Carlos Vela Sits Alongside Cesc Fabregas In the Stands at Emirates

21 years old Mexican striker Carlos Vela has followed the Champions League clash on Tuesday night in the stands with fellow teammate Cesc Fabregas.

Vela was not available to help the Gunners to overcome a one nil deficit against Porto Football Club after returning from international duty with a short-term injury.

The Mexican limped off injured in Mexico’s friendly with New Zealand, which was in the end just a very good reaction of Carlos to secure his Gunner chance, so that he told Mexican Coach Javier Aguirre to take him off to avoid a longer term injury.

Vela saw a great performance from his teammates, as the Gunners totally destroyed Porto by 5:0 in the Champions League Last 16 Round 2 leg, thanks to a hat-trick by Danish striker Nicklas Bendtner, as well as an impressive Samir Nasri run trough the defense.

Carlos is looking forward to feature on weekend at Hull, but there are some doubts that he will be fit for the important Premier League encounter.

Article by – A.Zimmermann


16 responses to “Carlos Vela Sits Alongside Cesc Fabregas In the Stands at Emirates

  1. Every time Vela looks like he’s getting a chance, he gets injured in international friendlies. It’s frustrating, I want him, Bendtner, and Van Persie to score for fun upfront!

  2. he should not rush back, we dont need another casuality on da medical table bkoz of being rushed back.

  3. he shold not rush back until he is fully fit.

  4. come on Carlos!! Stay fit and you will fullfil your potential!! I am sure of it!!! Be our own Messi 🙂 !!!

  5. He has still a lot!! to prove..We aint seen nothing ! yet..

  6. Carlos u will be arsenal winger or striker..please take your chance and opportunity when it comes..u score hattrick against sheffield wednesday..a very good gol

  7. Please be patience carlos..i would love to see u play in Arsenal first Carlos

  8. What is going on with Vela?, performance-wise this year seemed quite wasted , he showed such promise, skill and sharpness last season, you thought he is Arsenal best finisher waiting to break out. this year , injuries, barely a bench warmer, lots of frustrating Mexico duties, and a bunch of lukewarm performances. a little of a setback, hopefully just temporary

  9. arlos Vela Sits Alongside Cesc Fabregas In the Stands at Emirates/

    CONGRATULATIONS, Carlos, your’re getting there

  10. Maybe it would be to early to put him vs Hull. But he should at least get 20 minutes playing time towards the second half. I’m just glad that Arsenal have potential players on the bench that can also make a big difference.

  11. England VS. Mexico! This is going to be a GREAT game.

  12. Carlos…..Why the hell couldn`t you have played for Scotland,Ireland, Wales, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain,even Italy at least they`re less than an hour and a half from London, but Mexico is on the moon when it comes to commuting.For your sake and Arsenal`s I`ll be glad when the World Cup is over.

  13. Hay.. de nuevo.. ojalá se recupere pronto y por fin juegue y no solo unos minutillos eh.. que tenga participacion desde el inicio de un partido y como titular!! ya si se “lesiona” pues para a fuera pero no debe por eh..
    Bueno cuidate mucho un saludo y abrazos.. ana de Mexico hi everybody in the world!!
    have a great day.

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  15. Where is VELA?? Any news on why he hasn’t been on the bench? Will he be in the squad for West Ham?

  16. whats going on with Vela? it seems he’s always away on internationals with Mexico or playing Gold Cups or some friendly. I think Wenger is punishing him for missing so much time. I hope he gets his place on the team, he could play the Eduardo role since he has pace and can finish. C’mon Carlos, you need to get your head down and work hard..


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