Vela Jumps Late On The Pitch In Gunners Hitchcock

Young Hotshot Carlos Vela has entered the pitch late, as Arsene Wenger’s side found a late winner against ten Wolves at Emirates on Saturday afternoon, thanks to Danish international Nicklas Bendtner, who came on earlier for Ivorian midfielder Emmanuel Eboue. The Danish hitman found the net with a stunning header in stoppage time to let the Gunners stay alive in the title race.

Vela was then brought on for Eduardo with just 11 minutes left in the game, so that once again it was really complicated for Carlitos to show anything if you get a so short amount of playing time, but at least he got some minutes today where he couldn’t show anything of his class as he looked still handicapped.

He really looks out for his best form after suffering some knocks in the past few weeks, which kept him finally out of action for a lot of matches. He had some good moments in the few minutes, but he had also some moments where you could see that he is lacking a lot of things which you need for Premier League football, as well as his running style was looking a little bit different to his naturally one, which force rumours that he still have to sort out some back and hip problems.

Furthermore it was a good sign for the Mexican to get some minutes in today’s encounter, as he hasn’t played since the 20th January in the Barclay’s English Premiership.

Next up for Carlos is the trip to Barcelona to face Thierry Henry, Lionel Messi and their teammates at the wonderful Camp Nou stadium in the second leg of the Champions league Quarterfinal. Obviously he will start on the bench in the Catalan city, but only if Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger nominate him for the 18-man travelling squad.

Article by – A.Zimmermann

9 responses to “Vela Jumps Late On The Pitch In Gunners Hitchcock

  1. I am so glad we finally saw Carlittos back on the pitch today! I hope his time has finally come! 😀

  2. It was great to see Vela finally get a chance to play. Although it is very difficult to make an impact with only 10 minutes of play and about two months of no first team action. Regardless, I’d be happy if Arsen gives him a few minutes here and there. I think patients is key with Vela. He is still developing.

    Eduardo got the start and was near invisible. Missing two great scoring opportunities. I’m not saying Vela would have scored, but if Arsen can give Eduardo a start and see him contribute next to nothing, whats the harm in giving Vela a shot against a weaker opponent in the future. Just my opinion. I know this is a Carlos Vela site, which I a am a fan off… but I truly believe Vela can contribute something positive to Arsenal’s push to win the title if given the chance.

    However, I must say that in my opinion, Vela’s skill is built more for Spain’s La Liga. He is more skill and speed that strength. Long shot I know, but he might be able to do some damage against Barcelona.

  3. Sush a talent

    I really doubt that Vela will be playing against Barca, but why is Eduardo keep getting starts but not Carlos? Eduardo once again showed that he lacks confidence infront of goal and I really can’t see Vela perform as bad as Eduardo do in these days.

  4. I didnt see any of him, but its clear he is struggling to adapt to the new formation.
    I really hope he isnt carrying a knock – wenger should know better than to risk players carrying injuries given what happened last week.
    Still can’t wait for carlos to get some real opportunities. One of these days something will just click and he will begin to take this league by storm.

  5. carlos isn’t getting much time on the pitch this year, but trust me, it will come. wenger has a lot of faith in him. it just takes time. it’s normal for players to be involved in the first team squad for 3 or 4 years before we see them really contribute anything. look at eboue, diaby. carlos will have a good next couple of years, i’m sure of it.

  6. Mexican Robber

    Vela is a big girls blouse. He does not put the hard work in nor does he use his brain. In fact does he have a brain? Clumsy, tequilla drinking, overated footballer.

    He is a liability to Arsenal.

    What say you all?

  7. in 10 minutes is really difficult to show somethig after 10 games whitout playing, lets remember that last season he was playing more and more and he had very good games, but for this season he got injured in gold’s cup and injuries kept coming through the season, he is just out of timing, lets hive him some time to show us what he is made of…

  8. I don’t want Eduardo to start against Barca. He lacks of scoring prowess and lethal finishing since broke his leg. Furthermore, he seems so reluctant to bring the ball and get past central defenders, maybe still worried about his past memory. He plays more than 1 hour against Wolves and he is very disappointing, either as central forward or left wing (when Bendtner in). Vela is so promising even he plays for about 15 minutes, he moves the ball calmly and tries everything, to cross and cuts inside. I think this time, he deserves to start at Nou Camp. Arsenal needs an away goal and needs quickly and i believe Vela and Walcott can run rugged at both wings to disrupted Barca defence.

  9. Hi everyone and Z.
    First of all maybe it was good that Vela only got Ten minutes. This way Wenger knows if Vela is getting his form again. Its really great though that finally he gets playing time. I have to agree that Vela is made more for La Liga but if he was playing for Sevilla, or Atletico Madrid. But then again why leave a team that is so exiting.? I want Vela to grow playing in Arsenal for a long time and he will be on top sooner than we think. Cant wait to see Vela score for Arsenal again so he can start getting the feel of champ.

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