Special: Carlos Vela Icons For Forums And Blogs Now Available

With no new news coming through, our newest Carlos Vela News team-member Isabela Elizondo has created for all Vela supporters around the world a great bunch of fantastic looking icons, which all peoples can use in forums, message boards as well as blogs. Anyone can use them, so that we can make sure that more peoples care about Carlitos.

Isabela has joined us in the last days as a Graphic Director, which means that she wants to create all kinds of graphics for the site including Wallpaper, Banners, Icons etc. We look forward to Isabela’s forthcoming contribution on Carlos Vela News!

If you want to join the Carlos Vela News team then just write us a mail and explain us what you want to do!!

Article by – A.Zimmermann, Graphics by – I.Elizondo

10 responses to “Special: Carlos Vela Icons For Forums And Blogs Now Available

  1. 9328arsenal1234

    Your waisting your time with this blog, no one cares/likes Vela, he’s shit!

    • why you go on this blog then? Furthermore you will be sorry what you said if you wait 5 years!

      • I agree with the proper Arsenal fan. Vela is average at best.

        I’m sure he will do well for a mid-table side in Spain. But he is not consistent enough for a big club like Arsenal. Good luck to him but please move on from our club.

        The fact Vela cannot even remember where his passport is plus he got a pay increase (from Arsene) for delivering sod all says it all about Arsenal at the moment. The Colney Creche.

        Bring some winners in who actually care about the club. Ship out Vela, Eduardo (sorry!), Diaby, Denilson, Rosicky, Silvestre, Almunia and Fabianski.

    • you fucking stupid… this guy is god, I just wish he was playing more often man hes sooooo good!! i swear to god your not an arsenal fan , ypu dont know shit about arsenal if you can say that

  2. @ 9328arsenal1234 you are totally wrong Vela will be a force to be reckon with in a 4-5 years when he hits his prime, you have to realise that he is only 21. But this site doesn’t help when everytime wenger leaves him on the bench they have to write an article about it.
    I made up my mind about Vela after following him in spain and after the sheffield united game, he will be the next david villa in my eyes. He has the same calmness is front of goal and the deadly ease in which he puts away his goals but he is only 21 and arsenal are a big big club and when they have 3 others striker older, more experienced and better than Vela at the moment then it makes sense to play them and not Vela.
    Vela will get his chance next year in the fa cup and league cup games and even in the cl if we qualify early and maybe even a few odds PL games but he has to be patient and I think he is but this site isn’t
    give the boy time to develope everytime you post a bad article that why is he left on the bench arsenal supporters who read you blog like him a bit less.
    My advice to 9328arsenal1234 and this site is BE PATIENT

  3. Vela is shit , he is not worth wearing a Arsenal shirt and by the way five years is a tad too long boy

  4. Thats obviously a spurs fan in his period. OR some one from Arsenal Action forums.

  5. Something I don’t understand, is the fact that even though these people don’t care about Carlos, and yet, here they are….I wouldn’t waste my time talking about someone I could care less….you know what I mean?

  6. lol I agree with the ‘proper’ Arsenal fan?!No REAL fan would talk down about a player from Arsenal like that..Idiot’s if u dont like Vela stay off his site dumbasses..

  7. The first comment was really stupid and brainless. FIFA has ranked Carlos Vela among 10 under-21 players who will shine in the World Cup. Alongside the likes of Sergio Aguero and Pato. He is real talent.

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