Ebuzzing Arrives In The UK

The importance of bringing good advertising to weblogs is very understated. Adverts can be the making or breaking of a good blog, with the mixture between finding the right things to advertise and the content of the site not being spoilt. With Ebuzzing now arriving in the UK, finding the right adverts has never been easier. Ebuzzing brings together the big brands with good blogs with the aim of providing a platform for the easy monetisation of the respective websites.

Ebuzzing is a French project which can used by either companies or bloggers. Companies can get their products on the respected blogs in the form of paid posts or viral videos. The articles are written by the blog owner so their personal style can be used to effectivly put across a message to their readers in a familar manner. The videos are even easier to setup! Both methods are designed to blend into the bloggers current content:

To register on ebuzzing.com, just fill in the simple form with information about yourself and your blog. Then check for campaigns which suit you, or select the option to receive the updates straight into your e-mail inbox. All links within articles come with the “no follow” tag, so that search engines don’t mistake the links as being bought by advertisers as “paid links”. Assistance is just an e-mail away and the service is really fast and helpful.

Having refined their service with the French market, now Ebuzzing has expanded to new markets, with the UK the latest to take advantage of this awesome service. So what are you waiting for!

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