Arsenal’s Carlos Vela Scores And Then Limps Off With Bad Injury

Gunners winger Carlos Vela has a really frustrating campaign, as he suffered another injury in Mexico’s friendly encounter against New Zealand at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on Wednesday night.

The Mexican was introduced for striker Aldo Di Nigris after halftime to play up front with EL Chicharito Javier Hernandez. The 21 years old Chivas hotshot then find first the net with a very fine header following of a set piece by Carlos Salcido in minute 54.

But then Carlos Vela made it 2:0 as he showed body strength with a dribbling through the whole New Zealand defensive area on his way to the goalkeeper box, where he was able to slot home with his right foot into the far corner.

Later on,  an injury flooded campaign continued for the 21 years old as he limped off the pitch with a worst injury. Vela Fans and Arsenal Supporters as well as Gunner’s Manager Arsene Wenger must be seriously frustrated and it should be hard to explain to them, where the sense is to send Vela to a Mexico friendly instead to gaining full fitness at Arsenal’s training facilities.

It is expected that Vela will be out again for a few weeks, so that he will be not able to feature for the Gunners in the next month. But there is no news really how serious the injury is.

Carlos will arrive on Friday in London, so that Arsenal’s Medical department have a view on it.

click here for Vela’s goal

Article by – A.Zimmermann

33 responses to “Arsenal’s Carlos Vela Scores And Then Limps Off With Bad Injury

  1. damn, dis injury jinx is 2 much. We really nid s1 2 exorcise dis deamons. He will be one 4 the future though. By him we stand. Hail vela.

  2. There’s a surprise. Vela plays for his country and picks up an injury. Aways fit to play over there and seemingly never at Arsenal. Is anyone else getting fed up of paying this guys wages?

    • hey clockendrider, i think this is too hard to say, he get really attacked all the time as he is so quick with his feet, remember what happened to Aaron!! He has no luck at the moment, as well as you have to criticise the Mexican FA for calling him up after a couple of injuries.

  3. Tired of paying their wages? wow that’s harsh. You act like they want to be injured and just sit at home. Nobody is more angry then Carlos is about this.

  4. quite simply don’t sign Mexican value in a player that is jetting around the world for friendly games.
    i like the lad but i’m sure his career will be damaged by all the meaningless games

    • Don’t sign Mexican players…??!! It’s a World Cup year!! ALL countries are calling up their best players. Have you heard of “FIFA Date”? By your thinking, Arsenal should not have top players because their countries are going to call them up? We should not have Cesc Fabregas either? He was called for Spain’s friendly too!!

  5. I F***in Hate U ,, injuries ,,, u’re a DEVIL

  6. Where can I find of a clip the injury? Hope it´s not a bad one! Carlos Vela is going to be a KING in the world cup, and get a booozte for next season with Arsenal

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  9. As an Arsenal supporter I say it’s time to part ways with Carlos Vela

    • true CARLOS VELA FAN

      please do PART WAYS, Im sure that at least 10 top teams in Europe would be line up to see who gets him.

  10. How do we know that is not so serious injury?
    He was already long out of Arsenal’s season and they said it was because of injury, Did not they have given the necessary care? or what!!! because injury after injury, it is not possible.
    I hope to recover soon and may be involved with Arsenal.
    Hopefully, Javier Aguirre will not say that does not get Carlos for the World Cup because of the injuries ..
    I change of nationality if Carlos Vela is not going to the world cup eh! definitely.


    Carlos you had an excellent participation, and as wrote in the comments , you looked very handsome in the uniform .. jiji and your passes was very pro!

    I hope you recover, give you massages and therapies .. but doctors (men) eh .. doctors (woman) no jajaja .. cuidate .. love you .. Ana Perdomo

    Carlos tuviste una excelente participación, y como lo eh escrito en los comentarios pasados, te veias muy guapo con el uniforme jiji.. y que pases das!! muy pro!!!
    Espero te recuperes, que te den masajes y terapias.. pero doctores eh.. no doctoras jajaja..cuidate.. te quiere.. Ana Perdomo

  11. Right now that Arsenal has a thin line because of injuries and it’s his chance and show what he can do but nope now he is out for few weeks because of injury. This mexican team that played the second half with Vela, Gio, and Hernandez up front can do some damage at the world cup if all three can stay fit. I’m not saying World Cup Winners but we can atleast go into the Quaterfinals.

  12. clockendride you’re a idiot,how’s that worthless mother of yours?!She couldnt even get the abortion of you right worthless whore,Your trolling get’s old..Patrick if that’s the case dont buy no dutch russians and every other player’s that have been on Arsenal’s injery list that’s a WHOLE lot of nationality you dumbass

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  14. i was there at the rose bowl and vela was a great play by carlos…i read on

    “Se sabe que tras una resonancia en el muslo derecho, se concluyó que el delantero del Arsenal de Inglaterra no tiene lesión alguna, simplemente el golpe recibido.”


    “It is known that after an MRI on his right thigh, it was concluded that the Arsenal striker has no injuries whatsoever, just the blow.

  15. Ok, I don’t get you guys why would you lot assume that he was injury. Was at the game and it was freezing. Can you say charlie horse/ sm. twinge? He fine, please.

    and for those who can read go to:

    Both Mex. national and Arsenal confirm that he was NOT hurt.

  16. You guys need to chill…he just simply has horrible luck this season…

    as for not signing any Mexican players…that’s just a bit too harsh…Stuttgart signed two of them, and they won the Title (a while ago)…PSV Eindhoven signed one and they one the title, a little after that AZ Alkmaar signed Hector Moreno, and they won the title that year…I personally think that Mexican Players are underrated…

    Oh and he isn’t injured…

    you guys might not understand it, but he’s had scans, and there is nothing to worry about…

  17. It has been confirmed that vela did not suffer an injury, he is ok and will be able to play with arsenal. i read it on its in spanish.

  18. First of all, Vela Played great. I had a feeling that his injury was going to bother him. Hernandez is playing a little better though. But Vela is going to end up being one of the best in the World. i hope that Vela gets well and that he takes it easy because the world cup is around the corner. Vela has to be injury free by then. Arsenal is a great team and all but when the time is right i see Vela playing for Real Madrid. Sorry Clockdick that Vela is more than what you can handle.

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  20. ITS NOTHING SERIOUS! He just kicked too high when he went to recover a possible assist, and kinda aggravated a hamstring, and then the manager took him off the fields just to play it safe. but anyways, HE’S FINE!

  21. The FMF is reporting that on thursday Carlos Vela was medically examined to see the severity of his injury. After several medical exams, FMF is reporting that there is no sign of injury. Vela had to exit the game due to a muscular problem, and should not cause the player further problems. This report is of a Mexican website, I did my best translating the article.


    according to this article he is fine, it was nothing and he can return to playing at any pt, both at arsenal and the mexican national team!

    good for him!

  23. Anyone see Arsene Wenger’s reaction to a question on Carlos yesterday?

    To say he wasn’t a happy bunny would be putting it mildly.

    I’ve never seen AW cut off an interviewer so brusquely.

    As for you “Ed” you’d better be blocked from this website the next time I look. No amount of apologies can make up for your vile use of language and what it represents.

  24. He’s just having a bad streak. Bad luck. You can see that hes got a lot of promise. Just needs to recover fully. And get games under his belt.

  25. haha all of you guys bashing on vela just shut the hell up
    he has nothing, after being checked by the medical staff he is good to go so shut up.. by he way how many goals did bendtner miss last game??? and he gets more playing time, just ridiculous

  26. Man! If you guys remember. Mesi: when he just started playing his first games with Barcelona he always got injure. When you are fast you get injure and their bodys are weak. what they did to Mesi was a special physical program design just for him so he wouldn’t get injure so easy and I think that’s what Arsenal need to do with Vela.

  27. how long left till vela is back? he is my 3rd favorite player in the world and i hope he stays at arsenal for atleast the near future. i think wenger never put him on the first team because he was not used to playing with the established players like arshavin and rosicky but since arsenals youth where slowly getting into the first team he would have definatly had the chance to show us what he has but walcott,ramsey, jack wilshere etc are probably not gona be able to play first team now :(.

  28. I`m sick to the teeth with international friendlies and from what I read so is everyone else. World Cup or no World Cup Carlos you came to London to play for Arsenal. When the World Cup is over you will be looking for a club to ply your trade. As one of my favorite players I can only suggest you may be well advised to stay in Mexico until you have no further commitments and then talk with Arsene about seriously becomming part of Arsenal. Until then let Mexico pay your wages.

  29. whether vela stays at Arsenal and not go to friendly games with the mexican national team he would of not gotten much playing time if he had stayed. So what is the difference? The world cup is very important to all Futbol players. Yes i would love to see Vela play full games instead of sitting them out on the bench, but Wenger knows what he is doing because he is fighting for the title with Manchester City and Chelsea. Velas time will come and we will get to witness goals after goals. just like Mesi is like a Maradona, Vela is going to be another Hugo Sanches. Vela does not need to go to anymore national friendlies anymore. Not until we face the England National Team. “Inglatera Vs. Mexico”.

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