Sunday Special: “The History Of Carlos Vela”

The Mexican TV have shown in the last days a special about Carlos Vela’s history in 40 minutes.

The special shows his family as well as how he started playing football with his young age to grow to the player he is now. From the time as a child over to his whole school time as well as his first coaches are all mentioned in this special.

It shows also what for a quality young basketball player Carlos is, but it was good for him to decide to play football, because the Mexican’s don’t like the sport basketball at all.

Unfortunately the special is only in Spanish, but finally there are so many new information’s of Carlitos which you finally have to check out!!

Watch the full TV Special here on Carlos Vela News!!

Article by – A.Zimmermann

9 responses to “Sunday Special: “The History Of Carlos Vela”

  1. Very excellent video! I had not seen this and enjoyed it!

    Thanks for the post!

  2. interesting! He’s a great player! You all will see it at the world cup!

  3. b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l i love this video thank you very much:)

  4. Thanx Zimmermann for posting these up (:

  5. Great Video! I like the part where Vela went to go try out for Arsenal and to his surprise, Wegner was the one there and after the TEST Wegener said, I want him! i don’t care what you have to do with the passport or what not but I want him! niceee

  6. pretty much the story of every mexican that overcomes every difficulty to become someone, hopefully its just the beggining of something great.

  7. i hope than tomorrow he has an chance for to play some minute with the gunners vs blackburn rovers… so thanks by your web site.

  8. vela was absoloutly terrible today. he performed one of the worst performances of a striker i have ever seen. he kept loosing the ball didn’t pass it on time and missed a sitter that would have evened the match out and secured 3rd place for arsenal. he wanted a chance and he got one but didn’t use the most of it. nicky bendtner is confirmed to take vela’s place in the next match against fulham and fran merida will start on the bench vela wont be in the squad.
    he will however join jack wilshire on loan in the summer and hopefully he can gain experience there. today tough was a terrible day for him, he should not have even played now the mexican coach will be curious if he should start him for the world cup squad.

  9. come on carlos vela its tame to oppotunited camining sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo in the wordl cap is the stey in arsenal remember k arsen werger look to the other jugadores i todo mexico con fia en ti v y escrive to storia en ese club tan grande the arsenal dot panic goo lack gracias am from fontain valley ca us.

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