Vela Misses Out On Arsenal Squad For Barcelona

21 years old Mexican Carlos Vela stays in London when his teammates taking the plane to Barcelona today for their crucial Champions League encounter with Pep Guardiola’s star side on Tuesday evening in the Catalan metropolis.

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger has left the Mexican out of his 18-man travelling squad, instead he has nominated unexperienced players like Fran Mérida or Craig Eastmond. There is no reason confirmed why Carlitos don’t make the squad, but if he did not pick up a knock in Saturday’s match, then it is a not understandable decision by Gunners Manager Arsene Wenger.

Furthermore Vela was fully involved in this morning’s practice unit at Arsenal Training Ground in London, Colney. (Pic: Vela and Mérida at London, Colney April 5)

Article by – A.Zimmermann

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  1. It is okay to be upset he didn’t make the squad. But to slag off a fellow team mate is just pathetic. Have more class.

    • Its sad but obvious that Vela was left out. We need someone in Mid as a sub.. So we need to have Merida Eastmond etc..

      We have Eduardo as a forward who is far more experienced than Vela. Its sad that he’s been left out..but you can’t really help it.. we can name just 18!!

  2. we probably had to have some home grown players on the bench but anyway stop your moaning he got 15 mins in the leageu the 2 days ago
    he did alright made a few nice runs
    he’ll get a few more games now
    i thought he would go because he’s played there before but hey hopefully he gets a run out against spurs


    • Eduardo has done nothing this year- give vela a chance!!!!!!

    • I agree. Eduardo, whether by lack of confidence or ability, has done nothing to warrant a place. I think we need players with pace to expose Barca’s high line. That given, Vela is a better choice than Eduardo and to be honest, I’d rather see Vela one-on-one than Dudu. I hope it is just confidence but for me, Eduardo looks washed up.

      • Eduardo has been in terrible form whenever he has got onto the pitch. His reactions aren’t sharp and I can’t see him scoring against anyone at the moment. I think Vela, who has Spanish experience, would have been a more worthy player to take to Barcelona.

        My selection is Barcelona 1 Arsenal 2, with Arsenal advancing to the Champions League semi final 4-3 on aggregate. Goals scored by Nasri 24, Diaby 57 & for Barcelona, Messi in the 80th. It will be a nervy last 10 mins.

    • please consider otherwise if you see how he played in la liga PLEASE! Sergio Ramos would second that.

  4. i really dont see why vela is out . I guess AW really dont like him

    • Has Vela really proved himself this season? He has been an absolute shadow. There is one and one reason only why Vela has been left out. He just has not been good enough… period. He will get time to shine, but not against Barcelona now is not the time to give him the test.

      • boniface muinde

        wenger was minding more about his midfield so merida being a mindfielder was was not wrong to leave vela out

      • Aaron, Eduardo has neither showed anythin this season. Vela has actually had little playin time this season. We cant judge his progress yet he has barely played

      • If Vela has been a shadow it has been because Wenger wants it that way. What is Vela supposed to do when he is given 10-15 minutes of playtime once a month? If Bendtner, Walcott and Eduardo have more experienced is only because Wenger has given them playing time. Vela right now is not in the best of shapes to play high level football but this is only because Wenger does not use Vela.

  5. Fran Merida has as much experience as Vela does and he has actually scored in the league this year 🙂

  6. DieHardGooner

    Who are YOU to question Arsene’s decision and Eduardo’s impact? If you think you know better, I don’t think you’d be here writing a blog, you should be coaching Arsenal FC.

    You are ALWAYS moaning about why Vela is starting…you should try to understand WHY Wenger is not picking him in the squad!


    N.B. I”m a Vela fan, NOT a fanatic…if he does not impress with the chance given to him, I see no reason why we should play him…we’re not playing poker here…hoping to get lucky and see Vela have a blinder…we’re playing FOOTBALL…

    • I don’t recall Vela missing 3 chances against Wolves. 2 of them sitters. Dudu is finished, Vela is on the way up. Wenger needs to show confidence in him, it may be the boost that pushes him onto the top.

      We need pace against Barca, to push them deep or expose their high line. Vela and Walcott would give us pace and we know that Vela can finish. Dudu couldn’t finish a crossword lately.

      • No matter wot you think money can’t buy experience, Vela/Dudu; no basis for comparison. the game against Barca needs someone with a big heart, Dudu is our only option and mind you with song out we need options in the middle as well viz a viz Mrida and Eastmond.
        Keep the faith!

  7. DieHardGooner

    “You are ALWAYS moaning about why Vela is starting…you should try to understand WHY Wenger is not picking him in the squad!”

    I mean not starting….

  8. Vela really hasn’t done anything all season unfortunately. We all want him to succeed but you can’t really say it’s a scandal to leave him out.

  9. Once again, I look on Vela not on Arsenal Football Club and what Arsene Wenger is doing with the young lad is disrespectful, you Gunners don’t deserve Carlos anymore as no one obviously understand that you need match time to come back to your best game (not 10-15mins) . That i moan, hell yeah that is a Carlos Vela blog, so you should understand that I cannot be happy with the treating and I of course questioning AW managing qualities. You guys would do the same if Arsenal would be on position 18-20 in the Premiership!!

    • and finds a way to use his right foot for something other than standing on.

    • A Zimmermann i admire your job on the blogs! i always was watching the youngguns blog because you were following Vela´s steps and i would want to see an article on this blog about Vela skills if He´s a really top class player… Let´s analize him before the seasons over.

      I really do like this Site!!! Nice job!!

    • Look mate while the team is winning there won’t be any changes. The fact of the matter is vela missed his chance this season when arsenal had all the injuries up front by putting in some below-par performances. He’s not going to get in now that we’re in the business end of the season because he’s underperformed up to now.

      • That’s not actually true though. He played very well in a CL game immediately before eduardo got injured and there was no one else left.
        He controlled the ball well, and linked play superbly.
        He fought for the ball as well. Obviously he couldnt win much in the air, but neither could arshavin or eduardo, so all in all he looked a better prospect than arshavin, and even eduardo initially, to play the lone forward role. Wenger just didnt pick him and THEN velas confidence dropped and he started to play less well for a while.
        He looks decent again now though. You cant expect him to come on make a big impact (ie score) in 10-20 mins very often. Some players just arent like that anyway, doesnt mean theyr bad players.
        This kid needs experience!

    • well he signed a 5 year contract this year Vela did. Clearly Vela himself is not that unhappy with the situation. if he was he would not extend his contract. You think he is dumb or someting?

    • Zimmerman you are pathetic. Vela has been rubbish and isn’t good enough for the premier league. He fared better in the Carling Cup where the young inexperienced players like himself get time to show some skill, but in the real competitions he just isn’t good enough – yet.

      It really is quite pathetic how you never apportion any blame to Vela. It is blindingly obvious that he isn’t being played because he isn’t performing in training. There are questions about his attitude and application at Colney and Wenger is a top manager – not the sort of fool who would play a player who isn’t performing in training.

      I fear Vela will go the way of Jose Antonio Reyes – tipped for the top, but fell way short because of attitude problems, keft Arsenal to become another journeyman player who blew their chance at Arsenal (and the top)


  10. Disrespectful? If he outperforms the actual starting players or adds anything he will play I guess. That last sentence on Wenger doesn’t make sense.

  11. in all fairness vela has NOT been given a fair chance at arsenal this year! eduardo has been pretty crap IMO and whenever vela plays he seems to be more direct and have more talent than eduardo! eduardo does have more experience but my argument is vela did NOT have a fair crack at the whip at arsenal this year! playing the last 20 mins against a wolves side who put all their men behind the ball is hardly a time to judge a players ability

    • Faisal Ali – I agree largely with that, although I wouldnt say eduardo has been crap, finishing aside. His experience has been useful.
      Carlos was horribly treated earlier in the year tho when he was the only recognised, fit striker, yet wenger still chose to move arshavin to CF rather than pick him. And this after he put in a very strong performance in the centre in a CL game. His control and link up play are actually better than arshavin’s and with a run in the side he might even have scored more goals.
      I dont think doing this would have hurt the side much, seeing as we didnt do all that well without bendtner or rvp anyway, and might even have allowed vela to develop into the top class forward many of us see in him.

      • theirishgooner

        How many players could comeback from that horrific injury that Eduardo suffered and still play at the top consistently?

        There is no competition between eduardo and Vela, Eduardo wins hands down. Vela has been given his chance this season and didn’t grab it with both hands like he should have done. Against wolves on saturday, he was very ligthweight, went down too easily and did not do enough to win the ball back.

        All that said, Vela WILL be a massive Arsenal player in the not too distant future.



  12. i would like to see vela playing for arsenal and playing in a position he is good at, not wide left. but again, i would rather play merida than vela as merida looks closer to the complete player, although vela is not faraway i believe.

  13. DieHardGooner

    It’s easy to say Carlos Vela needs to get more match time, but what about Eduardo? Doesn’t he also need match time? How can you slag him like that?

    If anyone need match time here, it’s him because he’s very low on confidence since his leg break…and more importantly…he HAS PROVED himself…

    Vela has only scored in CC matches and against lowly Portsmouth last year. However, it’s fortunate Vela is not a MOANER like you…and instead keeps his head down and works harder to make it into the team.

    Had he had your mentality, he would have called quits long ago and gone to another club.

    As for Arsenal being 18-20 in the Premiership, this just shows how much you know about Arsenal and Arsene’s record.

    You’re going mental Zimmerman…and please…stop writing about Vela…and pretend you care…

  14. I think the frequent long trips to Mexico and missing pre-season last summer due to injury playing in a friendly for his national side has gone against him.

    Hopefully he has a good world cup, a full pre-season, and shows the club what he can do.

  15. I’ve heard from reputable sources that Vela isn’t is the squad because he is not actually very good.



  16. For reasons not known to any of us, the manager choses not to play Carlos. I believe he has only ever started one P:L match.two years at Ossasuna obviously hasn’t improved him enough in the manager’s eye, yet he appears to do well for mexico. i doubt he will be at Arsenal much longer.

    • He’ll get at least another year here. he only signed a new deal in december.
      Im sure there are other reasons behind wenger’s decisions not to pick him, he is aware of the kid’s talent. He’d have to be blind not to notice how well he can control the ball, his pace, and how well he can finish.

  17. im an arsenal fan , i have always seen than other players have really a lot of chances and im expecting more chances to vela ,he is not a winger hes an striker or CF i would put him beside VP . Vela has a lot of vision see him in the mexican squad he do excelent passes and run ins I guess this kid is always on the parties and thats why AW dont like him he will be another SENDEROS on the squad!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I disagree with a lot of these comments.
    Imo leaving vela out limits our attacking options. Hes another with great pace, like theo, he has experience against spanish oppostion, and if we are chasing a goal later in the game, Id rather have a pacey player like him than fran merida, who probably wouldnt offer anything too different to eduardo anyway currently, given the croatians drop in terms of pace and finishing quality, although his experience will be useful.
    I do also really like fran, and it’s possible wenger wanted to bring him because of his history with barca, but I think vela offers something different and probably more valuable in a game like this.
    Also it just seems a bit harsh to keep dropping vela. Imo hes been treated horrendously this season by the manager, worse than any young kid coming through I can remember because he has shown during his few matches that he has the quality and the appetite to succeed, he just needs game time.
    He has shown a lot more in the few minutes of first team he has been afforded than theo did. That kid was (possibly still is) horribly inconsistent, yet wenger kept on persisting with him, often to the detriment of the side. Including vela would not be such a detriment as he has shown that he is at least capable of delivering a good ball and keeping possession well, which theo used to be very poor at by comparison. Carlos just needs experience and he can be an arsenal great.

    • @davi, danigunner and kelsey

      I agree with all of you on all points!!

      • thanks A. Zimmermann. for reading my comments im not good in english , but im afraid… i dont want to see a young player with future with a bad treatment … if carlos were an english player like Theo … when he did those wonderful crack goals the last season in the CC he would have Capello eyes on him and all the english people would love him… i know that im being a litte dramatic… but im realistic.

        I´m not against any arsenal player , and any striker i only think that vela is good as Bendtner and as rosicky… this boy needs to be a starter but it will be next season… and i Repeat im afraid that carlos could become another player on the squad like SENDEROS who had his opportunities and he´s just a name and number in the squad

  19. Zimmerman, perhaps you should do an analysis on why Vela is missing the spark that he had for both club and country last year. There is definitely something missing from his game this year. He is not running at wingbacks as much, his pace seems to have reduced and his desire seems to be ebbing. Look within before criticising Arsenal. Eduardo is not the same player since his unfortunate leg break and has seen his chances reduce as well. In his last year, Gilberto found himself upstaged by Flamini. Toure was losing his scorching pace and recovery abilities and found himself out of the team. AW picks players on performance not on reputation. Analyse what has happened Zimmermann.

  20. jessops, he is very , very good… you forgotten those class laden goals he has scored for us in the carling cup?

    he is just not in form right now, he struggled when on as a sub last week.. traore has been selected ahead of him in my book.. speed factor down the left.

  21. Dear Mr Zimmermann,
    Do you know Mr Vela personally? I get the feeling your obvious discomfort towards Vela’s schooling at Arsenal means you would prefer him too move. I hope Mr Vela does not take advice from you as he could well become the best striker in the world one day but only if he is at an English top 4 side. The physicality of the league will bring the best out of him in time just like it did with one Mr Ronaldo who accepts that the premier league was what made him the player he was and if you remember when he started his playing time was limited just like Mr Vela. Please have time he is a young lad and small but under Wenger tutelage he will become one of the best. Look what Wenger did with Vieira, Henry, Fabregas, Petit, Pires, Overmars, Lljunberg, Anelka, Diaby, Song, Clichy, Cole, Gibbs, Bendtner, Van Pierse, Adebayor, Toure, Eboue, Flamini, Hleb etc etc etc

  22. Today I prficted vela and Merida would make the the squad. Sorry for Vela but Merida will likely score if given free licence to fire.

  23. He will get his chance… esp. now Arshavin is injured for a few weeks, but not against Barca. I like his pace and his skill, and playing for Mexico he has been great, but he needs to develop more, esp. reading the midfield, to add to his ability to tear down the left wing. Also get the impression he is (still) a bit lightweight. Earlier this season he had a few chances; he missed a couple of sitters and got muscled out by stoke in the FA cup. It would be too much of a wild gamble to take/play him tomorrow, akin to taking Theo to the 2006 world cup. Think it will be Rosicky on the left anyway. Eboue on the right with Theo as a replacement later in the game. Would you use Vela as a sub with one substitution already spoken for?!

    • “esp. reading the midfield, to add to his ability to tear down the left wing.” Definitely agree with that, he often looks isolated, but its experience he needs to correct that issue.

      As for the “lightweight” issue, he is a lot stronger than people give him credit for. Its true he has been outmuscled at times, but equally he’s outmuscled much bigger opponents. And if theo and wilshere can get away with being so small, I dont see how vela could be classed as too lightweight.
      He needs to work on anticipating the play more, I definitely agree, and then he wont look so lightweight because he will have more time on the ball.
      Those sitters he missed btw, came right after the game where wenger chose to put arshavin up front rather than pick him for a PL game. A decision I was disgusted over frankly. He didnt look confident throughout that game, not jsut with his finishing, and still wasnt as poor as theo has looked over tha past few years for the most part.

  24. Just re-watched his goal against Burnley… Genius!!!

  25. I think vela has already decided not to sign Arsenal contract extension so that might explain why Arsene left him out and decide to use Fran Merida and other raw players instead since they are under long term contract. It makes no sense to play Vela when he is not willing to stay at Arsenal by not signing contract extension. It also make sense for the raw players to benefit CL experience. If Vela already decides to join Athleto Bilbao on free transfer, then what is the point of giving CL experience to him when it is beneficial for long term raw players gain CL as well.

    • he has already signed a new deal in december a 5 year extension

      • Merida has not signed a new contract as of yet.

      • sorry i thought you mean Vela kelsey

      • Vela couldnt find his passport !!!… Carlos Vela news ! whats going on ? why didnt you report this before, instead of attacking Wenger :@ !!!?? Im playing a little bit….you couldnt have known unless you had inside info of course 😛

      • that is very emberassing for a professional football player, I have always throw my head in for Carlos, has fighted for my mind about the young lad, but this is something which is really unacceptable. You have the chance to play in Barcelona at the Nou Camp against the best football side in the world and you lose your passport. Hell Yeah that is very dissapointing, There is no failure from the Arsenal Manager as he was prepared to give Carlos a real chance!! So I have to be sorry to Mr. Wenger as this time all hits must be go out to Vela!!

      • Zimmermann I dont think you should apologize to AW because of this, if the passport thing is true then Vela was such a ….. but the problem is not this exclusive game, now they are saying that he would have probably been a starter and that is completely false and that is the real problem, this season Vela has been completely sidelined by AW if you get back to other games in the premiere and CL the truth is that it doesn’t really matter if there is only one forward player available in the squad because AW will rather use 5 midfielders instead of giving Vela a shot and that is the real problem, not this game but the whole season and unfortunately I won’t buy the argument about Vela being a young prospect and being promoted little by little, Vela is about to get 21 and he is not a kid anymore he is stronger than bloody Rosicky and Walcott and he is as strong as Denilson, Nasri, Eboue etc so the thing is if AW doesn’t need him right now then loan him for a couple of years and hopefully he will get to be the star we all want and then AW could have him back but right now he is just slowing Vela down.

      • it is only a sorry , because I wrote that it is a not understandable decision. Furthermore i don’t think that Vela would have played there, but at least he could be on the bench. I not apologise to AW at all, but this time it was Vela’s fault.

        That they are saying now that he would have started is just to make the news bigger, that is the media!! Vela would not get a start at Nou Camp when he plays all the time just 10-15 mins, but obviously he hasgetting no minutes at all in the last months.

  26. There is no need to get hysterical. Vela has had a lot of injury problems this season as he adjusts to the physicality required to play in the PL. In fact, he is just coming back from a groin injury. Eduardo has the experience and is probably sharper than Vela right now. Merida is in the squad because it is midfield cover we need for this game given our current injuries not another striker. Players understand these things and we would do well to temper our disappointment at our particular favourite missing out, by trying to consider what the bigger picture might be or the need for balance in the team. Vela is young, his time will come if he and his supporters can be patient a little longer. He has not become crap overnight.

  27. I agree with big “Z”… Vela truly hasn’t been given many chances to impress. You can’t count 5 minute cameos as there are few players who can come in a really show themselves in that time…. But it must be said that Vela is not the only one in that boat. Merida has also had virtually no opportunities in the 5 years he’s been here. He’s 20 now and you’d have to say that Ramsey and Wilshere get their chances ahead of him much like Theo and Bendtner get their chances ahead of Carlos. I must say that with Carlos injuries have meant that he’s missed a lot of chances that he would otherwise have got.

  28. they should loan him him out next season if this is the type of playing time he will b getting let him go to la liga where for sure he will get regular min

  29. an arsenal lover

    how can wenger leave vela ? he and walcott together could have tore barca apart.

    • Vela needs to play on the left so he can deliver his magic.. I would love to see Carlos punish Milito or Marquez (against Alves it would be incredible to watch, but i think hes injured) from Barcelona tomorrow just like he did Sergio Ramos from Madrid when he played for Osasuna. Too bad he did not make the list as i think that opportunities like this mature a player faster than anything else.. Just brings out the best out of players and we clearly know what this kid can do.. In my humble opinion he has the potential to be one of the top players for Arsenal..
      Cant believe they left him out of the squad!.. Fully rested, hungry with lots of energy!!.. I do hope we loan him out next year if were not going to use him, i want to see this kid play and show the football he showed us last year.. Simple cold/clinical finishing.

      Vela on the left and Theo on the right would be Lethal.. I read on the Arsenal site that Vela is almost as fast as Theo, they will tear through any defence soon.

    • well said my friend there speed would have been too much for barca

  30. I don’t believe vela missed in the squad for the trip to Nou Camp. I think he deserves to play. You can’t expect miracle from a player who just play for 10-15 minutes and could play a game in 2 weeks. That’s unfair. I’m Arsenal fan but i love to see Vela in action over Eduardo. To be honest, i think it’s very difficult for Eduardo to get his old performance. Since broke his leg, Eduardo’s pace has decline and he seems to have a chronic mental block, a barrier to make decision in scoring. He is 27, soon will be 28 and next year will be 29. He is not getting any younger. I can’t denied that Arsenal could still rely on him as he still has some tricky dribbling, but to leave Vela, it’s a surprise. At least, he should be in the squad although Wenger is reluctant to use him.

  31. playing for the Mexican national team is killing his career with Arsenal. The problem is that he’s not available for two weeks after a mexican game, because he’s tired, he has to travel a long time,.. Arsene should give him a chance but when he got the chance to play he wasn’t playing much better than eduardo or any other striker in the arsenal team. He started 5 times this season, came on 13 times, and scored once, that are not very good statistics for a striker. But he’s still very young so I think Wenger will give him more chances to play starting next season.

  32. Saul espinoza

    Vela deserves a chance i think wanger has not given vela a real chance to prove himself vela is a talented player he has proven it in the mexican national team many times.

  33. So basically…..Vela obviously still has some sort of injury or fitness issue since the knock he picked up for Mexico. End of story

  34. I was shocked when i heard that Vela didn’t make the list,why is the question that i keep asking myself….as they always say that “A LIVING DOG IS BETTER THAN A DEAD LION”,presently half VELA is better than full EDUADO.God what is happening to this talent”VELA” ?What has he done to deserve this?Though wenger is the coach and he knows better,so i leave everything for him….but no one i mean no one should compare VELA with DUDU….

  35. I am really begining to question your loyalty to the Arseanl.
    Because Vela doesnt play, you continually pull down the Arsenal.
    That just aint freaking right. One man does make a damn team.
    Vela will wait his damn chance like everyone else did.
    Stop crying down Merida and Eastmond Man. Piss Off.
    You are with the team or your arent.

    Gunner for life.

  36. Vela has to be patient, he is still young and he is learning. His time will come. If he is patient like Diaby, Song, and Eboue then he will make it. If he is impatient then he can follow the path of Alliadire, Flamini, Sendoros and Aleks Hleb.

    He has to be patient. His time will come soon. Not this season but may be next season. If he stays he will be a superstar.

  37. what did eduardo do against wolves besides missing sitters!

  38. I believe Arsene is obviously doing what is better for the team. And I don’t think he is making any decisions based on some personal conflict he has against Vela. Maybe he feels the team is better without Vela for this particular match… i disagree. But that is my opinion.

    That said, I believe much of the frustration can be attributed with the lack of playing time Vela is getting while Eduardo gets the the bulk of the available time. I understand Eduardo has proven himself in the past. Unfortunately, after his injury he has not been the same. I truly believe Vela could have given a better performance than Eduardo this past Saturday. So why not give him more playing time? just a thought.

    Arsenal is about one team and not about one player. I believe they will go out there and purchase a decent striker this summer for the better of the team. Ultimately pushing Vela further back in the rotation. Thus, Vela might not be the best fit for this team.

    I think he will eventually go. Will flourish in another team, maybe la Liga, as a top notch world class striker. My best to Arsenal, they are my favorite team and I support Wenger in his decision. But I think this will come back to bite us in the butt. Vela will develop into something great.

    Anyhow, Vela is a certainty for Mexico’s world cup squad. Although he and Gio Dos Santos are struggling at the present, they work magic when they are on the pitch together. They have that magical connection with one another. I think they will do great things at the world cup and turn some heads.

    Keep up the good work with the blog A. Zimmerman!

    • Ras tit Bamba Klat

      WENGER is only interested in ARSENAL. Not on individuals.

      He does what is best for the GUNNERS.

      He goes and does what he can. He is not always correct but is anyone of you right all the time. I suspect most of you Twats are wrong 9 out of t10 and right 1 out of 10.

      No matter what, objectivity matters. Not blind emotion.

      I am honoured to be an Arsenal fan. Whether we win anything in the next 5 years – I will not let that blinker my affection and objectivity.

      Remember, Spurs will be “celebrating their 50th anniversy of winning the league” and look at their fans. LOYAL. Even they have won hardly anything since 1961.

      Ras tit Bamba Klat,

    • @Los angeles
      Estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo,todos tenenos derecho a expresar nuestra opinion,
      y es desgradable estar oyendo comentarios con tonterias para el creador de este blog,
      si van a estar criticando mejor por que no se largan por donde llegaron y se van a criticar a los que segun ustedes “TIENEN VIDA”

  39. eduardo – v wolves, he was in position to make misses, much like bendtner against burnley. it’s a sign of a striker coming in to form. dudu may get a hat-trick tomorrow!

    as for vela, for heaven’s sake! just because you don’t know why he was left out don’t start inventing reasons. wenger has nurtured vela for a number of YEARS. he is here for the long-haul, if he can cut the mustard that is.

    • WENGER is only interested in ARSENAL. Not on individuals.

      He does what is best for the GUNNERS.

      He goes and does what he can. He is not always correct but is anyone of you right all the time. I suspect most of you Twats are wrong 9 out of t10 and right 1 out of 10.

      No matter what, objectivity matters. Not blind emotion.

      I am honoured to be an Arsenal fan. Whether we win anything in the next 5 years – I will not let that blinker my affection and objectivity.

      Remember, Spurs will be “celebrating their 50th anniversy of winning the league” and look at their fans. LOYAL. Even they have won hardly anything since 1961.

      Ras tit Bamba Klat,

  40. Mexican Robber

    Vela is a waste of space. Since that hat trick in the 2nd rate cup last season his head has gotten so big that it makes Bendetners look small.

    He does not derserve, F.A.

    Alas he will still contine to get opportunities this year.

  41. MexicanRobber

    Vela is a watse of time. He has done sweet FA since his hatrick.

    always putting country before club doesnt help.

    he came back a crock from teh gOLD CUP.

    • A “waste of space” (in your opinion) who hasn’t really had a chance to prove himself. Unfortunately, injuries have played a role in that. However, I hate to think what Eduardo is… plenty of playing time and no result. Unfortunately, it looks like he will never be the same again.

      And I agree with Jimmy… I think most soccer players dream of representing their country in a world cup. I guarantee 99% of players out there would rather be contributing something to their nation rather than sitting on the bench at some club.

      I love Arsenal… I like Carlos Vela. But this IS a Carlos Vela blog. Mr. Zimmerman, as the rest of us, has the right to his opinion. If he disagrees with Arsene then that is his right. No need to insult him. If you don’t agree, then perhaps this isn’t the blog for you. I look forward to seeing Vela develop into a future star. He will turn heads at the world cup, no doubt.

  42. Hi Mexican Robber, By putting club before country do you mean … just playing for his country… what the heck do you expect him to do? retire from international football and forego his chance at playing in a world cup so that he sit in the stands and watch Arsenal play… Also you are claiming that he is arrogant with precisely no evidence whatsoever. There have been no quotes nor rumours about his attitude. It’s just brainless accusation.

  43. nigerian gunner

    please stop comparing vela to eduardo for a blogging sake. i will speak broken english. They no be mate (they are not mates) eduardo go come back vela was never there to come back he is only coming up. there is difference btw coming back and coming up. So eduardo is the choice. If he doesnt go let him start thinking what he should do to start going. And he is not a DM which Merida and Eastmond fit in. If he is your brother tell him to grow

  44. I really cant understand AW, if he doesn’t need Vela then he should loan him. I also believe that the way AW is treating Vela is not right, Vela should leave Arsenal and find a less important team because its obvious that Arsenal and AW doesn’t need him at all and the truth is that the only one losing something is Vela, with World Cup coming, the lack of games will affect him and his chances to be not even a star for Mexico but to be a starter will be lower therefore I believe Wenger is affecting Vela.
    And talking about the Barca game, I really think Vela would have been a good possibility, since Arsenal needs speed and deepness in their game so Im not saying AW should have taken Vela to the match just because I like him, but because I believe Vela could have been helpful for the team.

    So Vela…. find somewhere else where you are actually appreciated.

  45. dont worry guys after the world cup another team in europe will buy vela and then he’ll get a chance to shine..

    is that a Corona in vela’s hand????lol

  46. what a stupid argument this is. I like Vela a lot but getting upset about him being left out and hence questioning Arsene’s abilities is plain ridiculous and makes you look infatuated.

  47. don t understand why? Vela is amazing player!!!! WHY???

  48. Even though vela was not chosen for todays game its fine because if wenger wanted him to be part of Arsenal vs Barca Wenger would have put vela in more games to prepare him for the clash of the titans. But then again why is Merida going. Because they really need more middle than forward. In the forward you have bendtner, walcott, and edwardo. Don’t worry vela will get his chance next season Vela fanatics. He will eventually be as good Robin V. P. One more thing, hey Z. please don’t say that Vela will move out to another club. Arsenal is meant for Vela and Vela for Arsenal.

  49. @ Alan
    I absolutely agree with you, vela has nothing to do in the arsenal, if does not take it into account, and course that so who take into account if only goes to prove your talen to in 10 minutes? so vela should go that only are affected.
    @ LA
    also I agree with you that every one of us has the right to express what we think and also those who believe that to speak badly of others “have a life” are very wrong.

  50. Just read a report that Arsenal has singed Chamak on free loan… With the chances that Vela has been given recently and now this report, I hate so say it, but unless he has a total break through at the world cup, his playing opportunities may be numbered. I hope that he is given a fair shot next year and if not be sent out where he is really appreciated.

  51. folks your missing the key point – the Barca game is all about midfield. Arsenal are travelling without two key midfield players and the battle is going to in this area. If Arsenal cannot get the midfield ball its irrelevant who is playing up front. Strength and options for the key battle is what the TEAM most needs – therefore midfield options are critical.
    Barca had 60 outstanding minutes against Arsenal last week because they had the ball and could use it at will. The return game needs Arsenal do have the ball more often or at very least pressurise Barca when they are on the ball. Vela will play in the future but for tonight midfield options is what matters.

  52. u guys lets be fair to AW, he needed 18 men in the squad, if i was the one i would have decided the same way bse with Bacelona kind of game u need more mid field players. comparing Eduado and Vela is un neccessary bse the later is in a class of expreince while the other in junior. just bse Eduado is recovering from long time injury should not make us ungrateful to him, he may surprise many of u!!!!!!!

  53. Vela should have travelled. He’s played on that pitch before, which is more than can be said for most of the squad – yet he’s still a relatively unknown quantity.

    Barca will have a gameplan for Theo, who is Jekyll and Hyde anyway, and it will be hard for him to have a sustained impact on the game.

    Having a Plan B (with pace) if things start to slide, would have been the right thing to do.

    I don’t agree with everything Mr. Zimmerman says, but he is dead right on this one.


  54. Vela has not been asertive enough this season. He should have asked for more match time or demanded a loan out in Jan.

    He seems to lack ambition, and I am a Vela fan. He is basically throwing away his chance of playing well in the World Cup, as he just seems to be one of these players who plays for the love of the game, whether on the park or on the training ground.

    And he is a player that brings the best out of any Mexican team he plays in.

  55. ziggy,

    it’s your argument that is silly.

    Vela has more experience of Spanish league football than most of tonight’s squad put together.

    Put that together with his pace and attacking qualities and he is one of our best chances of controlling the match tonight.

    Trying to control the midfield? We couldn’t do it at the Emirates – and I don’t hink we are going to go to Barcelona and make a better job of it?

    We need players like Walcott and Vela on the park to try and keep their full backs and wide players busy.

  56. Sooooo

    carlos vela WAS included but the numpty LOST his passport.

    So that’ll be a bit of a problem then.

    That’s why he’s not playing.

    What a twat

  57. Lost his passport! ThTs why he’s missing

  58. all of you should calm down a bit vela will get his chance its just not time yet,
    after all he’s only 20 years old. These things don’t happen overnight. oh ya and im one of his biggest fans.


    HAHAHAHA Eduardo and company are losing 3-1 HAHAHAHAHA

  60. I Love the fact arsenal is getting embarrassed Rafa Marquez is playing great. Bendtner sucks hopefully AW learns his lesson that he needs explosive players on the team not big apes like bendner

  61. Pingback: Top Posts —

  62. Apparently, he lost his passport and this is why he was not called up for the game vs Barcelona.

  63. Hey A. Zimmermann
    , dont you think you are exaggerating with vela?? he’s my favourite player because I like the way he thinks and that’s why he is in Europe and not in chivas or America. But the thing is that you are a fanatic! You can’t fight with other arsenals supporters! When I discovered this blog I was happy because I thought I would have a site to know more about velas life in arsenal and now what I saw is that you are always fighting because vela doesn’t play. Calm down, don’t velas time will come.

  64. I hear a lot of comments about Vela being an arrogant party animal with serious attitude problems who doesn’t train hard. Has anyone got any serious evidence about this??? Seriously?

    He is fairly humble in the interviews he has given. He HAS NEVER complained about not having enough playing time. There is nothing to indicate that he doesn’t work hard.

    His real problem is injuries and being a bit lightweight for the physicality in EPL. No one questions his talent and potential. Wneger is the first one to admit to it. He wouldn’t have got a long-term contract otherwise.

    Wenger made it clear that he if he wants to climb in the pecking order he needs to stay injury free for a long period (which he hasn’t) and have a good run of games (which he is not going to get as long as the remaining games are “do or die games”).

    Unfortunately his best hope at the moment is to shine in the World Cup and have a good pre-season with the Club. I don’t think he’ll get any more than 10-15minutes per game until the end of the season. Unless we drop from the title race in which case Wenger will be more willing to risk things.

    Vela will get there. He is only 21. And even though players like Cesc and Messi were doing great things at that age, there are many other world class players that didn’t blossom until they were 25. So we just have to be patient. The talent is there and he is learning from the best and with the best.

  65. Actually the real reason Vela did not go to barca today has nothing to do with his ability as a player. His agent has already spoken and he said that somehow Vela’s passport got lost, he even said Arsene had consideres him as a starter but for some reason the passoport never appeared… Somone really fucked it up huh?

  66. passport issue not fitness

  67. Its a shame vela did not go to face barca. I had a big feeling that it wasn’t going to go well for arsenal. I mean it was obviouse that arsenal having so many injuries because of bad rotation that it was meant to be. Good for Rafa Marquez. And for Vela, He will get his chance and will be the best along with Messi.

  68. Sadly it looks like Vela’s time at Arsenal is coming to an end.

    A real shame as I think Vela is a class act!

  69. I work for Arsenal and the reason he did not go is because he lost his Passport!! Wenger is NOT pleased with him at all!!!

  70. I hate when I see that people are putting down Vela saying he has done nothing this year. Yes it’s true in a sense BUT come on lets be realistic.. when Vela does start, he starts with backups! what do u expect? he hardly ever went out with the captain and arshaving and nasri together. he is always involved with the B team! I’m glad he didn’t play yesterday because then we would see all the mexican Haters on here talking all that crap about Vela when clearly its the B team that sucks! It’s also not wegners fault since we have had so many injuries this year. But Vela should get more chances with the first team! and not play along with eduardo and rosiscky and merida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what do u expect??

  71. How the Fcuk does a professional footballer lose his passport. If i was AW i would be furious with the boy!

  72. i knows you guys are frustrated that Wegner is leaving vela out all the time. But he did sign a 5 year extension and his time is near, even though the world cup is coming up and he needs play time its only right. weather u think eduardo is better or not everyone knows what vela is capable of. dont be suprised if you see vela getting alot of playing time towards the end of the premiership. But be patient vela fans because next year Vela WILL be a starter and he will do amazing things for the gunners but for now he needs to keep building his physical body

  73. instead he has nominated unexperienced players like Fran Mérida or Craig Eastmond

    are you insane both eastmond and merido are better players than vela and also arsenal do not need another striker as a sub. bedntner and eduardo are ahead of the pecking order. vela will leave arenal this transfer windon on loan to another crappy team because as usual he has failed to show what he can do. bedtner was not given alot of chances to show what he can do and look at how good he has become.

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