Wenger Praises Vela As “Very Talented Player”

Gunners forward Carlos Vela had a surprising return into the Arsenal Squad, as Arsene Wenger’s side lost there Champions League clash in Porto on last Wednesday. Carlos was brought on for Danish hitman Nicklas Bendtner with just 8 minutes left in the match. For the Mexican it was very crucial to get back on the right track after missing out for a couple of games with a knee injury.

But the bad news should come as the Arsenal Manager revealed that the 20 years old has suffered in his short performance  a little groin injury which forced him out for the Premier League encounter with Sunderland at the Emirates. Vela was an unused substitute in Arsenal’s 2:0 victory, so that Wenger could explain after the match why he not considered him, as well as what he thinks about Carlos Vela’s development and why it is so complicated to make the last step to the top level.

Wenger said: “He is a good player. I hope he will he play for Mexico in the World Cup. I don’t make the team, I make only the Arsenal team. For me Carlos Vela is a very talented player who missed the preparation of the season and was then injured. Today he had a groin problem and that is why I didn’t consider him.”

“What he needs is to be injury free and get a good run of games. He is a very talented player who is maturing now. When you are 17, 18 it is easy. At 20 you realise it is not as easy as it looks. He has gone through that stage now and I am confident he will do well.”

The next opportunity to play for Carlos will be a Premiership clash at Stoke on next Saturday, to be honest Vela don’t want to remember himself on the Britannia Stadium as he lost there with his teammates in the FA Cup.

Furthermore we say sorry to all our readers that the article just come now, but we hope that all of you have patience!

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Article by – A.Zimmermann

11 responses to “Wenger Praises Vela As “Very Talented Player”

  1. i have to say that i have a lot of faith in Vela. If Wenger feels the way i do he will put him against Stoke City. Vela should have assists and a goal or two. If that does not happen then i don’t know how much more faith i can have with a talented and skillful player. Not to mention that Arsenal have Eduardo and Van Persie out on injury. Vela has to at least have assists and win that game by four goals.That is my prediction of the score.

  2. I think it will not be as easy as it sounds because arsenal will play with a team that need points and if they got a draw against arsenal it will be like a victory for them. arsenal must be quite creative in order to win that game.

  3. Hey!! Now we know why the coach, dosnt choose Carlos the last Saturday!!! Thanks 4 the news!!!
    Please Carlos!!!! Cuidate mucho, Por qué tienes tantas lesiones, ya viste algún doctor?!?!? Espero te recuperes pronto y juegues el sábado. Te aprecia Ana

  4. Vela is a very good player, who has great future ahead of him. He has my vote and support.

  5. Vela is a very good player, who haa a great future ahead of him. He has my vote and support.

  6. Vela is still young, and fans have to be patient. Walcott for an example have got many chances and he´s still not a top player. There´s no pressure for him to deliver every match. My dream is that he gets the #10 shirt in a few years.

    In #10 Vela we trust!!

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  8. Vela could be another Hugo Sanchez just like Messi is playing like Maradona. Yes Messi gets plenty of game play in Barcelona, but if Vela was in Barcelona and playing as much as Messi i know that Vela would mature faster and be in the same level Messi is in. Unfortunately Vela gets injured a lot and Messi also gets injured but not as much. But then again if i compare both players why not compare Dos Santos as well. Two great players with a bright future. As of Stoke City and the other teams are a peace of cake with the exception of Liverpool. I just hope that Vela gets better with his injuries and in the future that won’t be the only thing we are talking about.

  9. Vela is a great player that needs to build his confidence. And off course he needs to stay away from injury. Last time he played for Mexico, he missed so many opportunities for goal. He needs playing time. If he is not getting it in Arsenal, than he and Dos Santos should come back to Mexico and play with a Mexican team. They could develop like Javier Hernandez from Chivas who is on fire.

  10. Caros vela is a very gud player.I belive he will be a best player like messi next year.What vela have to do is not geting injured and playing many games like messi that he does in barcelona.

  11. que tal vela yo tengo mucha fe en ti ojala te den la oportunidad eres mejor inclusive que los delanteros que son titulares ahorita en el arsenal

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