Carlos Vela Not In The Squad For Trip To Villa Park/New Website Layout On CVN

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger has decided to left the 20 years old Mexican Carlos Vela out of the 18-man Gunners Squad for tonight’s Premier League clash with Aston Villa at Villa Park.  The reason behind this decision will be definitely Vela’s 90 minutes in the FA Cup on Sunday afternoon against Stoke City. Wenger knows that it was for Carlos a very physical match, where he could learn step by step for his arsenal career.

In other news, we delighted to inform you that Carlos Vela News have a new Web Layout. I hope that all the readers and followers of the blog will be glad with the change and we hope to go into a bright next year with all of you!! In this case, all over at Carlos Vela News are wanted to say thank you to all the Arsenal and Vela Fans around the world for the support.

Article by – A.Zimmermann


21 responses to “Carlos Vela Not In The Squad For Trip To Villa Park/New Website Layout On CVN

  1. Thank God for that….ship the donkey out to the Spanish leagues and put him out of his misery.

  2. As a Vela fan from the very beginning I am starting to have doubts over Vela’s ability to make it in the EPL. I am still hoping that he will make it and hope he can create a good string of runs for himself this season

  3. DirtyTurkey-youre a dick,fuck off

  4. ^^^

    same here, he doesn’t have the strength to play EPL atm, looks low on confidence too.

    • I agree low on confidence, but hes stronger than rosicky, walcott and fab. Probably clichy as well. Nobody says they cant make it for lack of strength.
      His problem is he’s not good at finding space yet, he doesnt know how to be effective at LW or as a lone CF. To some players it comes more naturally, like rooney or wilshere, but it hasnt for him, he needs experience. We bought him as a forward, but hes not used to doing it on his own. If he was up front in a 2, playing off bendtner or rvp, hed be doing great.

  5. Vela will make good–its denilson and sylvest and wegners selections and miss a player policy by being a tight fist wad thats arsenals problems.

  6. Vela will SHINE. Come on Carlos we believe!

  7. second coming of Reyes?

    • Reyes was sick for us till gary neville brutalised him. Even after that he set up a lot more goals than he got credit for. Very useful player indeed.
      Vela has a lot more guts. He was always looking for he ball at the weekend, and was up for the fight, but he got himself so isolated. Its partly cos he doesnt know how to find space or work the channels properly, but also he didnt get much help.

  8. Serious??
    Reyes was actually quite good. A diver but played an important role. Vela has been in London for less than a year and a half and has hardly been given a chance. Eduardo and Denilson and Eboue have been given chance after chance after chance.
    Eduardo has not the Pace, Strength and Footwork of Vela. Also unlike Vela he doesn’t have his best years ahead of him.
    Denilson and Eboue are continually played out of position so I will give them a reprieve but Bendtner must be in his 4th or 5th year with us and is only now starting to become the player we’d hoped for. Merida, Vela and Wilshere I think everyone thinks they will be like Fabregas and just step in a 16/17. Fabregas was forced in because of injuries and departures and played with Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Gilberto and ljungberg. Vela keeps getting 1 game a month playing alongside Eastmond, Coquilinn, Gibbs, Senderos, silvestre and eduardo. You’re only as good as the players around you and they’re hardly first teamers are they?????
    Vela is a player for the future. 2 more years before he’s a regular when arsharvin and Rosicky start getting past it.
    You guys should be more critical off players who are there week in week out

    • Eduardo has only experience over vela. Hes a bit more crafty. Didnt play well today before his injury but has been doing well lately in setting up chances. When he gets his scoring touch back he will be fantastic again.
      I agree vela can be better tho

  9. Give him one more season with us. I think the boy has talent.

    He has had a few injuries this year aswell.

    • One more???
      Vela has shown more than Diaby did in his first year or two (not counting his injury period). And Im glad we kept him around to be honest. Diaby in a midfield with song and cesc will be fantastic imo. A perfect combination of skill and power. Cant wait for that

  10. How can people be so against vela?
    He was far from the worst player at the weekend. Hes shown many times he has the talent to make it in england, and hes never had a run in the team. Hes also playing in a less than ideal position that he needs to adapt to.
    God, walcott had 3-4years of extremely average performances without a peep, but vela has a few quiet games and hes now a donkey and not good enough. What a complete joke.
    Also, how do you expect him to have any confidence when he gets left out at this time, or when he was the only recognised striker left in the squad and wenger STILL wouldnt start him.
    Hes played well many times this year alone. Seriously, arsenal has the worst fans. All you do is criticise the easy targets. The foreigners or the youngsters who havent quite adapted or reached their full potential yet. When vela and denilson come good you’ll all be loving it. Same as happened with diaby and song.

  11. I luv Vela n blif he’ll b an arsenal great he just has 2 b focus in game, he seem 2 ball watch atimes. He should also 4get trying flicks n tricks esp when match is still up 4 a win- just shoot it might deflect in2 d net, u r paid 2 score not jump every tackle.

  12. The amazing thing is that vela really tries to connect with the fans. His workrate is fantastic and hes always fighting for possession, but that’s not as important as his passport it seems.
    Why is there such a reluctance to get behind certain players? What has vela done so wrong? He was fantastic last year. Apart from arshavin, and maybe song in the 1st team, he (and the CC team) was probably the highlight for me!
    Its so obvious hes struggling to adapt to the new formation. It was always noticable how hed WORK WELL with his striker partner. Theyd take up the position in the middle and he would try to get away on the counter.
    He cant do that from left wing or as the lone forward. He has to play with his back to goal. He clearly has the talent to do it. His ball control about as good as anyone’s, but he doesnt have that experience yet. Maybe a little support would help u kno?

  13. I luv Vela n blif he’ll b an arsenal great he just has 2 b more focus in game, he seem 2 ball watch atimes. Secondly He should also 4get trying flicks n tricks especially when a match is still up 4 a win- just shoot it might deflect in2 d net, u r paid 2 score not jump 2 avoid every tackle.
    Fans u r busy callin sb donkey where do u expect him 2 gain confidence when his fans disdain him. Walcott’s 2nd worst player(after silvestre) all speed less IQ even after 3yrs as starter yet we crave 4 him in matches.

    • I disagree on walcott. I think this will be the time he finally comes good with a run in the team. Last time I saw him he was actually passing to his teammates, and I think he can be a good player when he thinks about it. Hes better at finding the space now than he used to be too. Contrary to what many are saying, i think his 1st touch and skill are pretty good. Not on vela’s level at all, but still more than adequate to be a top player.
      The thing that angers me is that hes always been favoured by wenger and never really had to work for his 1st team appearances. Hes considered a 1st team player now (60kpw) and never performed consistently.
      Vela and merida on the other hand are lucky to get 10 mins at the end of games usually – and they have far more potential imo.

  14. Vela needs to take advantage of every minute he’s given right now. What hurts is that he played 90 mins in the FA Cup and didn’t come through. Playing at Arsenal requires making an impression in every game you play. He’s great at creating chances and assists for other players as well as quick one-two passes in the box, but Arsene wants him to eventually score 15-18 goals a season. Arsene has patience and won’t discard him after this year. Arsene is good at being patient with younger players and knows that Vela will make a bigger impact in the next 2 years when he’s needed. Right now, Arsene is just bringin him along to get some experience. Vela should go out on loan next season, but with Arsene not really signing players, Vela could get a better shot next year.

  15. He needs minutes.. If he does not get them at Arsenal, he will be looking to get them somewhere else soon enough.

  16. Carlos Vela is a very talented player who missed the preparation.

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