Has Carlos Vela Really Just A Little Knee Problem?

Arsenal winger Carlos Vela has been sidelined now for a couple of matches and there are really major doubts, whether the knee injury is more serious than Arsenal Football club want to tell the supporters. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has mentioned Vela in his pre match interviews in the last weeks and counted him always with the word “out”.

With the Mexican likely to miss the crucial Champions League encounter with FC Porto on Wednesday evening at the “Estadio Do Dragao”, we got some personal informations that Vela has suffered a stretched ligament in his knee. This injury could force the young exciting Mexican out of the squad for another couple of weeks, which would really continue a really injury marked campaign for the talented forward.

Article by – A.Zimmermann

17 responses to “Has Carlos Vela Really Just A Little Knee Problem?

  1. Why don’t You tell us. Aren’t you supposed to be carlos vela news.

  2. great work lads!! Tried to ask a few gunner blogs when Carlos will be back. Hopefully soon cause each time he is on the field something special happens. Such a talented lad. Glad he got a new long term contract already so Wenger still has faith in him.

  3. One of the problems with Arsenal’s official website – by far the most complete and well-designed of the pack – is indeed the lack of injury updates. They only update the page when Wenger says something and rarely provide return dates for players.

  4. I’m sorry to say this on this very site, but I think Carlos Vela is really over rated and I can’t understand why he was given a new long term contract, he brings nothing to the squad…

    He can only play with his left foot which puts his teams mates under extra pressure, along with squandering right footed chances to score. Plus, he’s too short and very easily knocked off the ball. Maybe in about three years he’ll fit in better, but until that time he needs to go on a looooong loan.

    If Chamakh joins us in the summer I believe Carlos will go, one way or the other.

  5. Perhaps Carlos will be back when he learns to put some effort in and actually add somethign to the team rather than swanning looking overweight and not wanting to come on in the cold.

  6. he needs to go on loan next season

  7. Well Vela is back in the squad for the game tomorrow,Lovely way to assume ..

  8. Carlos Vela has been having that injury for some time, and if it does not get treated right he will only make it worst. Yes i want to see Vela play and score but he won’t be able to show all his talent and skills like he did in Salamanca, Osasuna, Mexico, because he is not 100% on his injury. Something is not right. I mean, the world cup is just around the corner. Don’t be surprised if someone else gets injured against Porto, and i hope not. I like Arsenal and all but the injuries are because of the demanding competitions. Arsenal has to play it smart with talent and if Carlos is good to play then he should start. I can’t wait to see the game.

  9. I am not sure this criticism is fair. Aside from running an Arsenal blog I run a company, and by and large it is a dedicated staff. But they get sick, get depressed, get thigh strains you name it they get it. And they are not athletes.

    The fact is if you take something as common as the common cold no one knows how long it will last. Are you going to be better in 3 days time or not???

    If you can’t tell with a cold how can you tell with a thigh strain?

    I think the official site is being as helpful as it can – this is part science part wait and see – just as when any of us get ill, and have to take time off work.

    Tony Attwood

  10. vela is capable of being the most explosive running attacker in the game, but he will not prosper if arsenal continue playing the way they’re playing. carlos is a counter attacker who needs space to run into. we’re pinning teams in and the only space on the pitch is behind our defence. not good.

  11. The blog, for us the fans, is a way of knowing what is going on with Carlos, whether true or false, often know more by these blogs, wixh in the news, or media such as TV , Radio and even the Arsenal page.
    It is disturbing, worrying to know that an Carlos’injury does not get better, and is injury after injury, please Carlos be careful so much. I’m not a coach but you have to work in these sensitive areas, the fut in Europe is not like in Mexico, is known and is seen to be harder.
    Just because the coach did not put adequate attention to Carlos, it don’ means that Carlos is not good, he is good, awesome, great!! but this man (COACH) not taken advantage of him (CARLOS) or…..Does someone can explain me why the coach does not give Carlos participation in games and gives no details, or is that carlos is some plan or guile! or what the hell!!

    Carlos cuidate por favor!! te queremos ver!!!

  12. i agree that vela plays way better when he has more room in front, but remember that the Mexican National Team does the same thing Arsenal does and that is attack all the time. If the M.N.T. want to score a lot of goals and that goes for Arsenal to, then they should play like the united states national team. But then again the way Arsenal plays is expectacular. With Velas Ability he has to adapt fast to what Arsenal is all about.

  13. Has any one checked d travelling squad no d official website before talking? He’s travelled with d other players. And all these criticism are unfair. He’s a born Arsenal legend in d making, just look at some of his clips and u’ll see how amazing he is. Vela is in d squad.

  14. Hello!! where is the notice from today!?!?!!?!?! vELA Played!!! c’man!!

  15. I think Vela is the best alternative on the left wing. He is the most exciting player to watch ever (since Ronaldinho in Barcelona) !! The more games he gets, the better he will play. I really look forward to Fabregas and Vela to get a connection.

    #12 Carlito Velazzio

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