Carlos Vela Struggles As Arsenal Crashed Out Of The FA Cup

Mexican winger Carlos Vela has struggled a lot against Stoke City, as the Potters were able to romp the Gunners by 3:1 at the Britannia Stadium on Sunday afternoon. It was definately a dissapointing afternoon for the young 20 years old as he tried a lot, but nothing should work for the forward on this day. Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger has decided to give the young Mexican a 90 minutes run out, so that he could continue on his physical learning process, as well as it was good for his development in English football.

We have provide you for the first time with a live coverage on our Twitter page, but we could not write really impressive actions of the Mexican, because there was nothing.

The positive things on Vela’s performance was definately that he wanted always the ball, he had a lot of ball contacts, but he failed to produce something, as he mishitted several crosses and passes. The match was very physical and you could see once again that Vela is still missing out on strenght and power, as well as he showed that he is lacking confidence at the moment.

Furthermore Vela had two good actions as he missed out with a left footer, but of course it was a very tough angle. The other chance came as he picked up the ball into the box but Stoke defender Higgingbotham was able to stretch his leg to tackle the ball fairly away from Vela.

Carlos wants to bounce back when the Gunners heading to Villa Park for a Barclays Premiership matchup with Martin O’ Neills Aston Villa side on Wednesday evening.

Article by – A.Zimmermann

16 responses to “Carlos Vela Struggles As Arsenal Crashed Out Of The FA Cup

  1. Not true, by the standards of many Arsenal players on the pitch Vella had a good game for us, if you realy wish to have alook at a player who offers nothing to the team see Theo Wallcot.

  2. I think he’d do better on the right being able to cut in on his left. He is very one footed and i think it’s a waste for him throwing in crosses. There’s never anyone on the end of them at Arsenal.

    • This is actually a very intelligent observation and away at Bolton, he did go on the right in those 7 minutes in which he featured.

      What you say is pretty much spot on. Carlos is one-footed so playing on the right means that if he gets past his marker by cutting into the middle, he can have a shot at goal.

      He would however struggle when he has to cross, but even in that case, he could make sure to place the ball on his left foot.

  3. hey guy? who is JET ?

  4. I just think hes adjusting to this new formation. He often looks very isolated on the left.
    When the defender is expecting him to take them on every time hes going to struggle. I think maybe wenger told traore to support him more in the 2nd half against stoke and he got a bit more involved.
    His best moments this season have mainly been when hes come inside and play 1-2s (usually with eduardo), but often he is so far from his teammates it’s hard for him to get anywhere.
    He needs to improve a bit on finding space I think at times.
    Technically hes on on a par with even the best/most experienced in arsenal’s squad. His 1st touch is really excellent, but he needs to find ways to make the most of his pace.
    Hes definitely a bit low on confidence too I have to agree. I think it started when wenger chose to put arshavin up front when he must have really thought it would be his chance (as there was seemingly no one else at the time to play there)

  5. Vela needs to get a little dirtier and physical, sometimes the style needs to take a backseat. I just don’t see the determination in him to be the best that he could be.

    • Really? I see a lot of determination in his play. He always wants the ball. I think he needs to think more about where he’s moving off the ball. That’s all that makes rooney good – off the ball movement. Technically hes not in vela’s class but cos he naturally drops into the right spaces and always knows what he’s going to do with the ball, hes a far better player currently

  6. carlos vela had a good game yesterday, unless you watched a different match

  7. anytime vela has space he is very dangerous but prem teams put their whole team behind the ball unlike the carling cup teams that he destroyed who thought they could “play” against our younger team. if he were playing against arsenal he’d probably rip us to bits on the counter-attack (same goes with theo aswell) he’s learning a whole new ball game at prem level

  8. vela needs to be getting involved in games now. if wenger only uses him once every 5 games he won’t develop.

    i for one would love wenger to set the team up more defensively and try playing on the counter attack in more games.

    imagine vela, walcott and arshavin powering towards goal in space with fabregas teeing up a pass from midfield. they would rip shit up.

    half the problem for us is when we pin teams in and they leave nine men behind the ball. it’s no wonder our pacy players look crap. they need space to run. they’re not getting it with the way we’re set up to play.

  9. barry the gooner

    He was better than walcott which isn,t saying a lot.Sop moaning when you wind up on the deck and get going .Definitely needs to toughen up!!!

  10. yeah i think he’s been playing alright, neither great nor bad, which is not a good thing. he’s got a lot of talent, and potential talent, but i think he needs to be more effective with the ball like how arshavin is. but that will come with experience. i hope the arsenal fans and wenger have some patience – it’s not like vela plays week in week out.

  11. I watched the game and I though Vela was overmatched out there. Stoke is not the type of team, at this point, that is a good match up for him, as he is like a fly next to the giants they play on defense. He looked like a boy amongst men. He has some flair, and hopefully this game taught him some grit, but not ready to judge him on completly on this match.

    And yes, Walcott was pitiful

  12. hi guys…
    please do not put shame on vela by comparing him with rooney…rooney is in a different category…he is very young also and as much as i hate to say it…he is absolute world class…if man utd with the league it will be down to him…vela has got potential however i dont think he has developed much since his been at arsenal but definately one for the future.

  13. Nice word “mishitted” … I don’t know what it means, but if a word is going to enter the English language to infer ‘crappy crossing or passing’ then “mishitted” pretty-much sums it up. Any other interpretation doesn’t bear thinking about.

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