Is Carlos Vela Getting His Chance Against Wolves?

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger has to sort out a lot of injuries after Wednesday’s Champions league encounter against Barcelona at Emirates Stadium. With the likes of Arshavin as well as William Gallas out for at least three weeks also Arsenal leader Cesc Fabregas sidelined for the remainder of the season, Carlos Vela may get his chance  for some match time. Furthermore the French man could decide to give also a rest to Nicklas Bendtner.

Vela was not named in the 18-man squad by the Manager for the Barcelona clash on Wednesday, so that he could follow in the stands a 2:2 draw in the end. The Gunners were really dead after two goals by Swedish International Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but English teenager Theo Walcott brought the hope back with a very good goal. Arsenal skipper Cesc Fabregas found then the equaliser, after getting kicked by Barcelona Defender Carles Puyol inside the 18 yard box, so that the Spaniard could level the Gunners from the spot.

Is that now the time for the young Mexican to shine for the Gunners? There is a big chance that the 21 years old gets a Premier league start on Saturday, when Arsene Wenger’s side take on Wolverhampton Wanderers in the afternoon.

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Article by – A.Zimmermann

26 responses to “Is Carlos Vela Getting His Chance Against Wolves?

  1. He’s almost as quick as Theo but not half as direct. If he were, we could’ve brought on Theo and Vela at Barca away to kill their defence.

  2. i think he will do, we are so short on players right now, i still still think the front 3 to start will be rosicky-bendtner-walcott but im pretty sure vela will come on

  3. Lets hope he’s been to the gym during his time off.

    He needs to build his upper body up cos he’s been too weak in the past.

    I’d like to see him get another chance but only Wenger and the coaches know how hard the kid has been working in training and at the gym.

  4. I feel Vela will play against against both Wolves and Barcelona for all or part of the matches. He is a great talent, and will have a great future at The Arsenal. I hope he really steps up, and shows his great potential, he is made for the Barcelona game,he can really explode on to the World stage!! Come on Carlos !!

  5. if he does get some ‘match time’ lets hope he doesn’t blow it like normal. I think he is a lot like Theo, he is quick, is actually a better finisher than Theo, but can can missing in games…. just like Theo. This could the chance he gets to show the fat contract the club have given him is money well spent.

  6. Theo Walcott the eternal ” english teenager” was 21 last month about time Carlos got a run in the side.

  7. Zimmerman, do you actually have any sources? It seems that what you write on here anyone could do (and with improved grammar and punctuation).

    I suspect that this site has no real link to Carlos Vela, that you have no insider sources for up to date information and worst of all, you have no real insight into his career thus far at Arsenal.

    That would explain all your articles that do not inform us of any developments, only you own concerns and moaning at his lack of playing time. What really annoys me (and most who read this I suspect), is that you seem to blame anything and everyone except Carlos.

    You say it is Wengers fault that he doesn’t play, or blame the fans for not wanting him. You make ridiculously ill thought comments about how the only solution is for Wenger to give him a free transfer.

    If you had any understanding oh how Arsenal FC operate (or indeed any football club), you might not make such churlish comments. Arsenal are a great club with a superb record of developing footballers. That Carlos has not established himself is more down to his own difficulties adjusting and being integrated into the squad.

    Perhaps, in the interest of balance, you might do an article that attempts to analyse how Carlos Vela has thus far, failed to justify the immense hype that surrounds him.

    I like that recently as well, you argued that Vela should get chances ahead of Walcott, who has also had limited chances because of injury and lack of form. However, he has done more to impress that Vela this season, and last season.

    I understand that you are a biased fan who only cares about one player, but at least if you are going to criticise eveyone else connected to Arsenal for Carlos’ shortcomings, at least have the good sense to point out he has been woeful when given opportunities.

    Also, does this website have any association with Carlos Vela? OR, should it have a disclaimer saying : ANY VIEWS PRODUCED ON CARLOS VELA NEWS DO NOT NECESSARILY REFLECT THE VIEWS OF CARLOS VELA OR ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB. This would be useful, because 1) readers might think that you are not a credible source of real news on Carlos Vela (which I believe is the truth). 2) The continuing bleating trend on this site to bash everyone but Vela may be picked up by the British tabloid media, and they might create a story saying Vela is going to leave because he blames the club and manager for him not playing and risking his international career. Seriously, this very site could ultimately be counter-productive to Carlos Vela’s career at Arsenal, and if you are a fan of him, you will want him to do well. I suggest you be more supportive. We might all get our wish then that he makes it and becomes a world great, at Arsenal FC.

    • First of all I’m a German, that means I’m not a natural english speaker, so it is harsh to blame me on the grammar. Second I will give a view from Vela’s standpoint and not from Mr. Wenger’s. If everyone can do it, yes i ha
      ve no problem with it, but the fact is that i was the guy who has started the Carlos Vela blogging and I think there are many peoples, who are liking the blog. If you don’t like what you read, you don’t need to come on the blog, but your long comment shows me that you obviously read the blog!!

      Do you really think Carlos is happy at Arsenal? How can be a football player staying happy if he is not playing. That is the point which interests me, Carlos himself and not Arsenal Football Club, as this is Carlos Vela News, not Carlos Vela Arsenal News!! When you want to read about the whole Arsenal team and pro Wenger then read all the other Arsenal blogs, but then you are on the wrong place here!!

      • voodoo priest

        yo zim-man,
        you’ve got some serious points in terms of vela but i am beginning to misunderstand you in terms of your regular whinning about the player not getting any playing time.. you look at our last few games and tell me who you think should have been on the bench for vela to play..
        the kid has a possible great future ahead of him and for your information not all players do adjust as quick to the pace of the premiership an example is HLEB, this isn’t the bundesliga and the pace of the opposition does take alot of players by surprise and the thing is if he’s not getting play time at arsenal there is a serious chance that he won’t get any in the top 15 clubs in the prem, because Wenger give kids more chance than any other manager in the prem.

        i definitely don’t know where your love affair with the kid began and while you’re looking out for a player you obviously love for your own reasons, you should for a split second look at things from the clubs pointview because i don’t think there’s an arsenal fan who doesn’t like vela cos we’ve seen glimpses of what he can do and we do need him to be consistant and do wish him the best at arsenal and hope he gets more playing time too but then it’s up to him to make the position his when he gets the chance not the managers..SIMPLES.

      • I agree with you, good work you’ve done here

      • @girl4allseasons

        For the one pickin´on EVERYTHING!!! …this site is named “Carlos Vela News” & it´s pretty obvious that every single post is related to him…who would have thought that¿?!!!

        It´s so hilarious that his pointin´to misspelled words, when he don´t even know the real scent of a blog!!! FYI…”it´s a site where the author retains the freedom to publish his own point of view for any topic feededback from existin´sources”…Seems that he´s not pleased enough with the information given…why don´t he try the newspaper¿? It´s an accepted format 😉 LoL

        Talkin´about what we really care…I think Carlos is gettin´some action against Wolverhampton (whichever the reasons for gettin´him into the field)…I just hope that he´s given quality time (I mean…not at min 88´), we already know what he´s up to!!!

        Tks A. Zimmerman for sharin´this site with the ones that really support & care for Carlos Vela!!! Best Regards from Mexico 🙂

      • thanks for your support!!Unfortunately most of the arsenal fans don’t understand that this is a place about Carlos Vela and not about Arsenal!!

  8. Hes more eduardo than theo. Hes less capable of being a super-sub, but I think his general play is better than walcott’s and we know he *can be played in over the top.
    I think he’s struggled to adapt to the new formation, and often looks isolated on the left. He sticks too much to the left hand side, rather than mixing it up between going wide or making runs inside like theo does.
    Theres no doubt he’d be doing a lot better playing in a 4-4-2 alongside bendtner but he has to adapt now. Thought he did pretty well playing as the lone frontman though, as his control and link up are excellent, but I wouldnt consider putting him there when bendtner is available because of the aerial option.
    Carlos’ best performances this year have come when eduardo has been on the pitch with him, because he is willing to drift to the left and combine with him, but he needs to do more to get involved in play and not be relying on the qualities of other players. He’ll get there. hes a really determined person, and has as much pace and technical ability as anyone in the squad, so its just a matter of adapting.
    Cant understand why many fans were so quick to say hes not good enough considering how he was head and shoulders above the rest in the carling cup team, and clearly a major talent. He will prove them wrong in time.

  9. Tee jay Danielka

    Want 2 be updated daily,nd 2 be informed wit every football news in d word.

  10. he will play
    eboue sol vermealen traore
    diaby song rosicky
    walcott dudu vela

  11. If he does he better actually do something for once, he’s been dissappointing everytime he’s played recenetly.

  12. I hope so and I hope he takes the oportunity.
    A front 3 of Carlos Nic and Theo will destroy Wolves on Saturday!

  13. Vela, late injury apart, will be at least on the bench on Saturday. And there’s a reasonable chance he’ll start with Eduardo held back. It all depends on Arsene’s mindset with Barcelona in mind.

    Whatever happens Carlos has to show what he can do in an important match. And Wolves is as important a match as we have.

    AW sees him in training week in, week out. He knows what he can do. But it’s all down to Vela when he’s given his chance.

    One thing AW will be looking for is being able to stay on his feet. He has to show strength. In the past this has been a weakness.

    Another thing is work-rate. Carlos must press hard, tackle, and show he can win the ball. He must also track back and help the midfield and left back. And do it for the entire time he’s on the pitch.

    He must also show judgment. We’ve all seen Theo waste chance after chance passing to no-one when he should shoot, shooting when passing is the better option. Carlos has to show he’s better in his choice of options.

    The last thing he must show is teamwork: being able to link with the rest of the team fluently. No misplaced passes. Not being hurried. Not being nervous. Not being selfish. I could go on.

    So, when Carlos gets his chance tomorrow it will be up to him to take it. Not by scoring goals, but by proving himself as a natural Arsenal first team player.

  14. He should be in 18 man list of squad against wolves, but his chances of playing has greatly increase since fabregas and arshavin injured. With denilson doubtful and diaby not reaching his full potential against Barcelona, both nasri and rosicky could revert from winger to central midfielder and this will leave vacancies in both wings. I don’t know whether Vela will start, but he will be definitely in the squad and he will should plays.

  15. D makes it seem we don’t care what Arsenal does. Of course i care. Its better for Arsenal to win games because Vela is making a difference in the training. Vela isn’t just sitting around waiting to get transferred out.

    Yeah Vela plays for Arsenal and i am very glade he is part of an important team. Even before Vela moved to play for Arsenal i enjoyed their games, but now that Vela is part of this team, even i have become a fan of Arsenal.

    My first team has always been Cruz Azul. But when i see Arsenal play even my wife tells me i get more exited to see Arsenal play then when i see Cruz A. play.

    That said, we all want to see Vela play NOW, not next season but NOW because we all know that he is made to play for what Arsenal stands for. And as a Vela fan, we deserve to keep on asking for him and question the reasons why he is not playing since the Arsenal official website does not give us any news to why? We all know he can play. We all know he will make a difference. Its just a matter of giving him lots of game time all the time and to give him personal training so he wont get injured so easy. Just like Messi got his personal training with Barca if you know what i mean.

  16. i think carlos will come off the bench…hope he scores so people will stop talking shit…walcott had been coming on from the bench not doing anything either..all of a sudden he scores a couple goals in the last couple of games and he’s a god

    by the way nice layout for the site

  17. Zim, keep up the good work with this site and blog. If people disagree, with your views, so be it. A lot of us have become Arsenal fans because of Carlos Vela and on some part because of this site. We want Arsenal to win, but we want to see Vela play most of all. Granted, he has had some nicks here and there, but when he is given consistent minutes, like he was last year, he shows his class. Playing 10 minutes a game once every 3 weeks or so does not make for continuity and hardly enough to judge that he last lost it as many claim.

  18. I believe the only reason Wenger over looks Vela is that he is not strong enough for the Prem. Thats something that he will gain over time. For now he just has to work hard and be patient. I expect Wenger to give him his chance in at least 2 of the next 4 games. I think Vela should start as he should be hitting form for the WC but if Bendtner starts, I don’t think Vela will start as Wenger has very lately spoken of Eduardo’s return to form. I would like to see this team start:
    Eboue Song Vermaelen Traore
    ~~~~~~Denilson Diaby
    ~~~~Rosicky Eduardo Vela

  19. i think, vela will play due to lots of injuries in arsenal squad, vela is a wingman and when he gets the ball is a great player…
    he have to work out in the gym so can gets more strength.

  20. Carlos and Theo stretching the Barca full backs will open space for Nasri and Diaby to come from centre field.

    He must be used at some point today to get sharp, he could be a real weapon in our Arsenal.

  21. carlos he is a great player i hope he dose well in world cup viva mexico cabrones

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