Wenger Would Never Offload Mexican Carlos Vela At This Stage In His Career

Rumours circling around the Arsenal blogs world that Gunners Manager Arsene Wenger could give up on 21 years old Mexican striker Carlos Vela in the summer.

It is for sure that the Arsenal manager would never offload the young talented forward at this stage in his career, as Wenger knows how talented Vela is. Furthermore the French man has put in a lot of effort to sign Carlitos to a new five-year deal, which he could proudly confirm in December 2009.

Wenger knows that Vela can have a very big future at Emirates, but he has to work every day hard in training to get better.

The first step in his development came as the Gunners have sent him several times out on loan, where he got match time on professional level, first in Salamanca then on La Liga outfit CA Osasuna, which was for Carlitos a very valuable experience. His first loan deal on Spanish side Celta Vigo wasn’t sucessful for Vela, so that Arsenal have decided to let him go to UD Salamanca, where he growed to a fan favourite.

That are all reasons why the Arsenal Manager would never release Vela!!

We have to agree that Carlos Vela has a very difficult and injury flooded campaign, but he will overcome it and will be stronger. The only thing which we can do is to keep believe and faith in the young striker and you will see he will has his impact at Arsenal very soon, because finally there is only one Carlos Vela!!

Article by – A.Zimmermann
Picture by – Theo Michael (Official Rights Carlos Vela News)


31 responses to “Wenger Would Never Offload Mexican Carlos Vela At This Stage In His Career

  1. Vela is not going anywhere don’t worry about it.
    Vela is not suppose to be a lone striker and the same goes for eduardo hopefully next season we will play with 2 strikers upfront and Vela will become the second striker
    He has great ability and everybody at Arsenal loves him and has high hopes for him and from what I have seen of him in carling cup and some league game I am sure he has the quality in him to become the next david villa
    He has to be patient and the same goes for this site be patient and dont write an article asking why wenger didnt play week in and week out

    • hey andrew, I have learned and of course i want him to play but I hope Wenger knows what to do with him

      • Wenger knows dude dont worry the reason Vela wasn’t successful this season was because he played alone upfront. Vela looks more assured when he can play off a striker like Bendtner, RVP or Chamak who’s coming in the summer.
        He will for a couple of years feature a lot in the league and carling cups and get 10-15 PL games maybe even more.
        A lot depends on injuries because there are players like Eduardo, RVP, Bendtner and Chamak infront of him.
        But dont worry wenger knows the talent this kid is and Vela will do a lot of work in training for the next few years and break in slowly before bursting and taking over from RVP, Eduardo and CHamak.
        wait for a few years and He will be playing week in and week out.
        after 2-3 years you will be writing an article about him week in and week out

  2. I have no doubt that Vela will very soon make the left wing of the 4-3-3 his own position. I think he will be a world beater and be the player that Reyes failed to be.

  3. Wenger wanted Vela to breakthrough this season, but the injuries he picked up on national duty limited his opportunities. Wenger is not a fool, he can see for himself the class Vela shows when plays for the Mexican national team…. hopefully, Carlos manages to shine in pre-season and start smashing defenses in both the EPL and the CL really soon! 😀 Up the Gunners! Up Carlos Vela!

    • vela just turned 21 you’re expecting too much from him
      a player comes into his own after he turns 23-24 but at arsenal we are maturing players too quickly and putting too much pressure on him give him time to become great

      • that’s it andrew
        you have all the reason in this point…
        vela’s needs are three, grow and mature, and leave the mentality of allstar than he have about him self.
        he’s an magnificent player but he need much “humildad”.
        and then carlitos go better.

  4. Get over it… Vela is useless!!

    • this is coming from an expert in players so please mark his words
      Lej you have no idea how good he is and you never will

      • In one of your previous comments refering to Vela’s future you said “He will be playing week in and week out.
        after 2-3 years you will be writing an article about him week in and week out”
        On this post your said to lej “Lej you have no idea how good he is and you never will”
        Going on your first post I think lej and everyone else will find out how good he is in 2-3 years but your second post contradicts that. I myself agree to your first post.

  5. A. Zimmermann
    We have 5 strikers after we buy Chamak and the no of oppurtunites Vela will get are limited so I think Wenger might send him on loan to a club like Bolton they need someone to play along Davis and with the experience he will get in playing in the PL he will become more tough and more sharper and if Eduardo doesnt work out next year then Wenger will sell him and Vela will take his place.
    If we send Vela and Wilshere on Loan to Bolton for a season long loan then maybe we might get Cahill on a cut down so win win in my view
    vela and wilshere play week in and week out and get tougher and get more experience
    Arsenal get a great defender in cahill

  6. bendtner is a year older than vela and bendtner has only just made the step up whos says vela wont make the step up this year.

  7. U guyz r kiddin me carlos is a useless player he has no feature so i hop wenger wil let him go dat idiot

  8. You are of the opinion that he will be a success at AFC because next season they will revert back to 4-4-2. On what do you base this opinion, because nearly all fans are convinced that Wenger will continue with 4-3-3, which is the very formation that will see the end of both Vela’s & Eduardo’s AFC careers. Neither of them can play the striker role in that formation or are good enough to play wide left either.

  9. we all know wenger must have seen something in this kid to have spent that much money on him that young and all that time loaning him out for experience and it was such a shame that he had all this injuries and missed pre-season as well. he has shown glimpses of what he can do and i am sure if he starts a whole pre-season with arsenal he will begin the season trying to get in the team.
    remember we had a similar worry when reyes arrived and he did some serious off season work and the next thing he had the strenght to stand up to alot of the bullies in the prem..
    hope he has a good tournament and come back stronger, cos arsenal needs him now more than ever.

    • He missed pre-season & the early part of the season due to an injury sustained playing for his country. Likewise, because of the time zone difference when he plays most of his games for Mexico, the games start at Thursday morning UK time. By the time the game finishes & he returns to the UK, Wenger will not select him because of jet lag/fatigue. I’m not suggesting he doesn’t represent his country, but it definitely harms his AFC career to be unavailable on occasions.

  10. Andrew, I agree with the hope of returning to 4 4 2. I think wenger was concirned about the young age of our midfield and so needed the extra player in midfield. For me Carlos Vela is a natural to play up front with Theo. As you say it wont be for a couple more years and i dont think hes going back into a 4 4 2 just yet. he could work as wide left or right in 4 3 3 but we dont really play that, more like 4 1 4 1. I rate the boy and look forward to seeing him next season.

  11. Vela is just another of Wenger useless youth experiment…never going to make it …Vela can f*uck off along with Wenger

  12. Mexican Robber

    he is kak

  13. Vela’s not going anywhere. With Chamakh coming in on the free, AW won’t add any more strikers this summer. I hate to say it but the only current Arsenal striker who should be worried for his job is Eduardo. He always looks so scared on the pitch, and I’m not sure he’ll ever get past it.

  14. Theo or Vela if you ask me Vela anyday

  15. Vela will go straight behind Arshavin for the left wing next season. Expect several players who regularly play at front such as Eduardo and Rosicky to leave while Nasri will gets more central midfielder action. Eboue to rotate with Sagna for RB.

    Arshavin (Vela) – Chamakh(Bendtner) – Van Persie(Walcott)

  16. keep an eye on him this wordl cup, and the friendly against england…

  17. Well… I hope to see Carliros soon.. He is such a good player. I will jeep my eye on him.

  18. By the way… I love him ahahahah lol!! Please Wenger!!! Give Carlos time to Play!!

  19. He’ll get more chances next season if he doesn’t get injured at horrible times.

  20. So Sorry for the ones that don’t believe in Vela because when next season comes Vela will be dropping jaws and making every single one of you drool all do to his incredible goals. Carlos Vela and Javier Hernandez are going to be competing to see who scores more goals. I also hope that Giovanni Dos Santos comes back so he can also compete against Vela and Hernandez.

  21. Come On, this guy has potential. He does look a little below par of late but thats because he has had time out through injury and was not always played enough when fit as it would have been a risk due to lack of match fitness. This meant when he did play he was pretty much rubbish. I saw him play for Mexico youth a few years back and he was quality. He has potential but can he play a big role for Arsenal some day? I dont know. I think that it’s too soon to offload him and feel he needs more games to have a chance to develope and prove himself. Best to loan him out for this season then see.

    • Yeah, Vela shows a lot of flare, and some spark when he plays (imagine if he was fit and played all 90min all the time instead of those 10min that he rarely plays). Very true, and do to his injuries he hasn’t really been able to show that he can be a starter. That’s why when and if he is 100% fit next season (and i believe in him that he will) he will be world class again. That is what all Carlos Vela fans are waiting for because we know what talent of a player he is.

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