Unacceptable Passport Issue Forces Vela Out Of Squad For Barcelona Clash

Young Arsenal Striker Carlos Vela has not travelled to the Catalan metropolis after losing his Spanish passport (EU Passport) in front of the crucial Champions league encounter with Barcelona, which the Gunners finally lost with a score of 4:1.

There is no confirmation at all that Vela would have started on the bench against Pep Guardiola’s side if he would have found his passport. Vela’s agent Eduardo Hernandez has spoken already to the media to confirm that embarrassing Issue with the passport of his client.

Hernandez said: “Carlos did not find his passport. He didn’t mislead the club, he just didn’t know where the document was.”

If you look on that big mistake of Carlitos, then you must say that is unacceptable for a professional football player, so that Arsenal Football Club will look out to discipline the young Mexican with a financial penalty.

Furthermore sorry that the news comes just yet, because you have to get this news confirmed before you can write something like that.

Article by – A.Zimmermann

36 responses to “Unacceptable Passport Issue Forces Vela Out Of Squad For Barcelona Clash

  1. Maybe now you understand why Wenger did not pick him. If you saw the players on the substitute bench on Tuesday it is almost certain Vela would have been there especially with his experience of Spanish football. The reason Wenger said Vela wasn’t in the squad due to there being “high competition” was to protect Vela from the embarrassment of having to admit he lost his passport. Perhaps you should reconsider before you criticise Wenger next time as it is things like this that prevent Vela from getting into the first team. He is good but not infallible and needs to grow up if he is taking his Arsenal career seriously.

    • Oh common. So now Arsenal and fans who really don’t care about Vela want to use this issue against him and say that it was because of his missing passport that he wasn’t called? That’s absurd. Out of all games and possible call-ups Vela could have received, he was going to be called against Barca. That is all BS.

      People start to wonder why Vela isn’t getting minutes and so they try finding any little mistake like this one and say “that’s why”. Well I am certain that with or without his passport missing, Vela was not going to be called. If so then just to warm the bench. Wenger, a so called “promising player” is not going to deliver anything on the bench. Use him or sell him!

      • I do rate him as a player but if you make mistakes like this frankly you don’t deserve to playing for Arsenal. He’s not a baby for God’s sake! We can’t follow him round making sure he’s got everything. Being a professional footballer is more than performing on the pitch. It’s about having the right attitude and making sure things like this don’t happen. If Cesc done something similar he would face the same punishment. It is acceptable for nobody.

        If Vela had been in the squad there is no doubt he would have come on at some point as were really struggling with attacking options with all our injuries. He may even have come on in place of Eduardo who has been performing badly recently.

        Also how about some patience from everyone. He’s still so young but needs to work hard and have a good attitude. There are a lot of good wingers at Arsenal so he will struggle to get game time. Is he better than Arshavin, (yet)? No. Is he better than Nasri? No. Rosicky, Walcott, Bendtner, Van Persie? No, No, No, No. Players will come and go and if he shows patience he will break into the first team. The fact is he is yet to perform for the first XI in a game other than the Carling Cup which is why he isn’t chosen on a regular basis.

  2. A very costly error both for Carlos and Arsenal. We could have used his attacking presence in the team, we had no attacking options on the bench for that match, Eduardo is past it and Eboué is only useful on the right hand side.

    Carlos really let us down with this stupid mistake, he’s not making a good case for why he should be played at all. What use is a player who can’t play the one time we could really have used him, he blew a big opportunity to show us what he can do, especially seeing as Barcelona are an open attacking side.

  3. Quote from your post before the game:
    “Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger has left the Mexican out of his 18-man travelling squad, instead he has nominated unexperienced players like Fran Mérida or Craig Eastmond.”

    The “unexperienced” players Merida and Eastmond did however understands that you should have your passport ready when the chance comes…
    I think this was the end of Velas Arsenal career, he suits better in Spain (if he ever will find his passport…) and all the games with Mexico is somehow unacceptable if the cost is that you don’t play for you club.

  4. I am just glad he wasn’t dropped. He would have done a better job than Rosicky who looked very tired.

  5. I just find the passport incident too hard to believe. If it is the case Carlos is a child that needs a nurse and has no place in an adult professional world.

    Please tell me it`s a joke.

  6. Surely this is a joke? Carlos has not lived up to expectations but I was suprised not to see him on the bench and I think he would have done better than Rosicky. But…if the reason he did not travel is because he had “lost” his passport then that is unbeliveable!!

  7. i could have sworn in ur last article you were upset he was intentionally left behind.
    i believe its people like you who would not appreciate the fact he is learning his game and his time would come

  8. I hope this is not true, if it is then its not acceptable and must have his wrist slapped.

    I hope you guys on this site take it a bit easy on Arsene Wenger, you seem to be going over the top lately, your articles on Carlos used to be interesting and readable but its beginning to be a turn off. As long as your boy does not play you throw your toys out of the pram.

    Carlos is a very good player but things are not working for him at the moment, calm down a bit and it will happen.

  9. what about an apology from this site for the inflammatory anti-wenger story you published on Tuesday?

  10. Maybe Vela has lost his passion and drive when it comes to playing for us?
    The time he does get he rarely shows any reason to put him in the team more regularly. Maybe he’s just looking to the end of the season and moving onto somewhere new?
    Shame as I thought he’d be a great player for us, unfortunately he’s not lived up to that!

    • so why did he sign a 5 year contract!! leave him alone he was injured!! he will play a great world cup and coming back even stronger!!!

  11. yo zim,
    i guess this will teach you to get all the facts involved with matters b4 getting all stresshead about it. you were so wound up by the fact that Vela was not in the squad that you didn’t bother finding out why and instead decided to point the finger of blame at Wenger. and least now you know you and Vela haVE something in common:STUPIDITY

  12. I suppose it could happen to anyone, but at that level, hmmmm……

    Poor Carlos, he is not having a lot of luck is he? injuries, etc… But anyhow, he needs to tough it out, maybe all these setbacks will give him have a stronger character and will help him in the long run. He needs to persevere.

    I hope he scores against Tottenham next week and put this episode behind.

    Animo Amigo! No pasa nada!

  13. Interesting reason for his non-inclusion. A completely unacceptable cock up frankly.

    No doubt you were ready to start piping up yet again about how the club is stifling his development and “Carlitos” needs to start looking elsewhere to get more playing time and blah blah blabbady blah.

  14. Next time before blaming Wenger for anything, do your research welll.

  15. Man that sucks. What a silly mistake. I love vela but man that was dumb.

  16. So now here is a “good” answer to your permanent moaning about the guy never being included in the squad. Why don’t you write a longer article in the wake of your precedent posts to blame Vela and his obviously unprofessional behavior?

    Anyway, the guy is shit and will soon be offloaded to another club. Let the likes of Barazite, Randall, Watt, JET and Wilshere come through and show what they’re worth. At least they don’t travel across the world every international break. Though, I’m sure they would never forget or “lose” their passport…

    • Randall???? I think you are on drugs???? He is utter shit!!! He is one of the first which will be shown the door!!!

  17. hey guys, that new kid United signed today, how good or bad is he compared to Vela. Is he diffrent in playstyle and will we have trouble with him next year?

  18. @gunner
    Vela made that small mistake of loosing his passport. You think he is unprofessional for loosing his passport? you think his intention was to loose his passport to not go to play one of the best games in his carrier? You must be out of your mind to be against Vela. I hope that Vela gets a lot of game time so he can start doing what he is known for.

    Also i just found out that Javier Hernandez is going to Manchester United. Imagine that, two Mexicans playing with the best teams in the world along with Barcelona.

  19. Would of been perfect game for Vela as well. Wenger would have used him due to his speed and ability. Missed someone like Vela playing with Bendtnar. Oh well his time WILL COME

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  21. With the news that Javier THE OVERHYPED Chicharito Hernandez signed with Manure, Carlitos has to play at White Hart Lane and destroy Tottenham. He was the first Mexican in a big English team but that doesn’t mean anything to Mexico, Chicharito signs with Manchester and he’s the greatest thing ever. Screw that, Wenger prepare Vela to be the world class striker you know he is and show off your Mexican striker to the world. Hopefully this passport BS will be the last episode of the never ending Vela drama. Wenger please stop keeping Vela off the field and let him shine.

    PS Im 100% Mexican and makes me proude to have another mexican representing my country in Europe but I just dont like this Chicharito fellow >=P.

  22. Yup, the good news is he was not dropped.

  23. Well and carlos still not playing…. _ _

  24. I agree this is a childish mistake, but I hope Carlos finds his passport and plays next time. I just don’t know how he would lose his passport.

  25. According to this site! http://www.record.com.mx/futbol/sancion-a-vela-por-pasaporte-un-dia-de-entrenamiento-08042010.html

    His punishment is extra practice with trainers for a couple days, and he has also received a new passport!

  26. Hey Guys just chill for a moment, everybody makes a mistake once in while 😛 I still think that he is a great player and only 21 so he has time to mature,

    We should wait till the world cup to make judgements about his future. I think that he is going to do great in the worldcup and bring all his expreiance to arsenal and probably get into the 11 man squad.
    I think he still has a chance to show us that he is Arsenal Material 😛

    Hopefully he will play against Tot on wednesday and gain some experiance and score a few goals to silence all his critics 🙂

    I think He will Be a great player when he comes for the world cup 😛

  27. it’s amazing how he’s never forgot his documents when he’s off to play with mexico yet when his owners and wage payers need him to play a in one of our biggest games of the season he’s nowhere to be seen >_< btw i still think he's a quality player an should be playin more often than eduardo does HAHAHA

  28. Gunner, you are just as over the top as Zimmerman

    vela is not shit… But he needs to get his head right or else he will never realize his potential

  29. oh my god ahahaha…Carlos should put all his papers in order ahahaha…but oh well hopefully it doesn’t happen again:) Si se puede Vela xD

  30. I hope he will play next match

  31. You should even be pleased with Arsene for trying to protect him by saying that it was due to high competition, next time you try to be too quick to criticise the man please remember this! I thought Carlos would have been useful on the night due to his knowledge of Spanish football.

  32. Thats it disgusting, Sell him Wenger!

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