Vela Hands Small Disciplinary Action For Passport Story In Front Of Spurs Clash

21 years old Mexican World Cup hope Carlos Vela has handed small disciplinary action by his club for losing his passport in front of the Champions League encounter with Barcelona last week.

Vela shows totally commitment to the club as he went straight last week to the Mexican embassy in London to apply for a new one, which he finally got then.

These things can happen in life, so that a strong punishment on Vela because of this issue is definitely the wrong action. Furthermore the Gunners management should make sure that they protect him in situations like that (Media,Papers) and you have to credit Arsene Wenger that he exactly did that. On the other site you have to show the young Mexican that this is unacceptable.

This action by the Arsenal Manager shows that he has much faith in the young Mexican and that he wants to continue working with Carlitos, as well as you can see it on the punishment that Vela has received in front of the Spurs game on Wednesday. The young forward has to feature in a special-intensive training session with a couple of coaches with the target to get Vela back on full fitness as we all know what he can do if he is totally fit.

It is clear that Wenger wants to get Vela back on the road, as he can make maybe the difference in the race for the Premier League title.

Do you think it is a fair punishment by Arsenal Football Club?

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Vela hopes to sit on the bench when the Gunners take on their London rivals Tottenham Hotspurs on Wednesday evening at White Hart Lane.

In other news, El-Tri teammate Javier “EL Chicharito” Hernandez joins Manchester United for next season. Hernandez who currently plays for Chivas Guadalajara was a long time target of several clubs, but now it is clear that United won the race for his services.

Article by – A.Zimmermann


20 responses to “Vela Hands Small Disciplinary Action For Passport Story In Front Of Spurs Clash

  1. I am amazed that you say that punishing him is wrong.

    For goodness sake he’s a professional (not to mention a grown up!) who should be capable of finding his passport when needed. Incredibly unprofessional of him and totally deserving of punishment.

  2. It’s rite

  3. What was the punishment?

  4. Vela is a good player but this site excepts Arsenal to play him week in and week out.
    When you’re have just turned 21 and playing for a elite club you are given sporadic chances you have to accept that and if you don’t take those chances then you are replaced.
    Vela has a lot of growing up to do and it will take him time to break into the first team maybe a couple of years to become a regular in team but he will get their.
    What Vela does for Mexico doesn’t mean he can do the same in EPL and that’s the reality but I still think we have the next David Villa on our hand.

  5. Given that your website broke the news, it’s a bit rich that you talk about the need to protect this i**** from the press/media. Rather than trying contimnually to incite some kind of feeling of him being puicked on, you’d do well to tell this f****** to grow up and start acting like a man. No doubt his passport will be in perfect order the next time he gets picked to play for Mexico.

    Edited: We don’t accept swear words in any way!!

    • Err actually this site has not broken this news. look here:

      Also this site never breaks any news on Carlos Vela. This site is written by a devoted fan. It is a fan blog, not a credible source. It took Mr Zimmerman more than a day to replicate the story about Vela losing his passport. Whats also funny is that when the squad was announced, the author of this site wrote a silly piece complaining about Vela not being selected for the Barca tie. An embarrassing climbdown ensued when Zimmerman realised the real reason was Vela’s own stupidity rather than some conspiracy hatched by the evil Arsene Wenger to prevent Vela showing he is better than Messi.

      Moreover, this site does not represent the views of Carlos Vela, and it seems more than certain that Mr Zimmerman, who is German, has no line of contact with the Mexican Vela,

      Anybody who reads this site in the hope that Mr Zimmerman is going to give you some breaking exclusive, you are sadly misguided.

      • clockendrider you always criticise me, furthermore I’m in corporation with the gunning hawk, so be both help each other!! The reason why the gunning hawk has added it earlier than me was because I’m so busy with my job.

  6. Totally deserving. He would have added some spark to the team in Camp Nou… Also it would have been fantastic for him to be at Camp Nou. Though punishment is absolutely justified. No other thoughts.

  7. vela, I think he’s a great player! Losing the passport, that shouldn’t happen to a professional. And, yeah playing against Barca at Camp Nou should’ve been a great opportunity for him to show his great skills. I’ve seen him play and he sure is good at that. Bottomline is we all make mistakes, and we all deserve a second chance! He’ll learn from that! I’m sure.

  8. zim it’s nice for a change not to hear you whining about how arsenal doesn’t want vela nor deserve him as a matter of fact.. just imagine what a chance he’s missed??and Lord knows what difference he could have made when arsenal were dealing with barca.
    yes, it happens to alot of people but in his situation it shouldn’t have..

    and i personally think that is not a harsh enough punishment but as i have been saying here all the time, that’s why we don’t manage arsenal and it’s wenger that does, cos Lord know what he would have taken in consideration b4 dishing it out..

  9. Yeah we all make mistakes, if sombody has never forgotten somthing in their life then they can say somthing to Vela.

  10. Vela absolutely deserves punishment. However, you can see Wenger did not put any penalties on Vela’s weekly wages. It’s an extra training and being trained by a couple of Arsenal’s first team coaches would help him to gain his fitness, skill and pace quickly. I can see in the remaining games, the possibility of Wenger could opted to use Vela at the left flank is more than Eduardo, who is still perform a disappointing displays nearly a year. Vela should thank to Wenger and his staff to put trust on him.

  11. How can they punish him? he is a special boy, a very special boy. I have read Vela news for a while and it seems like he will be the BEST i repeat the BEST player ever. Everytime he gets 10 mins i always think he wil score atleast 2 goals. vela news always say he is soooooo good. and will become sooooo great. so i always think Vela is the best. Soon he will show you all how great he is. Son he will be the new Messie and Rooney in one! He will be the best player ever to play for Arsenal! 10 times Cesc.

    That is why one cannot puhish him and have to protect him from fans and media when he forgets his passport. IT IS NOT HIS FAULT! he cannot be expected to remember this kid of stuff. a great player like Vela? Why should he have to? the club should have people to fix those kind of things….

  12. When I read that he has lost his passport I laugh! That couldn’t be real!!..but it was. =/
    I think the punishment is acceptable, not the best punishment but acceptable…now he would be more careful about his stuff.
    I hope they can get him back to his shape, he can do great stuff, he just need more trainning and learn more.
    In other news: the Chicharito new is great! Hope ManU help him to grow and give all what he can do..


  13. thats fair enough extra training should do him good hope he starts to give it his all now that chicharo is in manchester in arsenal is vela really getting the work out necessary to get him strong for the epl i did see him a lil bit stronger against new zeland

  14. Well, well well, it is obvious that Vela is not getting a punishment but a training that will do him great. Vela needs that special training that Messi had when he used to get injured allot. Remember that fast, have agility, strength, and talented players always get knocked around more often. I do agree with other comments about Vela being a substitute, but for a couple of seasons, until RvP takes off to Real Madrid. Then will Vela have an opportunity to shine. Yeah clockenrider Vela will go to the American Cup that Brazil will host next year and better for him mate. I also eat carne asada with a lot of torrtilla, very good. Keep up the good work Zimmermann.

  15. I like to think that Mr. Zimmerman is doing good job. I do think he did jump to conclusions too quickly when the news first broke of Vela being left out of the Barcelona game.

    However, this is a BLOG. More like a Carlos Vela FAN site. If you are coming here to look for up to the minute soccer, Arsenal, or Carlos Vela breaking news, then you are in the wrong place. Simply put, duh!

    I like Vela as a player and I come here to comment on Vela with other fans of Vela. To give my opinion and listen to others opinion with open ears and non judgmental personal attacks. It just so happens that Arsenal are also my favorite team so it works out. My personal opinion is, why come to a site where you are only going to give negative feedback and complain. All the Vela fan’s could have easily ran onto Arsenal sites and complained and attacked fans there with the believe he is not getting a fair chance to play (something which i DON’T believe is actually going on). For what? This is a place for Vela fans to express themselves, so we come here.

    Come on guys, come on here, read, be respectful and give your opinion. Punishment for Vela was justified, but he should have been punished financially, simply put, it was irresponsible. Anyhow, Zimmerman I think you and Chris from the GunningHawk are doing a Great job. Keep it up.

  16. I just want to tell you guys this, have you realized the great skills that vela has? Just take your time to watch some videos of vela (in you tube) then you will realize what a great player he is! I really enjoy watching him play! He’s not afraid to play against anybody, he’s got selfconfidence. I’m really proud to be mexican just because of vela! I know he will become one of the
    greatest players ever! Trust me!

  17. Vela did fu#^* up this time. I’m sure that intensive training is not enough for Arsenal and like Zimmerman said they are protecting him.($$$$$$$$)

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