Exclusive: Arsenal Football Club May Have Lost Vela’s Passport and Visa

Reliable sources from Mexico claiming that Arsenal Football Club could have lost Carlos Vela’s passport as well as his Visa for the United States in front of the Barcelona clash. So far the young forward received bad treatment  for loosing his passport, but now we understand that the Mexican has handed out his personal documents to the club, but Arsenal’s management could not find them.

The 21 years old has to leave England to travel to his native country Mexico to get there his new visa for the United States, because it is impossible to get it in England for the young Arsenal striker. There is no date terminated for Vela’s trip, but he expects to make the trip as soon as possible.

Exclusive quotes of El-Tri director Nestor de la Torre could give us a light in the darkness:

“Yes, he lost his passport, his representative talked to me about it in front of the Barcelona trip, it is true that he does not travel to Barcelona because of it”

“it is not clear if he or the club lost it. The reality is that he has already delivered the passport to the club, then they returned it to themselves and later he delivered it again to the club, but they could not find them”

“we are working on all,  because he also lost his visa for the United States. We have knowledge of the case and we look out what we can do for him because in England he cannot extract his visa, he has to come to Mexico to extract it”

Article by – A.Zimmermann

47 responses to “Exclusive: Arsenal Football Club May Have Lost Vela’s Passport and Visa

  1. Wow amazing…I hope they do find his passport and visa…thanx zimmerman for keeping us updated 🙂

  2. Good work Alex! 🙂

    I really hope this doesn’t become a major issue and Vela relights the fire in his Arsenal career. Next season for sure! And I’m not just talking about the Carling Cup. He could do no worse than Eduardo (no offense).

  3. Seems something dogy here, I hope not.

    Lets hope it was a genuine mistake by the club, He was also punished, which is totally unfair, if it was the club wich lost his documents.

  4. So that being the case… Maybe you should retract the point about how unfair Arsenal was in regards to Vela & traveling with the team to Barca?

  5. I think you’re taking this all too personal. His agent has already confirmed that Vela has lost his passport. Vela is a hugely talented player but I am starting to think he carries too much extra baggage with all kinds of stories leaking out all the time. He needs to do knuckle down and do his talking on the pitch. Wenger obviously had high hopes for him at the beginning of the season having sold his main striker to create more room for him and Walcott, but he has not developed really. Maybe a good world cup with Mexico will re-ignite the hunger that seems missing from his game

    • the question is not: that he lost his passport and visa, the question is Who has lost the passport and the visa? and this is still not sorted out, the agent cannot say something different as he would get problems with Arsenal Football Club, the El- tri director can say more, so nothing is clear but it looks as Arsenal have lost it and not Vela himself. For all the bad treatment which Vela has received from the Arsenal Fans, they should look in their faces and apologise

      • And why would an agent embarrass his client just for the sake of not getting into problems with Arsenal? Why did Vela accept his light punishment if he was not guilty?

      • maybe because the Club looks better than as the player!! For the club it would be a major emberassing action!

      • I agree. If it was the club who lost the passport it is easier to blame Vela for losing it than the club itself. As a reward for taking the blame, Vela gets a more intense training and maybe even some playing time against the Spurs. Why would the club make itself look bad and take the blame for losing a player’s passport who gets no playing time and isn’t considered an icon or anything in the team?

      • so one guy says it, it must be true? pull the other one… If the club had lost his passport the nCarlos would not have been punished. simple as.

      • Has Carlos been treated badly by the Arsenal fans? I thought we loved him. I know some have expressed concern that he’s not developed as qucily as we’d hoped, and some have come to doubt his ability to perform at the highest level, but there are far more of us who were delighted when he joined and who still have extremely high hopes for his future with the Club. I certainly hope he hasn’t been treated badly by any section of the supporters.

      • I don’t think vela has received bad treatment from any fans tbh. The lad is just unlucky that his arsenal career hasn’t taken off so far. Either injuries or mexico keep getting in the way. And at other times, misplaced passports. Vela just needs to keep the faith and he will be a star for arsenal

      • You say, “the question is not: that he lost his passport and visa, the question is Who has lost the passport and the visa?” If the question is not that he lost his passport and visa, then we are working under the assumption that he DID lose his passport/visa. That renders your follow-up question and overall logic moot.

        Besides which, it’s HIS passport+visa. No football club or even a company in general acts as caretaker for its employees’ personal documents, especially important travel and work permit documents (although notarized copies may be taken in case of exigent circumstances). So the onus is on him to take care of them and it really is not Arsenal FC’s fault if he lacked the responsibility to take care of his own documents and instead entrusted them to an individual employee in the club. One caveat: I say this without knowing the full nature of the circumstances surrounding this situation, but I get the feeling you’re opining in the same condition.

        My final point: I am an Arsenal fan and I will always think twice before criticizing or downplaying any member of the squad or coaching staff. Vela is a player we all expected a lot from for near 3 years now. From his time at Salamanca, to Osasuna and finally his return to Arsenal, we eagerly watched his progress and anticipated significant contributions from him to a young and growing Arsenal team. However since his return to Arsenal, while we have seen the occasional glimpse of burgeoning talent (mostly in Cup victories, vis a vis against Sheffield in League Cup and against Burnley in FA Cup), Vela’s last two years at Arsenal have also provided occasion for controversy: the swine flu incident in April of 2009 and the recent passport issue.

        I don’t consider Vela to be a player with a bad attitude or mentality. I, like other Arsenal fans, just want him to fulfill that potential we all saw during his time in Spain and be a significant force up front for Arsenal. And this may require a little more diligence than Vela is demonstrating at the moment.

      • Not necessarily. Vela & the Arsenal management are both in friendly terms you are just trying to get some hits by writing shite.

      • it comes not from me, it comes from reliable sources from Mexico, so guys you have to accept it that arsenal is not that perfect organisation

      • and get ye facts straight. no Arsenal fan gave Vela stick over this issue. Mistakes happens, we all move on.

  6. that’s mental!

  7. Well, it would certainly be the first time an agent/manager has told an untruth regarding his client….

  8. Hi A. Zimmerman. I’ve visited before, but this is my first comment 🙂 I am an Arsenal fan, of course, and I love Carlos Vela, he’s a bright, young, fast and skilful player, with a brilliant finish. However, I just read ‘For all the bad treatment which Vela has received from the Arsenal Fans, they should look in their faces and apologise’ – when has he ever recieved bad treatment? The Arsenal faithful LOVE him (they don’t have a bad word to say for him), but rarely get to see him as he seems to always be away with Mexico and come back late, there always seems to be jetlag or an injury. Therefore his first team chances have been restricted, and we’ve hardly seen much of him. We know he has amazing potential, especially with his performances for Mexico in the youth world cups, and Arsene has invested lots of time and put plenty of faith into Carlos’ career.
    Anyway, good site, keep up the good work man.

  9. Yo Zimmermann.. Poda Mexico mandaya… Vaaye mooditu velaya paru….

  10. ok, so not only he got blamed for something he didn’t do, he also got punished? that is just not right….I really hope he gets an apology

  11. Vela is a sublime young talent and will develop into a great player. To do this he needs to hone his skills at a top European club, and at Arsenal he will get exactly what a player with his skill needs. To be a world class player you must develop not only your technical skills but your mental approach to playing games. For some gifted players the right mental aspect comes a little later than others.

    Supporters (of both Arsenal and Mexico) are sometimes too eager to see a player like Vela get regular first team action sooner than what might be ideal. With a club like Arsenal I have no doubt that he will learn more than with any other club. What will determine the outcome of his future is Vela’s patience. If he is smart he will not waste this very important stage of his football career by making the right decisions.

    As far as the passport being lost I would of thought that a club as big as Arsenal would have club policies / procedures regarding the handling of passports that all players must follow. On this occasion I suspect procedure was not followed by Vela, hence the fine/penalty issued.

  12. This is a smokescreen. my guess is he will be sold soon. It’ s a pity. He has not been given a run of games to justify his potential. AW was singing his praises when hei signed the MEXICAN.

  13. you r speculating zimmerman. you dont know who lost the documents. Wat i do know is that u are not an arsenal fan. You are a mexican and vela fan. I say you should apologize to all arsenal fans who read ur blog for your outlandish remarks after vela was left out of the squad for the barcelona

  14. all i want is vela to have a great career and play well for the club. the fans already know he is world class but all this stop and go business isn’t helping anyone

  15. Losing a passport happens, but blaming Vela and calling him an immature player makes no sense without really knowing what happened. Since this news was first posted on this site I said this was all BS. That people would wonder why Vela isn’t getting any minutes and would find any little excuse to blame him. Well I am beginning to see that I was right.

    Vela has the potential to be a great player. But I do not agree with Wenger’s decision to not give him playing time. Vela is rusty and with 10 min of playing time that he get’s he will NOT show anything so what do people say? “Vela hasn’t shown anything great in the time that he’s gotten so that’s why Wenger doesn’t use him.” Vela needs to play, he loves Arsenal, he wants to stay of course, but he needs playing time.

  16. The point that was made on the original post was that Wenger was a bad and vindictave manager who ostracized Vela based on Vela’s lack of performance. What wasn’t known on the original post and hasn’t been properly clarified was a lost passport. So based on the new revelation which ever party was at fault for a lost passport Wenger had no ill will toward Vela. So please if you were honest let your readers know that….

    Don’t make something out of nothing….

    Vela is a great potential footballer who is young.. He had an injury set back at the beginning of the season playing for Mexico and he was ill equipped to pick up from last season…

    Sorry dose are de breaks….. Not Wenger’s fault Vela was injured for a country who doesn’t pay da bills…

  17. Why would Arsenal punish him if they had been the ones to lose the passport? Arsenal are a football team not some crazy dictatorship who punishes their players for no reason. Stop stirring up trouble and let the argument lie. Accept it was Carlos who made the error. Also using phrases like Arsenal “May” have lost the passport is quite deceptive. The director obviously has as much idea of what happened as anyone else in the public.

  18. Let’s hope Carlos finds his passport so he can leave the and not return.

  19. Obviously he lost it himself. I can’t see Arsenal hanging on to the players passports.. That is just a ridiculous excuse!

  20. Now i think u are beginning to take this passport thing personal. Wen Vela was omitted 4m the squad u posted an article without knowing why he was left out.
    Come to think of it now, with all the news going around that he was punished 4 loosing the passpost, if it were the club, wil he be punished?
    Think before you write articles and stop being sentimental

  21. you must take us for some idiots
    if that was the case why will arsenal dicipline him??
    he’s not a kid, he could have just told the officials that he had handed it in.

    we all hope he gets back all that he’s lost, but stop pointing your finger at arsenal football club.

  22. Let’s hope Carlos finds his passport so he can leave and not return.

  23. We have a lot of quality players at the club ahead of vela to play on the first team. apart from some great carling cup performances he did not take his chances when he was given playing time in the major competitions. the club has not treated him badly, they want him to succeed as much as anyone but its up to him to prove himself. he has been given an opportunity at the beginning of his career to play for one of the biggest clubs in the world. you don’t walk onto the team, you have to earn it. This isn’t the 2nd division in Spain anymore. if Carlos is as whiny and defeatist as this fan site has become then you will have your wish because he will not make it at Arsenal Football Club.

  24. Looks like he is not going to the WC then lol

  25. Oh, great so this means he won’t play against Tottenham?

  26. Zimmerman: So because some persons made some negative comment you mean arsenalfans in general treat CW bad?? I love him..

  27. i saw vela and merida in mcdonalds on fri night in leicester sq, i said to him WHERES YOUR PASSPORT MATE!! he laughed it off and merida tried mugging me off by sayin im cesc not merida! yeh ok mate in ur dreams!

  28. I am mexican, and have lived in europe for quite a while, and I dont understand this note, there is a mexican embassy in london for sure, and the mexican consular services are obliged to help him get a new emergency passport valid only for 1 year, that means though all his visas related to the old passport might have to be updated.

    About the american Visa, (which is true, americans have a special visa for mexicans in order to be able to cross the border or make plane connections, and not having it would be a pain in the… ) but I dont get why they cannot tramit that american visa in London, I did it in Vienna and I had no problems at all..

  29. Whatever the case is shouldn’t Vela play, now that Arsenal has no more hope in wining any title. Vela should play in all the games in a set up like 1433. Wenger has nothing to loose anymore but to give Vela and other players like Merida a shot at 90min.

    I would love to see how Merida, Denilson, and Vela play together. I’m sure if Wenger gave them more liburty to move around Arsenal is going to be more creative and more explosive. Try it Mr. Wenger, and you will see.

    Vela get your visa and passport as soon as possible and show everyone in the world why you are one of the best in the world.

  30. any idea if this story is true

    it says Arsenal have already signed Rodallega and N’Zogbia for 22 million and they have already had their medical and signed personal terms with the club.
    If this is true then I do think its to replace Eduardo and Traore who are in my view leaving this summer

  31. luis hernandez

    where is Carlos Vela?

  32. this site is surreal. we, and i mean generic arsenal fans who, cesc aside, have no fixed loyalties to any player which supersede that of the club, do not care to have blown up into a controversy an unfortunate accident/miscommunication which occurred on the eve of a fixture which seems to have led to a late collapse of all the faint hopes of success in the PL or CL we may have had. this site has harped on for weeks about an incident involving our 6th choice striker’s passport. I love carlos, and I hope and expect he will become to us something like what pedro is to barca. but he has and has had a problem with maturity. he returns to mexico too often to establish a rhythm in AFC. he seems to lack professionalism. that is why the passport story seems to ‘click’ with the fanbase; it is absolutely plausible to imagine that this young man did something this stupid. he also has a website of such fanatical dedication to him that, given his so far meager contribution to european club football, seems out of proportion.
    you actually are reporting that, based on information from sources “inside mexico” that a club which has been travelling in the CL for 13 straight years, has, for the first time, lost a passport of one of its players and, lucky for you who needs to stoke the fire of controversy, that it happened to the player who is the subject of your confounding blog?

  33. Any more carlos vela updates? It’s been a while now and still no updates??!!!

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