Arsenal’s Vela Remains On the Bench Against Citizens/New Layout Finally Finished

Mexican hero Carlos Vela was an unused substitute as Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal side failed to get a victory on Saturday evening at Emirates Stadium against Manchester City. Vela was named on the Arsenal bench by Gunners Manager Arsene Wenger, where he followed the full Premiership encounter.

The 21 years old already missed out on match time on last weekend as Wigan Athletic came from behind to shut down the Gunners in the last minutes.

Since the passport story, Vela has not getting any match time by his Manager and cannot be happy with the situation, but he will continue to fight for a starting line-up place. Vela has to stay very patient this season and of course in his whole development, as he knows that Wenger is an excellent Manager to work with young players. We have to wait whether the Arsenal Manager will give Carlitos a chance or not, but it is all up to patience and hard work.

To be fair it was not fair from us to hit out on a fellow teammate, we apologise for that to a lot of Arsenal supporters, but the chapter Wenger is an other one. You should have the opportunity to say your own mind, especially if you are not happy with the treatment which the Mexican has received, but we want to make clear that it has nothing to do with Wenger’s reputation in World football.

The only thing which is important for all of us is that Vela and Arsenal continue successfully!

In other news we have worked in the last couple of days on a new design and we have finally finished it, we all hope that you guys and girls are liking it and give us good feedback! Your mind is very important for us!!

Article by – A.Zimmermann

26 responses to “Arsenal’s Vela Remains On the Bench Against Citizens/New Layout Finally Finished

  1. nice site guys, thanks very much. peace

  2. This was the perfect game for Vela. Nothing to win/lose anymore. No one from Arsenal or Man. City attacked. Wenger had 1 more substitution available and could have gave Vela at least some exposure to football again but he decided not to use that last sub. In my opinion this is BS. Wenger may know a lot more about me on being a coach, but when you have nothing to lose and you still have 1 sub left, why not sent the young striker? I do not understand his plan, all I can say is he does not like Vela until proven otherwise.

  3. Im not happy with mr wengers treatment of carlos this year.. V.Persie and bentdner were missing for a large chunk of the year and it was an ideal opportuinity to put the mexican in the starting line-up. If he only had 3 or 4 starts and even if he failed to impress at least the supporters and carlos himself would have realised that he wasnt ready just yet.. But we used Arshavin and Eduardo as lone strikers at one point and we know how that panned out.

    Carlos always looked unhappy and im not surprised.. Mr wenger expected the kid to play for the last 10 minutes of a game and impress..Well it doesnt always happen like that..

    Mr wenger was happy to use aaron ramsey,( a kid who is 3 years younger than carlos)
    and possibly played him too much to the point where he received a serious injury. Call that unlucky if you will but im not so sure..

    Mr wenger isnt God and tactically he was found out many times this year and especially in defence. I think Arsene may have had his time at arsenal ( lack of funding or not ) he failed to instill the defensive errors in his players time and time again this year.. and Almunia was always the scapegoat.

    I dont believe almunia is a first choice keeper anyway but i do believe strongly he has been singled out too much and has been left stranded on his own in goal because of a lack of man marking and communication by his team mayes.

  4. The Vela episode is becoming quite sensitive and I`m not sure if people like myself are over reacting to a situation we don`t understand. All we know is that he`s good enough for his country but is lucky to make the bench at Arsenal. Before Vela fans start to get it out of prospective I feel Wenger owes it to all of us to make a statement concerning this young man and avoid negative speculation.

  5. Love the new look and alway’s look forward to reading the articles you write,Keep up the good work!!

  6. Good article. Vela will crack the team next year. Hopefully he has a great World Cup and then bulks up a bit. I think that Wenger is trying to inject hunger into Vela. Imagine how badly he wants to do well for Mexico so that he can prove to Wenger he is good enough. Its not like Arsene has given Vela a big run in the side and then dropped him. Vela will definitely get his chance, but Arsene is just trying to up his chances of success.

  7. Yo AZ, quit whining man.. Vela is an Arsenal player whether he is used or not by AW. Some of other subs are in the same position as Vela too, but nobody is whining about it!
    He will play when AW see he is fit the needs. I suggest u call Vela and told him to have a heluva game on World Cup and maybe AW will see what he really can do.
    It’s not that I don’t like Vela, it’s just ur whining on this site is getting ridicolus and out of sympathy anymore..

    • If you haven’t noticed, this is a Carlos Vela fan site. Not a general Arsenal club site or “other subs” site. So anything to do with and only with Vela are valid.

    • Omar, take your sorry, sour @ss elsewhere.. Out of the billions of sites you can visit on the “world wide web”, you had to come and whine on this one!!.. I think that “that” is an even more ridiculous idea..

  8. What a nice change of thought from you Zimmermann!

  9. I dont understand why he has not started a game this season or played 90 mins. It could be that arsen thought he wasnt ready yet who knows. But i think that Vela could be our very own Messi, Anyway lets just wait for next season I guess.

  10. please i would like to be educated on this Vela issue from any of you who has a proper inside into the going on in the training ground and if you guys are aware of his Arsenal developmental program. Maybe just maybe you guys know Vela in person and he has told you he feels like shit cos he is not playing.
    Ok maybe he should be playing and if not maybe you guys ( since you have personal accesss to him) can tell him to leave the Arsenal so we can stop all these nonsense

  11. If, he does never want to play the kid, why did AW extend his contract?!
    or atleast he could have sent him on a loan. Fullham actually wanted him on loan.
    It would be really sick, if AW doesnt give him any chances even now where we’ve got nothn win or lose! Lets hope, n i personally feel he is far more better than bendtner and his big mouth. the only good reason, nicklas is in the team is for his height.

    HOPING FOR A VELA GOAL IN THAT ARSENAL JERSEY from the start of the season! = (

  12. The reason vela doesn’t get games is because he isn’t good enough, a career at mid table spanish clubs beckons. A fat, completely over rated, show pony with no balls. Every time AW has given him a chance this season he has lazed about the pitch and mishit any chances that come to him.

    His career will simply plummet unless he wakes the fuck up. A shocking waste of talent. He is 21 not 17, his situation is pathetic. Anyone who thinks that AW isn’t playing him because of some vendetta is an idiot. If he was good enough he would play its that simple. If his ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude in games is any indication of how he trains then he will be sold in the summer and good riddance.

    I cannot understand why anyone would waste time maintaining a website devoted to someone who clearly couldn’t care less about playing football or the club he plays for. No effort, no concentration, when he misses he laughs, when he is substitued off cos he is rubbish he laughs, simply pathetic, he doesn’t even seem to have any pride, a fey embarrassment to the club and the sooner we get rid of him the better.

    • This comment makes no sense… “over rated, show pony with no balls… care less attitude”… “if he was good enough he would play him”

      Then how the F do you explain Almunia, Fabianski, Silvestre, Walcott, Denilson, Eduardo all continuously getting chances to play even though they always stink it up, are inconsistent, have caused Arsenal goals and games all year long? If you ask me then then all these are over rated show ponies with no balls. Don’t try to isolate one player with a description that half the Arsenal team deserves.

      The goalie and injury situation gave all these players time on the pitch. Yet after the goalies caused you god knows how many goals and games Wenger continues to stay with them. Caused Arsenal the season. Walcott runs like a headless chicken out there. No first touch, no kinds of soccer technique what so ever, just kick the ball and try to run faster than everyone. Eduardo, poor guy, but he is terrified, inconsistent, does absolutely nothing when on the pitch. I can go on and on Rayman for more players. Including Arshavin, Campbell, etc.

      Point is, Vela has unquestionable talent and technique. I do believe many of the accusations directed at Mr. Wenger and Vela himself are uncalled for and unjustified. The problem i think most people have and are bothered by is that Wenger continues to give reports on the progress and injury on all of the above players except vela. So it raises eyebrows. I think Wenger owes the supporters of both Vela and Arsenal and explanation. If its “he is just not good enough” then fine, at least we know.

      “If he was good enough he would play”. Clearly not applicable because Mr. Wenger has continuously proved that point wrong playing a number of player that should never be starting, particularly the goalies. Anyhow, thats my two cents. I look forward to hopefully hearing from Wenger on Vela soon or seeing him get some playing time the last two games of the season.

    • Then why are you here mate?

  13. @ oz.

    So Aaron Ramsey’s injury was down to being overplayed?

    What utter poppycock, as is comparing the chances given to two players in entirely different positions.

    Having seen every appearance by Vela for Arsenal I’m in no way surprised that he’s played so little because, despite the fact that I have no doubts as to his talent and ability, he simply hasn’t transfered them into his game.

    Certainly one to keep but he’s got what his play has deserved this term.

    • Im merely referring to the the fact that aaron ramsey is still young and is not ready to challenge in certain tackles. ( what utter poppycock – he says like he knows it all)

      Well Vela hardly got a start and you cant expect to perform in the last 10 minutes.. If you actually read what i wrote then maybe you would understand.. HE DIDNT GIVE THE KID ENOUGH CHANCE TO PROVE HIMSELF !!!!!! SOME PEOPLE HAVE LITTLE TOLERANCE…

  14. Dumbass Rayman

    Rayman you’re a fucking idiot if you dont like the kid get the fuck off this site,Did he sleep with you’re wife,girlfriend MOM?!Why so much hate for the kid..Doesnt matter you’re opinion is irrelevant pathetic moron…

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  17. okay okay , i see a lot of bad things of vela here from the arsenal fans , and it makes me think… when vela played on the under 17 world cup! everybody would like an striker like him on his club … now you have it , did u see all those goals on the carling cup and the other games of preparation… if vela were an english player all english people… everybody … even man u fans would recognize him as a crack! this kid is awesome look how he plays , the pace and the goals … he plays good the only thing that happened is a bad treatment for the manager… and now from the fans! ok if u think is a bad player ok think it now but the time for him will come in this club or in another club and you will accept that he is a crack ! you dont accept him because he s not an english player i repeat! he would be on capello´s eyes more than over rated walcott!

    have a nice day I support and i like a lot arsenal fc

  18. Vela will play next year, he just signed a long term with arsenal why would AW not like him i agree its pissing off many vela fans like me who love to see him play but he needs to be ready and i think wegner is doing a good job its just a shame he does not give him at least 15 min of playing time before the world cup.

  19. Walcott is not effective as a starter. He’s more than capable to sprint past the tired defenders rather than fresh. Eduardo, absolute disappoint since came back. Wenger prefer Arshavin, that’s normal but he slipped this season. Rosicky, Nasri and Eboue simply will not be at best when playing left side. Nasri, Rosicky, Diaby, Walcott all failed to perform at required standard in the recent games but still get Wenger’s faith. Why don’t even give some chances to Vela? I’m Arsenal fan but not happy to see Wenger selection. He always give string of chances to players who stick in his mind but consistently out of performing. It’s a disgrace to fans who speak to their mind every week of probable line up.

  20. carlitos Je day Vela

    em a bigest fan of him & arsenal . i always want to see carlitos magical monment in arsenal and i believe him.. knw e’m v frustrated cuz he didnt get any chance to show that his magic @ arsenal.. 😦

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