Mexican FA Director Nestor De La Torre Wants Arsenal’s Vela Earlier For World Cup Preparation

The Director of the Mexican FA (FMF) Nestor de la Torre has admitted towards the Mexican press that he wants to hold talks with Arsenal Football Club about Carlos Vela’s situation there, as well as he wants to enter talks with the Arsenal Manager on the possible availability to get the young Mexican before the regular Premiership campaign ends for the Gunners.

With the young Mexican mostly sitting on the bench in the Barclays Premiership, de la Torre wants to discuss especially with the club the amount of playing time which the 20 years old get so far, as well as that there is maybe a opportunity to grab Carlos Vela for a earlier flight back to Mexico before the regular Premiership season ends, so that the young man can have a fine preparation for the upcoming FIFA World Cup in South Africa with his fellow teammates.

Article by – A.Zimmermann

9 responses to “Mexican FA Director Nestor De La Torre Wants Arsenal’s Vela Earlier For World Cup Preparation

  1. I’d expect the end of the season to be when Vela gets his biggest run out.

    I’m sure Wenger won’t be happy to let him go, he despises internationals it seems.

  2. I’m sure that Vela would be thrilled to leave Arsenal right at the culmination of their title challenge in the Premier league to… go to training? Did I hear that right?

  3. Jack Staniforth

    Well you can`t blame him for trying but I don`t see Wenger agreeing to an early release. Wenger has said that his commitment is to Arsenal and not to national sides, that`s someone elses problem. Anyway Carlos would want to be with his Arsenal team mates at the end.

  4. I’m sure he doesn’t want to miss the celebrating of the tropys in May.

  5. It would be great to have him earlier so he can get a better chance of becoming a starter in the Mexican team; but would I would love for him to start getting more time in Arsenal to help them win the cup. He has shown good talent but can’t finish with a gol so I’d just want the best for the both sides. Plus the FA cup is where he plays more.

  6. Poor

  7. Screw that!!

    Take Gio back to Mexico, but leave Carlos with his team. He is an asset to Arsenal and he may be needed in the matches to come. The Mexican press really underestimates Carlos, since he’s not a regular starter they see him as a flop but they fail to realize that he trains with world class players like Fabregas and Arshavin everyday and that type of experience is priceless for such a young player.

    At the end of the day 90 minutes of Premiership football is the equivalent of a whole season of Mexican football so leave Carlitos with Wenger were he needs to be.

  8. wow, the FA’s for all countries are retarded. It would be bad for Vela bad for Arsenal and probably wouldn’t even benefit the mexican national team. Remind me again, who pays vela’s wages again?

  9. Is important to have all the players before the world cup, in order yo have the best preparation for the team. Just let them have a very good rest. The fly to Mexico is sooo Long. Carlos ojalá estés en el partido de despedida en el estadio azteca en mayo. Pues voy a ir. And quisiéra conocerte. Cuidate y exhale ganas. Te admira Ana.

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