed!

  11. Mr Zimmerman, I respect your loyalty to Vela but you need to chill out a bit.

    Confidence or not how on earth did Vela miss that chance yesterday? It was a tap in. Wenger has absolutely no problems with Vela, why would he? Is it Wenger’s fault Vela was injured a lot this season?

    Vela still needs to develop to be a first teamer. RVP and Arshavin are first choice and Walcott, Rosicky and Bentdner are all ahead of him, should Wenger drop everyone and play Vela?

    Vela is very talented but all season you have complained Wenger doesn’t play him and then when he does, you complain still! It takes time to develop, look at Bentdner and Song.

    Wenger knows how good Carlos is.

  12. Quite simply, Carlos Verla is not good enough to playing top team football at a club like Arsenal. I have been left disappointed and underwhelmed by every performance I have seen from him this season. He was dire in today’s game, in which he made a rare start. Carlos has to do better than that but I am not sure if he can.

  13. Yawning Gooner

    I have no confidence in paying the mug(s) thousands of pounds to make excuses.

    Poor beyond belief and if he/they can’t cut it, clear out.

  14. Blaming Wenger for Vela’s poor performance yesterday is a miserable attempt at an excuse.

    You’ve been calling for Carlos to be given a start all season long and yesterday was your answer. There was little difference between his time on the pitch at Blackburn and all the other times he’s been on as a substitute.

    What happened yesterday was a poor TEAM performance and not just one by Carlos. When Arshavin replaced him the result was exactly the same. Blackburn harried and pressed – we dithered and passed sideways. We were bullied.

    If Vela is to break into the first team he has to take his chances, and yesterday he didn’t. We all know he’s talented, but it might just be that the Premier League is too fast and hard for him. He might be better off in Holland or Spain. Though I hope not.

    The game at Blackburn was the wrong one for Vela to be given his opportunity. But he should have made more of it than he did.

    But to blame Wenger for being instrumental in wrecking Vela’s confidence is rubbish. Confidence comes from within. Look at Bendtner? Half the talent of Vela but with a surfeit of self-belief.

    Carlos should learn a lot from yesterday. The question is will he.

  15. Karl O'Sveller

    “Carlitos” was given plenty of chances by Wenger earlier in the season and has always looked out of his depth and ineffectual. It strikes me that despite the stunning Carling Cup goals of previous years, Carlos Vela is not cut-out for premier league, and it would be best for all concerned if he were to continue his career in the Southern European leagues.

  16. Wenger is god

    Raymond Domenech??? whats the hell his name is doing in this article. Carlos is a Mexican not French

  17. You’re constantly saying that Vela has been given a hard time by Wenger due to his lack of starts this season. But on his first start he does pretty much nothing, which is also what he has done this season when coming off of the bench.

    It’s a vicious circle as when he doesn’t play well he doesn’t get to start and when he doesn’t get game time he doesn’t seem to play well (unless he’s playing for Mexico that is!)

    It is a shame that he’s not shown signs of improving this season as I’ve always liked him. But it does seem that maybe his time with us is coming to an end.

  18. Pingback: how can i work on being confident and not getting mad on my golf game?

  19. This site is fucking hilarious.

    You picked a dud mate.

  20. Ur opinion is fucked. Vela is a poor poor player and not french fuck u! Fuck vela!

    • Flex, you should quit your job man, its killing you.. Even an idiot like you knows Vela is truly a gifted player, to deny it just makes you look more stupid than you allready are.

      If you add all of the minutes Vela played this season you would understand why he played like he did. You claim this league is the best in the world, so how do you expect a player to perform, if he does not get any “real” time on the field..

  21. The next time I view this site will hopefully be to check on how the useless Mexican twat is settling in at his new la ligue division 2 club. We have better kids in the under 18’s than this waste of space.

  22. U can’t call yourself a striker and miss the opportunity he had. Open goal… Cmon. I hope we sell him back to Spain this summer!

  23. Vela should go out on loan to Bolton next year. It would do him the world of good physically, mentally and experience wise. I don’t see him getting too much playing time next year as Wilshere will probably get more minutes.

  24. Bad treatment? If Vela hasn’t been playing it is because he hasn’t shown himself in training as a viable option over the others in his position, despite his obvious ability. And that isn’t Wenger’s fault.

  25. Bored Gooner’s response is right, you need to stop upping your fella and dish him out some critiscism. Your biased view of Carlos is not helping him or endearing him to us fans. He quite simply does not show any sign that at the top level (Premiership) he can cut it. Cameo’s in the Carling Cup do not impress me and i am afraid neither does scoring goals against Venezuala, Bolivia, etc. If he has a good World Cup and can prove himself against the top teams, Spain, Brazil, Italy, Germany and dare i say it England then he may have a future with us, but honestly, i would sell him in the summer, he is no better than Victor Moses who we should have signed in January and let CV go on loan with a view to a permanent move. Sorry Zimmerman but his time is up and so is yours for being linked to Arsenal.

  26. Carlos didn’t get tried out by Arsenal for a number of reasons, especially given he’s always half way around the globe playing for Mexico. You don’t see him at training, the manager does, and clearly he hasn’t been putting in the effort required to be picked. Just evident by the fact he ‘loses’ his passport before the Barca game leaving the manager in a tangle. Pathetic attempt at a finish, did nothing all game apart from the miss, and no Arsenal fans will be missing him.

  27. GoonerCanada

    I Understand your job is to Praise Carlos Vela in all he does or doesn’t do.
    But not having confidence because he didn’t play before is not an excuse and you state that its Arsene Wenger’s fault. Everybody has to come off the bench and do what they can, Bendtner did it, Theo did it, Wilshire did it, and Ramsey(get well soon) did it. Why is it so hard to believe that Carlos Vela doesn’t play for a struggling spanish team but a Top english/European team. Please tell me who you think Vela should replace in the starting line-up ?? Arshavin/Rosicky/Nasri or Theo.
    Carlos Vela is a top talent but he will need to bide his time and take his opportunities when they come. And it is upto you to call a spade a spade and provide a more balanced view to things.


  28. Vela is Mexican not French i dont know why you bring Raymond Domenech into this

    • because France is playing Mexico at the World Cup!!!

      • A. Zimmermann:

        well, i think than you should forget this class of post comments cos’ they’ll remember the other season of Vela with Arsenal.
        Vela have many potential but, yesterday he show… well its better dont remember it.

  29. Carlos’ game was to be expected. The big mistake people make is assume that because Vela did not play well in this game, he should not be called for a next game. But Vela played this way because he gets no playing time.

    The best thing Wenger can do is start giving Vela playing time this next season. Vela needs to get his confidence back and once that happens he will be a very effective and valuable player for Arsenal. Vela did not play for a long time so give him time and don’t expect so much from him after 1 game. Once he scores he will be confident again and next season can be a great one for Arsenal.

  30. Why the Raymond Domenech reference when Vela is a Mexican international? I like Vela’s game and think he’s much better than he’s shown but that’s just it; he hasn’t shown much and isn’t living up to his potential. It isn’t solely on the manager to bring it out of him it’s up to Vela to force his way into Arsene’s thoughts. The Vela that had a nice Carling Cup run last season needs to return and prove he can do the same in the league games. Take defenders on and put shots on goal rather than turn away from goal and always look to pass. Too often he reminds me of Walcott this season but at least Walcott has a few goals to show for it. I hope Vela gets his confidence back as patience is probably wearing thin.

  31. Carlos was a pushover yesterday, he proved he is not ready to start matches. He has not been treated any worse than other players with constant injuries.
    Towards the end you could even see the other ARsenal players would not pass the ball to him as they were afraid he would loose the ball again. Everytime he had the ball in this match he lost it and was pushed over. He was a living proof of the fact that we are not yet strong enough physically….

    I hope he is sent out on loan next year, cos the boy really is not ready to start for Arsenal. He was worse than Diaby yesterday!

  32. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about, unfortunately Vela could be thinking more of the world cup just like anyone that is about to go to it. If Wenger did it to save France from embarrassment then it could be, we never know with politics. I personally think that with Vela at 100% against France that it would be an even match. Since the match is in South Africa, Mexico might have a better chance in winning that game against France. Lets see if I’m right.

    I liked that Vela played alongside RvP and Walcott. Its a start and i know that these three players will be very dangerous. It is finding the right positions for the rest of the players and having Fabregas and Denilson back that will be the key to victory. Its just a matter of rotating and finding a balance to avoid injuries. I also feel that Wenger needs to strengthen the back defenders or get someone new.

    Come on Wenger, you need a defender that will be very solid in the back. Try getting two to start with instead of strikers. With a solid back the front will be more confident and create more openings. Then its Victory time.

  33. I don’t see anyone on that pitch playing with much confidence. Song and Fabregas were always the ones this season who instilled the high work rate at belief in the side, but without them the team looks like a bunch of kids looking for a leader. Creativity is infectious, we just don’t have any players out there who can either pull off a great play or have the confidence to even try a great play. Walcott only runs at defenders as he has no confidence to take the ball inside consistently. You can say the same thing about Vela, playing extremely wide and never having the belief to come in. Maybe Wenger needs to switch Walcott and Vela so they can come inside on their dominant foot instead of staying outside with the hope only to cross in. There are no shots coming in from our midfielders and this invites opposing team to just park the bus. I don’t know how well Diaby and Nasri can strike from distance, but at least Denilson wasn’t afraid of having a go and putting the shot on goal. And what’s going on with Arshavin, now here’s a player we know who can shoot from distance yet he is always encouraged to take the ball to the touch line and try and square the ball to teammates that are never in the box at the right time. I think maybe Wenger has gotten into Arshavin’s head too much, let him be greedy, it’s suits him best. It may not be the Arsenal way, but sometimes you have to put you players in the position for them to succeed rather than plugging them into roles that don’t fit their style.

  34. well if Vela has any impact against strong physcial oponent teams id be very suprised, but also very happy as it could prove he will be a good player for arsenal next year.
    However as it is today it seems United signed the best Mexican striker and we got the bad one…

    • velas injurys, international duties, and unable take his chances when wenger gave them to him have all contributed to velas lack of performance he is not bad but when you dont get regular football you wont be at your best.

    • “However as it is today it seems United signed the best Mexican striker and we got the bad one…”

      Very ignorant comment!

  35. A good player does not become bad overnight. Last season Vela looked promising and scored some good goals in the CC. This season, for whatever reason, he has looked poor & has failed to take any of his chances. To blame Wenger for this is foolish – he has had the chances and failed. His attitude also has to be questioned as he doesn’t seem prepared to work his way out of a poor streak and of course we had the passport incident.

    Nonetheless, he does have talent and should not be sold just yet. But he does need games and I think the first half of next season should see him loaned out. If he still shows no progress, time to cut our losses.

    • yo mike tell me his chances, playing against physical sides like Stoke City and Blackburn Rovers, that is giving a chance, for me it is throwing out to the lions!!

  36. Vela at his top is miles ahead of Rosicky, Walcott, Eduardo and Arshavin. He just needs more minutes to get back in form. If we sell him it will be a big loss when he becomes world class in the future.

  37. is a shame what happened to carlos, carlos thought I would show his desire to play, but unfortunately showed its worst side, understand that I had the pace of play, but they should at least show more of his talent … perhaps, like most of the comments say, Charles was too big for the team Arsenal.

  38. LOL!

    I hope you will finally get off his nuts, overrated player with no heart what so ever. Thinking there is a conspiracy theory between Wenger and Domenech (two men who hate each other) to limit the playing time for Vela is hilariously pathetic. He has had his chances, he has been piss poor in all of them. Sure he can score against shit clubs in the Carling Cup……but fuck even Aliadiere could do that.

    Could be his last season with us unless Wenger thinks he can play a part in the cup competitions next year…..but if he gets sold to Spain or goes back to Mexico I hope he remembers his passport.

    • that is a comment of a stupid and pathetic person!!!Once again I say Arsenal not deserve a talented player like Carlos Vela and if they give up on them they will be sorry at one time when Carlos is destroying them!!

  39. Hopefully Wenger sells Carlos to some other team this team. I don’t care if it’s a small team in Englad, Spain, or even fucking USA.I just want to see him play, and with time develop into the world class striker he can be.I hope Carlos goes to Spain or Holland and then returns to England and hopefully Wenger is still around so the fans and him can see his investment destroy Fabianzki. Oh and I find it hilarious that people call for Carlos’ head after missing one opportunity when Nicklass missed FOUR against Burnley. Theo has disappointed 80% of the time he’s on the field but he and he is a regular player with the first team. For a team the boasts so much about their young players Wenger , like the fans, does not trust them. Wenger sold his goalscorer last summer and apparently replaced him with Carlos, and yet Carlos has only played what like 200 minutes this season. If the club and the fans don’t want Carlos, he should be sold simple as that and get as much cash for him as possible. I’m sure there will be plenty potential buyers, especially after the World Cup >=P.

  40. Wenger Please Sell This Useless Waste of Space!!!!DO IT FOR ARSENAL!!! Do It For The Fans!!! Do It For Football!!Do it For Mexico!!! DO IT FOR ME!!!!!!

    So I can see him play and develop into one of the world’s best elsewhere, some place he’s given a chance. I really want to see him play his best while smiling!!!
    Sincerely, Your Mexican Amigo

  41. vela should get out of arsenal im sure theres a lot of clubs that would like to have him n there team n that would actually give him fist time playing time he just needs to play n have confidence and in arsenal he will not get that

  42. ok listen everybody WE’RE TALKING HERE ABOUT A U-17 WORLD CHAMPION AND GOLDEN BOOT!!! when Wenger did the test on him he said “I WANT HIM WHATEVER IT TAKES I DON’T CARE, I WANT HIM” do u all suckers forgot what he did against STUTTGART or WIGAN? also if he wants a place on the Mexican 1st team AND HE’S BEEN CALLED TO BE IN THE MEXICAN SQUAD, HE HAS TO SHOW UP!!! NO MATTER IF THE CLUB IS ARSENAL, BARCELONA, STUTTGART OR MAN UTD… also a club can win as many titles (CHAMPION, EPL, F.A.) in one season but remember the WORLD CUP IS EVERY 4 YEARS!!! can u get that in ur small head!!! all i know is that Wenger is waisting Carlos time and all Arsenal’s fans by not putting him on the pitch AGAIN SUCKERS DON’T FORGET HE’S A U-17 (WORLD CHAMPION against BRAZIL!!!!!) AND GOLDEN BOOT… so shut the f*#$ up!!!

    • Great comment man, Carlitos needs more time on the pitch, he’s got what it takes to be a soccer star but he needs to play constantly… vamos Carlitos, viva Mexico putos!

  43. we cant judge and define a player over one or two games, seriously, this is the first time he has played in a long time.lets watch his world cup performance first before we jump into conclusions.

  44. well.. well.. well… i just want to say.. Carlos had that wrong participation in the last game thanks to all the people who doesn’t take him to the other games!! c’man!! if he had more participation of course he could give the best!! But… please…the coach doesn’t give him any chance to play,then how they want a spectacular performance of Carlos.
    Obviously having the opportunity to start and play after a long time, the pressure he has is huge! and it doesn’ helps him to be who really is…

    i know he is so talent!! and soo good!! It’s so good football and.. in the world cup he will show all of us how awesome is he …. and he will shut the mouths of all the commentators, and people who do not believe in him..

    GO CARLOS!! te apoyamos!! aww y vi en televisa la vida verde de Carlos!! y awww muy linda!! aw.. andabas de pillin con tu amigo de guadalajara eh!! y con la prima de uno de tus compañeros también… jaja.. bueno espero conocerte muy pronto!! y que vengas al partido de despedida en el azteca!! porque tengo boletos obvio!! ire!! T.Q.M!!

  45. This is getting out of hand with Arsenal fans, and Arsenal and Vela fans, and Vela fans. I am a Mexican Fan and any Mexican futbolero I become a fan of and start following their progress. Do to this, I started liking Arsenal futbol. So that makes me Vela Arsenal fan.

    I really hope that Vela gets injury free and does a great World Cup. Unfortunately for Arsenal fans, don’t be so mad that Arsenal did not win anything this season. Don’t blame Vela for not being 100%. We all know that if he were 100% injury free, Arsenal would had won everything. As a Mexican, I apologize to all Arsenal fans. Don’t worry mi Amigos, next season you will all witness the rebirth of Carlos Vela.

  46. I just hope, Vela goes to a better club than Arsenal after the world cup, he’s a great player, but I can understand why he didnt play good on that match. He has great potential to be a great player, I mean he won the world cup at. Wenger destroyed that player, he was better with Osasuna.

  47. Carlos Vela needs to play more, and this game did him very well so he can start worming up and feeling confident. I think it will only take one goal for him to start showing his true potential. I feel that Vela is made for Arsenal, but i honestly believe that if next season he does not show his quality for some reason or another, then Wenger is going to transfer him out to Spain.

    That said, I know that Vela is going to have a great World Cup.

  48. You all talk about development and reminding us of what Vela did against Stuttgart (meaningless preseason-friendly) and Wigan (Carling Cup).. Vela has done nothing in the Premier League or Champions League against proper opposition. You have other people Vela’s age who performs week in and week out… Just look at Bojan and Pedro at Barcelona. I don’t believe Vela will become the world class player you think he will be!

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