Arsenal’s Carlos Vela Arrives In Pasadena, California With EL-Tri

21 years old Mexican Carlos Vela has arrived with his native Mexico in the United States where the Mexican side start preparing for Wednesday’s friendly with New Zealand at the Rose Bowl in California.

The EL-Tri side arrived to their hotel at 9.30pm pacific time yesterday in Pasadena, California. After the players have covered their rooms and had their first sleep, Mexico head coach Javier Aguirre has ordered his team on the training pitch for a first unit on Monday, but Carlos Vela and some of the other fellow teammates who are playing currently in Europe were  not able to take part in it, because they just have landed earlier on the day.

Carlos Vela News will of course will cover you the latest news from Pasadena, as well as a coverage of Mexico’s encounter on Wednesday at the wonderful Rose Bowl!

Article by – A.Zimmermann

12 responses to “Arsenal’s Carlos Vela Arrives In Pasadena, California With EL-Tri

  1. can carlos vela speak english yet?

    • Hey martin, Carlos is speaking rarely english, he has still to work there

      • oh ok

        well the more english he speaks the more chances

        its diffcult to have good communication when u cant speak the language

        i really hope to see vela more this season cos he is a quality player

  2. awww carlitos is so cute
    he has to play tomorrow
    and México is gonna win of course 😉

  3. im going to the game on wendsay..really hope vela plays so he can score some goals…they got a prety good team with all their players that play in europe

  4. He has too score! Like ususally at every Mexico game he scores. The game is probaly going to be better then the one against Bolivia. Oh and btw where did you get this picture? Carlos Vela News always has the photos that not every website has. (:

  5. WOOO!!! i got my tickets ready and will be in full gear Cheering on Carlos!

    I should have bought my arsenal shirt before the match but i slacked it!

  6. ingles, español! el idioma que sea, es un idolo para mucha gente, todos estamos esperando que mañana sea el gran dia! su gran dia! estamos aqui esperando ver todos sus goles y el partidazo que nos va a dar, porque confiamos en el y sabemos que no nos va a abandonar, si juega, sabemos que dara lo mejor de el. TODOS CONTIGO! mañana.. desde Monterrey Nl.. muchisismas personas y yo. estaremos APOYANDOTE! 5 GOLES MINIMOS EH?

  7. Hello!! CARLOS VELA news!! thanks for the note!!! =D.. Hey… cool pic!! he looks!! awesome!!.. very handsome.. hahaha.

    See you here tomorrow!! Mexico is gonna win!!! you will see.. mmm. Giovani and his brother are good plus Carlos… BOMBA!!

    Do you know if Carlos Vela is see this page? I hope so, because I left him on his birthday congratulations, and i want him to know that I want to know him!go dancing together hahaha or well know us.

    Good luck carlos!!

  8. well a happy late birthday for him…and i hope el Vasco lets him play for a significant amount of time today.
    ugh!he is so close to me!!!!i wish i could have gone to see them play!
    im tearing up right now so i just hope i get to see him at least on tv )”

  9. agree with Bianca…how do you get these photos?

    exclusive shots, some of these are…other sites don’t have’em…

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