Carlos Participates In Final Train Session/Voting Ends Impressive

With a very impressive result in favour for Carlos have ended the second Supporters Voting on Carlos Vela News!! The fans show their support as they voted very confident that Carlos will score against New Zealand for his native Mexico tonight at the Rose Bowl.

Will Carlos Vela Score On Wednesday For El Tri?

Yes definitely 81%

Maybe 14%

No chance 5%

Carlos has participated in the last training session yesterday at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and it is expected that Vela hands a start up front with shooting star Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez (Chivas Guadalajara) and one of his best friends in the Mexican team Giovani Dos Santos (Galatasaray SK).  Carlos has shown his new designed boots, which are white and black with a pink Nike logo.  The boots are the newest product of the football fashion company Nike.

Vela enjoys his time with the El-Tri, because he recently missed out to have a run at Arsenal with a couple of injuries, even though he is not really in favour of Arsene Wenger at the moment to gun the Gunners to the title.

We will offer you from 3.45am GMT all the latest scores as well as updates of the match on Carlos Vela News Twitter.

Article by – A.Zimmermann

4 responses to “Carlos Participates In Final Train Session/Voting Ends Impressive

  1. it’s chicharito

  2. Gooool!! Carlos made 1 gol for the Mexican Selection!! he had an awesome participation!! but his injury is worst!! =(
    Carlos Vela had a goal, gave good passes, his participation was amazing, unfortunately his injury does not improve,he went out the second time, I hope to recover … Thanks for this site so cool!
    She looked very pretty with the uniform!! well… he looks handsome always.. hahaha

  3. well rumours say his team Mexico will meet England in a friendly before wc? If so he will have oportuity to show everyone how class he is. I think that will be a good game…

  4. The england game is what i am interested in seeing. i remember when Mexico played against England back in 2001 and the score was to be expected at 4-0 victory from England of course. If Blanco would have gone to that game it would have been a different story. Now Mexico has players that strike fear. I really like Wayne Ronney, and would like to see what he can do against this new Mexico. Chicharito and Vela would do a lot of damage up front while Guardado at left and Dos Santos at Right will cause sensation. The Mexico Defense is the best that we have had in a very long time with most players playing in Europa. I just wonder who will be on Torados middle? It has to be someone like Pardo. It can even be Pardo, but if there is someone better than him then better for mexico. Jonathan Dos Santos has to go because he is playing with the best team in the world and because it will be a good experience for him. Well, all in all there are a lot of good players but it has to be a team that understand each other and i have to be honest, i did not like how De Nigris played with this or the other Mexico vs Bolivia game. Torrado will be Cesar Villaluz apprentice and Pardo will be Jonathan Dos Santos apprentice. To bad Villaluz is not going because he is going through a bad time with my team Cruz Azul. I love Futbol.

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